• Nightly Roundup #275

    Rarity with a mustache edition. Also I'm pretty sleepy and Seth is forcing me to do this at gunpoint please help they locked me in the laundry room and-

    My Little Fortress Audiobook

    I know firsthand how hard audiobooks can be-  check out the channel here!

    Pretty Awesome Cake


    Fallout Equestria Radio Drama

    Copy and paste for you, since I'm worst pony:

    This message is to announce a very ambitious project - a complete radio adaptation of KKat's epic fanfiction, "Fallout: Equestria".

    This project is in need of voice actors, editing staff, and music composers.

    This is where you, fellow denizens of the brony community, come in. We are here allocating as much support as possible for this project.

    So please! We at FOERadio are listening! If anyone is interested in contributing something for this project, please, contact us by email at:

    [email protected].

    So, What Are We Up To Now?

    We are spreading the word about the project, gauging how much interest there is in the project, and allocating voice actors who can fulfill the necessary roles. Stay tuned - We will keep all of you updated!
    What Roles Are Available?

    Aside from Calamity and the narrator, at this point in time, every role in the story is open, including the lead roles of Littlepip and Velvet Remedy.

    Contact us at [email protected] for audition info!
    Sample of Calamity's Voice Actor

    Calamity is voiced by none other than the talented philsterman01 of the YouTube colt dubs! Hear a sample of his voice here:


    External Links

    The project's Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/FalloutEquestriaRadio
    The project's DeviantArt page is here: http://foeradio.deviantart.com/
    The project's Tumblr page is here: http://falloutequestriaradio.tumblr.com/
    The project's Newgrounds page is here: http://foeradio.newgrounds.com/
    The project's Fallout Equestria Resource page is here: http://forum.fallout-equestria.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=253


    Contact Information

    We can be contacted at Gmail, at this address: [email protected]

    We will receive any and all messages sent to this address, and respond accordingly.

    Game Developer needs Help

    Hello everypony! My name is Chris, or Beta-Carotene, and my specialty is programming game engines and graphics technologies. I am currently teamed up with a writer by the name of Chromosome (author of White Box), a professional game designer (Wloff) and RavensDagger (on of the head admin of SALT) on a pony-based 2D platformer game. The goals for this game are ambitious, and there is already a fairly large game engine developed from scratch. The aim is breathe new life into the 8 and 16 bit styles and game-play by sticking true to their original artistic appearance and design while incorporating features such as fully dynamic physics, dynamic lighting, global illumination, advanced AI, motion blur, fluid dynamics and other technologies not just into the graphics, but into the gameplay as well.
    This is not a new project. The engine for this has been in development for over a year, and it is ready to start producing the game right now! We are seeking artists, musicians and soon enough we will need some scripting man-power (experience in Lua will be helpful).

    You can find more information about the team and project at:

    If you are interested in joining our team, please contact me at:

    Thanks for reading!

     Equestria Tides

    Throwin' up some more copy and paste!

    Hello Audience! This week's episode features three new guests, two of which have been featured on the blog in the past. We kick of the show by discussing which series would make the best MLP spin-off aimed towards a younger, male demographic. Then Filleg talks about LyokoFreaks69's pony songs available for RockBand. ShadowKnight shows us a video of John de Lancie's appearance at the Gallifrey One panel and his role as Discord in MLP. Hnilmik informs us about Theatrix's "Life in Ponyville" documentary, and their interpretation of humanized characters within the show. At the end of the podcast, I wrap things up with an article on Bronies featuring Dr. Patrick Edwards, the scientific community and his peers.

    Check it out here!

     I need, like a little booklet of clever ways that say "click this."
     Let's Watch Ponies

    Click here.
     Brohoof Podcast Livestream

    To celebrate lasting 6 months "on the air", the Brohoof Podcast will be livestreaming this week's episode. We'll be joined by AH_Mike from Achievement Hunter to discuss all the highlights of Hurricane Fluttershy.
    Join us this Sunday (3/25) at 8pm EDT at twitch.tv/brohoofpodcast
     "In this episode of the UK of Equestria podcast, we interview the amazing WoodenToaster and ask him questions asked by the community! We found out some great stuff from him, so we hope you enjoy listening!"

     Click here!
    Escape to the Moon

    Click here! 

    Successful Meetups
     Just go ahead and assume everything after this is copy and paste!

    We watched Hurricane Fluttershy and several other episodes.
    Also we watched the complete FiW series.
    Nova Scotia

    Us Nova Scotian bronies had a meetup last Wednesday. We all met up and a mall and did some merch hunting. A fellow brony even made cookies with cutie marks on them! After that meetup was over that night all the bronies that were 19+ Went to a tavern where Hey ocean was playing and in turn they got to meet the VA Ashleigh Ball!
    Midwest- Chicago
     The Midwest Brony Division met up today at the Field Museum in Chicago. There were about 30 of us there, but we got split up pretty quick. We all ended up seeing the exhibits and raiding the McDonald's for pony toys at some point. The clerks gave us our toys, though they were confused as to why all these grown men (and a few women) were buying My Little Pony stuff. All in all, it was a good day. Also, amongst Team Derpy, Joe's mom is best pony.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    This summer, Belgium is holding its annual "Graspop Metal Meeting". On the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of June, 2012. I know a lot of people from different European countries (and even further, like Australia and the US) attend this three-day metal festival. Surely, there must be some Bronies in there too! So we, the Belgian/Dutch Bronies crew, decided to publish a Facebook event, in order to get as many Bronies as possible together to celebrate this genre of heavy guitars and fast drums. 

    event page can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/392243380786018/
    More info about Graspop Metal Meeting: http://www.graspop.be

    Leeds, England brony meetup.
    Leeds train station @ 11am.
    Cheap lunch at Greggs, a quiz, raiding a pony store and an optional trip to the pub later!
    Full details / discussion here:
    And here:
    I hope to see you there! Last time was a huge success!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Spitfire Plush 
    Derpy Painting 
    Custom Pony Ebay Store
    Rarity Plush

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