• Story: Finding your Voice (Update Story 2!)

    [Slice of life][Sad]

    Author: Kobalstromo
    Description: Why is Lyra really called "Heartstrings"?
    Why are she and Bon-bon constantly around each other?
    Why does Lyra never have anything to say?

    What -is- this mare's secret?
    (An alternate view on the character and origins of Lyra)
    Finding your Voice

    Additional Tags: Lyra, trials, past, mute, medium-short.

    [Slice of life]
    Description: Lyra has never been one to try and take center stage, but when center stage comes for her and her big dream has a shot at becoming reality. She wouldn't dare let it slip away.

    Follow Lyra as she journeys through a year of shenanigans, rediscovers herself, the ponies around her, and what it really means to have a voice.
    Songs of the Silent (New!)

    Additional Tags: Silent Heartstrings, Friends, Shenanigans, Heartwarming/Funny.

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