• Nightly Roundup #275

    Fluttershy in goggles is the best thing ever.  Our blog intern is safely secured back in his laundry closet, so I'm doing the roundup tonight!

    Uhhhh, that's all I got... charge!

    Derped Mcdonalds Twilight Sparkle

    Looks like their robots missed with the eye painting gun thing, or however it works.

    I bet it's going to be worth a ton in 10 years though!


    Cupcakes in 10 Different Languages

    Just in case you were curious! Some are good, others make me facepalm a bit.


    We haven't had cake in a while. Hope you aren't hungry.


    Wingpower Physics Analysis

    It was only a matter of time before physics popped up for the wing power thing. Check out the video below for a full explanation.

    End of Ponies art Contest Needs Voters!

    For those End of Ponies fans out there, the art contest looks like it went really well! They need voters though, head on over to this page to cast yours!

    Livejournal Contest

    Copy Paste:

    The Broniesaremagic community on Livejournal is having a Ponies Around The World competition! Based on the event that was held last year on Equestria Daily, we want to show that there are MLP:FIM fans all over the world! The contest starts now and the deadline is April 15th, so you can enter any time in the next three weeks. There will be judging and prizes awarded to the winners.

    To become a member of the Broniesaremagic community go here

    To join Livejournal, go here It's free and you can upload up to six icons for free.

    To read the contest rules, go here.
    To participate, you have to be a member of Broniesaremagic. Broniesaremagic is found here.

    Fun and prizes! Get out your cameras/cel phones, walk your ponies and show us the world!

    Moderator on Broniesaremagic

    Aquabats MC Commander Likes Ponies

    I don't think this is the shoutout they were talking about, but have some pony anyway!

    My Little Poker Night

    Copy Paste:

    "Dear Princess Celestia,

    Friendship is a rare and amazing thing, and opportunities for new friendships should never be passed up; love and harmony should be fostered at every opportunity! And if there's anything I've learned over the past months, it's that nothing encourages new friendships like high-stakes illegal gambling!

    To this end, some good friends of mine are making a free, fan-made poker game featuring me and all of my best friends. Unfortunately they've hit a bit of a wall in their project – they need more programmers! Lightning Fast Dash is the pony currently running the project, and he just doesn't know what to do; if only some dedicated programmer ponies could contact him at [email protected], then the project could really get off the ground!"

    PDF Gallery Updates

    The Dresden Fillies Sequel, Strange Friends
    Of Steam Gears and Wings
    The Sun's Song
    Harpflank and Sweets
    Eternal Sequel, The Wayward Knight
    League of Discord Sequel, The Redemption of Jericho Swain
    FOE: Heroes
    Head Full of Cotton Candy
    Wild Sky Yonder
    The Prince and the Workhorse
    Windfall sequel, Earth and Sky

    Find them here!


    Vanacast Putting Your Hoof Down


    Brony FM Episode 6

    Copy Paste:
    hello this is yuuki from BronyFM. today i give you a chance to get a PLUSHIE of your own. Eeyup that's right a plushie. how you can win this said plushie is to subscribe at BronyFM at youtube.com!! And the more subs the more plushies we will be raffling!!!

    *please play dead island theme while reading this*
    on another note. here at BronyFM, we want to do many things for our fans, like raffling plushies or even hosting a website. but we are stuck with one issue. funding. all i ask is if you want to donate drop by here and send us a small sum of money to help run the show. so all i ask is if you can donate please do and if you cant send the link to someone who might.
    with love



    Successful Meetups

    Little Tokyo Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    a bunch of bronies showed up at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA on March 24th (although not all of us made it into the picture). Much hanging out and merriment was begotten, someone sang the entire Flim Flam song from memory and passed out apple cider, there was an adorable Rarity plushy, Daring Do and Rainbow Dash and Mrs. Cake showed up, and the magic of friendship conquered yet another locale in the name of Equestria.


    Boston Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The weather pegasi seem to have forgotten to implement winter this year in New Hampshire, but that didn't stop 27 bronies from getting together to celebrate the coming of spring, complete with a home-made cake in the shape of Pinkie Pie's head.  A Winter Wrap Up sing-along was required, of course, and then after watching the latest episode and feasting on pizza, the herd (hoard?) descended on the local McDonalds in search of ponies.  Alas, all that was available was Applejack and Lily Blossom (although one lucky soul got the last Rainbow Dash at the bottom of the bin...)


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Chicago Club Meetup Event

    Find it all in the image!

    Czech/Slovakian Bronycamp 2012

    Copy Paste:

    The Camp will take place near Olomouc (Náklo to be exact) from 10th to 15th July 2012 and so far there are 15 people signed up for attending.
    As for activities we are planning BBQ, various competitions, visit of local zoo, airsoft (if enough people with equipment will attend) and more. There is also a lake directly next to our camping spot for fans of water sports. Evaluated expenses for food, transportation etc. so far are 100€ / 3000Kc.
    More information and signing up at our facebook page.

    Maryland Facebook Page


    Ponies Central Forum

    For those looking for a new forum to hang out in, check it out here!

    Midwestria Pre-registration Starts Today!

    Check out this page if you are in the area. They didn't give me any copy paste!

    Phillydelphia Zoo Meetup

    Check out the banner!


    Northwest Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Applejack Clock