• Instrumental Music: Dear Future Me / The last stand / Pink Duppy / Crimson Rose Gardenscape / Nightmares and Night mares

    The music reviewers accepted almost everything today.  I think they may have been hyped after the 30 minute music challenge, but we do have some really neat stuff.

    I could watch Twilight walk forever in that first one.  It really does fit the music. 

    1.) Dear Future Me - Twilight Sparkle Pony Music (Electronic/Bit/Piano)
    2.) DasDeer - The last stand (Electronic/Metal/Boss Fight)
    3.) Pink Duppy (2.0)
    4.) Crimson Rose Gardenscape Remix (Electronic/Dreamscape)
    5.) Nightmares and Night mares RMX~ NiX_Spark (Hardstyle/Electronic)

  • Wallpaper Compilation #43


    My first wallpaper post in like a month, and you guys didn't leave me any awesome Rarity wallpapers. I'm pretty disappointed in all of you. Have a Rainbow Dash instead, I guess. Though it is a pretty sweet Dash.

  • Story: Finding your Voice (Update Story 2!)

    [Slice of life][Sad]

    Author: Kobalstromo
    Description: Why is Lyra really called "Heartstrings"?
    Why are she and Bon-bon constantly around each other?
    Why does Lyra never have anything to say?

    What -is- this mare's secret?
    (An alternate view on the character and origins of Lyra)
    Finding your Voice

    Additional Tags: Lyra, trials, past, mute, medium-short.

    [Slice of life]
    Description: Lyra has never been one to try and take center stage, but when center stage comes for her and her big dream has a shot at becoming reality. She wouldn't dare let it slip away.

    Follow Lyra as she journeys through a year of shenanigans, rediscovers herself, the ponies around her, and what it really means to have a voice.
    Songs of the Silent (New!)

    Additional Tags: Silent Heartstrings, Friends, Shenanigans, Heartwarming/Funny.

  • PMV: Deae Lunae / Got My Party Cannon / Little Dreams

    Luna hasn't had a PMV in foreverrrr, it's about time!

    We have a few other characters too, just because.

    1.) PMV - Deae Lunae
    2.) Got My Party Cannon (Scootaloo Chicken's Theme) [PMV]
    3.) Little Dreams PMV

  • Comic: Yeeeeah! (Madmax) / Rock, Paper, Sadness / Falling Apart

    Some more comics for you all! We've got Madmax reviving a classic meme in her latest comic based on this weekend's episode. Also, we've got a double serving of Veggie comics for you guys as well. After all, you need your veggies to grow big and strong everypony!

    Click for full as always.

  • Story: Surface Deep

    [Semi-Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Author: TheSlorg
    Description: Rarity has always been Ponyville's most elegant and fashionable resident. Her generosity knows no bounds, but what caused her to have such aspirations of fame and glamour? Sometimes to find the answers, you need to go beyond surface deep.
    Surface Deep

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Past, Bullying, Determination, Dedication
  • Right Left Turn Brony Night

    A radio station over on Blog Talk Radio is doing a brony night.  Fans of Pixel Kitties, "The Manliest Brony" and the guy that did those physics presentations a while back will probably find something to enjoy here, as they are currently guests of the show.  Check out the banner above for information, and hit up this page to listen in, or the alternate link.
  • Princess Cadence Learns to Spell

    She's a pretty pony princess who loves tiaras, and a character so finely developed deserves only the finest of royal treatments. Celestia, of course, knows this and has pulled out all of the stops for her niece's special day. Silk dresses, the finest of jewels freshly dug out from two inches underneath the ground, Pinkie Pie's... er... "special" cookies. And what wedding would be complete without a bridle shower?

    On April 14th, she'll get just that. Actress and royal wedding connoisseur Tori Spelling has been hired for the task of celebrating and covering all the juicy details for our newest alicorn's big day. And why not? After her role as a co-host to the coverage of the wedding of Prince William, could there be anypony more qualified to handle this auspicious event? Is Pinkie Pie hitting the cupcakes too hard again, or is there something more to that little pudge she has going on? Keep your eyes peeled on Culver City, and on your televisions for more commercials!

    And in all seriousness, have you ever seen this kind of publicity for an episode of a cartoon? I can hardly fathom what's going on here. If you're not watching the Season 2 finale as it airs, then I pity you.

    Source: Huffington Post
  • Vocal Music: Bronyfied - Flower of the Season (ft. Aviators)

    Aviators and Bronified collabing on a rock track!?  Can you get much more epic?  I don't think you can get much more epic.  Maybe if Rainbow Dash joined Metallica or something.  That would require string theory though, and as far as I know, that hasn't been proven yet, and I've watched a lot of science channel.

    I'm done rambling, have some music after the break. 

  • Story Updates March 26th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have six of them this time around, find it all below.

  • Story: Fillystata (Update Story 1/2 Bonus Chapters!)

    [Grimdark][Shipping] I usually avoid Grimdark like the plague, but due to reasons completely out of my control, I gave it a shot anyway.  I was completely hooked after just two chapters, and the nightly roundup ended up an hour late because of it! This story is just straight up awesome. Anyway have a pre-reader quote too!

    "A terrifying suspenseful and gripping tale, portraying the sinister side of magic" - Pre-reader with a WoW name.

    Author: Adcoon
    Description: During the festivities of the Fabulous Fabled Filly Fair held in the village of Dappleshore, Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon something from her family's past and is drawn to investigate its dark ties to her. Will she succumb to its sinister power, and will Trixie and Luna be able to set their differences aside to help her when her friends are gone?

    Additional Tags: Ancestor, Lovecraft, Possession, Sacrifice

    Story Two Links After the Break! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #373

    I don't even really like Lightning, but Fluttershy's rendition of her is amazing, so have some Lightningshy, and pretty much every other variation of Fluttershy.  It looks like she has returned with a bang at the end of this season!

    It's a big one! Holy Great and Powerful Celestia that's a lot of images.

    Source 1
  • Music: Applebuckin' / Winter In Ponyville / Braeburn's Advice

    Arch Dictator Pinkie Pie demands that you listen to these vocal tracks.  They may or may not have subliminal messages buried within, and these messages may or may not focus on country-wide twenty-four hour a day parties. 

    1.) Aviators - Applebuckin'
    2.) MLP: Winter In Ponyville
    3.) Braeburn's Advice - (Original Song by 4@4)

  • Story: Merely a Mare (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping][Sad][Slice of Eternal Life] Lunapple, the nonexistent ship.

    Author: Ebon Mane
    Description: Luna has returned to Equestria, but she is as cold and distant as the moon that held her captive. Celestia broods on her throne, regretting mistakes made and prices paid. Twilight Sparkle contemplates betrayal, and as her faith drains away, bitterness takes its place. And in the darkness, a relic of an ancient tragedy watches, his life consumed by greivances that he can neither remember nor forget. Betrayed and betrayers all, four ponies in need of a redemption that only one seeks. Will Honesty be enough to save them? Can one hoof, extended in trust and forgiveness, mend four wounded hearts?
    All Links After the Break! 

  • Instrumental Music: Daring Do's Archaic Adventure / Adventure - Insomnia / Ocean Retreat / Blue Magic

    Instrumental music sure is relaxing when staying up until 5 AM scheduling stuff.  There aren't any of those pesky words to get in the way of a complete zone-out.

    Have some of that!

    1.) Daring Do's Archaic Adventure (Tribal?)
    2.) (A Cutie Mark Crusader) Adventure / Insomnia - 4thImpulse (House/Trance)
    3.) NightmareMoon - Ocean Retreat (Liquid Dubstep)
    4.) Blue Magic (Classical/hip Hop)

  • Story: Of Hoof and Paw (Update Part 8!)

    [Adventure] [Dark]

    Author: Damsus Rhee
    Description: When legend becomes reality, all of Equestria must face forgotten horrors. Seven dark creatures begin to stir from an imprisonment long before Celestia's rule. New loyalties, friendship, even the very Elements of Harmony will be tested. The world must face its greatest challenge, or fall into oblivion.
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 1
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 2
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 3
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 4
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 5
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 6
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 7
    Of Hoof and Paw Part 8 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long Journey History Everypony Battle
  • Appleoosa Replica in TF2!

    For those of you running trade servers with 24/7 hightower, it might be time to upgrade!  (Seriously, I hate that map!)

    Someone over on Gamebanana has created a replica of Appleoosa, complete with saloons, train tracks, and just about everything else you would hope to find in the bustling wild west village.

    Check out the video after the break for information on obtaining it for yourself, as well as a full speed run of it's building for those interested in possibly creating maps of your in in the future. 

  • Comic: Der Stern Der Wintertraume / Field Research / Scoota-What?

    We have another one of those ridiculous comic dubs from the German comics this time around in the first slot,  and in two and three, some ridiculous Scootaloo and Lyra stuff.  Click for full as always! 

  • Hurricane Fluttershy - Episode Followup

    It's Sunday, which means it's followup time! Apparently you guys like it when I do these, so Seth says I need to do them more often. Starting now.

    Apparently some ponies are also confused as to what these are supposed to do. This is not meant to be a summary of the episode- it's meant to be what the old /co/ threads were after an episode aired in which everyone posted the funniest screencaps and discussed the most interesting parts of an episode. Those looking for a summary should look to the wiki!

    Cindy Morrow has been on a fantastic streak this season- Sisterhooves Social (my favorite season two episode), Family Appreciation Day, Read It And Weep, and now this. In Hurricane Fluttershy we were promised tons of adorable Fluttershy; we got that and a whole lot more. Rainbow Dash was on the receiving end of a well-rounded personality, Twilight had some absolutely adorable moments, and OH YEEEEAAAH!

    Yep. Time for a followup. Here we go.

  • Story: Hooves And Dials (Update Part 5!)

    [Sad][Shipping][Slice Of Life]

    Author: That Awesome Brony Guy
    Description: Vinyl Scratch doesn't spend her life just spinning tunes at parties. She has a day job at 105.3 FM "The Horn", a Ponyville radio station. While she's working there she ends up trying to repair her relationship with her lost love and fellow on-air DJ Octavia, and in the process she gets more than she bargained for!
    Hooves And Dials (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: Life, DJ, Vinyl, Quirky, Radio
  • The Conversion Bureau: One Year Anniversary

    Welcome to the one year anniversary post for The Conversion Bureau!

    On the 23rd of March, 2011, the original story was posted on EqD. It was swiftly joined by several spinoffs, and just grew from there. It may not have been the best story, but what it was, was a fertile playground for writers to weave some of the most intricate and deep stories in the fandom in.

    After the break, we'll delve into some of the history and the backstory of the setting itself, along with some videos and audiobooks. We also have an updated compilation post for you where new stuff is at!
    Read more after the break.
  • Story Updates March 25th (Morning)

    Who let the blog intern out of the laundry closet again? And how is Twilight best pony when Fluttershy is clearly superior in every way? 

    Sadly she doesn't have any stories tonight, so have some Scratch instead.  

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  • Nightly Roundup #275

    Rarity with a mustache edition. Also I'm pretty sleepy and Seth is forcing me to do this at gunpoint please help they locked me in the laundry room and-