• Instrumental Music: Dear Future Me / The last stand / Pink Duppy / Crimson Rose Gardenscape / Nightmares and Night mares

    The music reviewers accepted almost everything today.  I think they may have been hyped after the 30 minute music challenge, but we do have some really neat stuff.

    I could watch Twilight walk forever in that first one.  It really does fit the music. 

    1.) Dear Future Me - Twilight Sparkle Pony Music (Electronic/Bit/Piano)
    2.) DasDeer - The last stand (Electronic/Metal/Boss Fight)
    3.) Pink Duppy (2.0)
    4.) Crimson Rose Gardenscape Remix (Electronic/Dreamscape)
    5.) Nightmares and Night mares RMX~ NiX_Spark (Hardstyle/Electronic)