• Princess Cadence Learns to Spell

    She's a pretty pony princess who loves tiaras, and a character so finely developed deserves only the finest of royal treatments. Celestia, of course, knows this and has pulled out all of the stops for her niece's special day. Silk dresses, the finest of jewels freshly dug out from two inches underneath the ground, Pinkie Pie's... er... "special" cookies. And what wedding would be complete without a bridle shower?

    On April 14th, she'll get just that. Actress and royal wedding connoisseur Tori Spelling has been hired for the task of celebrating and covering all the juicy details for our newest alicorn's big day. And why not? After her role as a co-host to the coverage of the wedding of Prince William, could there be anypony more qualified to handle this auspicious event? Is Pinkie Pie hitting the cupcakes too hard again, or is there something more to that little pudge she has going on? Keep your eyes peeled on Culver City, and on your televisions for more commercials!

    And in all seriousness, have you ever seen this kind of publicity for an episode of a cartoon? I can hardly fathom what's going on here. If you're not watching the Season 2 finale as it airs, then I pity you.

    Source: Huffington Post