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    Twilight is the cutest, smartest, all-around best pony edition. Let's get to it!

    My Little Dashie Film Project Needs Help

    Delicious copypasta. Youtube here.

    This is a Film project currently being worked on by HIAFilms and Forrest Pictures, but we need help. If you can voice act, (specifically Rainbow Dash's character) please send me a message.  Everything you see here is original and filmed in the Washington DC area. If you live nearby and would like to be part of this short-film, please contact me. This includes if you have experience with 3D computer graphics integration with live action, which is what this film will be using.

    Roundup Feature Contest

    Copy paste! Whooo!


    I'm from a podcast called The Entertainment Lounge. We talk about music, movies, games, TV shows, anything that's entertaining. On our latest episode, we decided to hold a contest involving MLP fanfiction/art, and I was hoping to get it posted on Equestria Daily to see if any of your readers might be interested in participating.

    Below are the official details, and I've attached an image that can be used with the post if you accept it. Thanks!

    "The Entertainment Lounge MLP Fanfiction/Fanart Contest!

    Up-and-coming podcast The Entertainment Lounge (http://www.muscletower.com/index.php?page=podcasts&id=8) announced on Episode 16 a contest for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction and fan art.

    We are looking for the following:

    -Fanfiction of the Mane 6 playing "Cards Against Humanity" (http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/) with each other. Story may include other characters, but must include the Mane 6. Minimum 2,000 words.
    -Fan art of the Mane 6 playing "Cards Against Humanity" with each other. Art may include other characters, but must include the Mane 6. Any style of art is acceptable.

    Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]om for consideration. Contest ends Friday, April 13. We will announce the winners on our episode that week, one winner per contest. The winners will get a spot on the next episode of podcast, and can even become permanent members!

    We look forward to seeing your submissions!"


    Voice of Equestria

    Copy and paste!
    It took a week longer than expected, but we finally got XyroTR1 on the show as our special guest!  He, Silverlight, and Scorch spend almost 2 hours talking about all kinds of stuff, and we get some insight into exactly what goes into Xyro's MLP episode uploads.  Come check it out!

     Radio Dash

    I would like to inform you that we released 16th episode of polish
    podcast Radio Dash. We're talking about two last episodes of MLP, also
    we're slowly starting with big political campaign. We are thinking
    about Princess Celestia To be president of the country in the coming
    Link to the episode:

    Have a good day
    Marcin "Dr.Agon" Górski

    Everfree Radio

    Click here!

     Bronies on Saturday Radio

    Click here!

    Equestrian Tides

    Hello Audience! We start off the show by discussing Derpy Hooves and her changes made in The Last Round Up. Batchilsk ponders if MLP's popularity originated from Amid Amidi's article or the /b/ board of 4-Chan. MorningHaze introduces two fanfics "The Day They Came" and "On Light Hooves I Tread". General Cacti reveals the ingenuity of Sonic Paradox's MLP abridged parody series. I find out what our predictions are for Ponyville Confidential. Batchilsk expresses his love of his hatred of our favorite show by sharing the Dan vs FiM Tumblr. MorningHaze shares his favorite musicians and General Cacti wraps up the show with his MLP themed animations.

    Click here! 

    Successful Meetups 


     Our latest meetup was held Saturday, March 24th at Nino's Restaurants in Saskatoon. Roughly 20 bronies were in attendance for dinner and drinks, and we booked a private lounge with a TV. We watched the new episode, Hurricane Fluttershy, as well as The Cutie Pox, Dragon Quest, and It's About Time, as well as a few random pony videos and PMVs. Many conversations were had and McDonald's ponies were bought and traded. We all had an amazing time and hope to do it again soon.



    Mexico City


    I want to share with you the results of our activity in favor of the environment, we removed the bad herbs and restored the earth's oxygen levels.

    All this was possible with the help of over 30 Bronies and some non-Brony volunteers.

    Gallery here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     Idaho Bronies Going to the Zoo. Or not. Also apparently from the distant past, left in here because I have absolutely no idea how this got in here

    The Not-a-Meetup will be not be on Tuesday,
     December 27th, 2011. It won't be at 20th Century lanes, and it won't go from 7pm to 11pm when the place closes, or until we
     run out of money and or bronies; whichever comes first. Games won't cost a dollar and there probably won't be a six player limit per game. Please don't bother bringing a few bucks to chip in if you
     can! Oh, and shoes rentals aren't $2.25.
     Everything I've just said is true. *Liarjack*
    Boston College

    The Bronies of Greater Boston cordially invite all bronies and pegasisters to convene at Boston College on March 31st, 2012. We will be meeting in Room 250 of Fulton Hall. A journalist from the Boston Globe will be present and may give a short presentation. See you all there!"

    Merch/Ebay Stuff  

    Celestia Minky Plush

    Smarty Pants Plushie

    Key-chain/Painting Gallery

    Wow. Shortest roundup ever, or shortest roundup ever? Good thing, too. My diet of the stuff that grows behind the laundry machine and air isn't the most energizing.

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