• Hurricane Fluttershy - Episode Followup

    It's Sunday, which means it's followup time! Apparently you guys like it when I do these, so Seth says I need to do them more often. Starting now.

    Apparently some ponies are also confused as to what these are supposed to do. This is not meant to be a summary of the episode- it's meant to be what the old /co/ threads were after an episode aired in which everyone posted the funniest screencaps and discussed the most interesting parts of an episode. Those looking for a summary should look to the wiki!

    Cindy Morrow has been on a fantastic streak this season- Sisterhooves Social (my favorite season two episode), Family Appreciation Day, Read It And Weep, and now this. In Hurricane Fluttershy we were promised tons of adorable Fluttershy; we got that and a whole lot more. Rainbow Dash was on the receiving end of a well-rounded personality, Twilight had some absolutely adorable moments, and OH YEEEEAAAH!

    Yep. Time for a followup. Here we go.

    Obligatory Derpy sighting. That wasn't even hard!

    Oh, hold on, I almost forgot this. Rainbow Dash looks really cute with her mane swept back like that. At least I think she does. Am I crazy? She looks sort of like ice cream.

    This could not have been anything other than a nod to us. And I loved it.

    Also, I grabbed probably the most lecherous frame of Dash. Whoops.

    I admit, I had some Fallout flashbacks seeing this film.

    The terminology being discussed by the film, and later Twilight, are all based around real physics. Twilight calls her machine an anemometer, which does indeed do what she describes: measures either air pressure or wind speed. Likely Cindy Morrow attached the phrase wingpower and made up the eight hundred transition point, but that's not really something to be picky over.

    If you're wondering why exactly it takes an arbitrary amount of force to lift the water... it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.

    This guy reminds me of some bad OCs I've seen. The mares seem to agree.


    Human in Equestria writers beware: ponies can catch suspiciously-renamed human diseases. Tread with caution.

    I'm not trying to make a statement here, but I'm pretty sure we all heard the same thing in this scene.

    Don't shoot the messenger.

    These two were actually not as obnoxious as the usual stand-in antagonists the writers use to propel some sort of alternate plotline. I actually like the mane on the one on the left.


    Oh, god, what's wrong with me?


    This scene was done very well. It made me have lots of feels. That usually doesn't happen in these episodes! The combination of voice acting and the buildup to the scene nailed it perfectly.

    Fluttershy also totally seems like the type to talk to her animals first. This scene was touching as well.

    Okay, I'm sorry, those masks are really creepy.

    "Do I look like I speak squirrel?"



    Oh hey, look, there's Derpy again. I didn't notice the first time. Probably because I was totally distracted by those hilarious faces the mares in front of her are making.

    Last, but not least, I dub this a 'wing five'. Unrelated to a wingboner.

    Though, judging by Fluttershy's expression, maybe it isn't.

    We only have one community-submitted thing this time! Check it out below:

    Good day, ponies!

    Sethisto Edit:
    But wait! This guy definitely needs a name.  Morello from League of Legends recommends Horse Power, and I for one am perfectly fine with that.  From now on, emails and fanfics involving our new epic stallion friend to EQD should be signed with Horse Power!