• Background Music Compilation #4

    We have a ton of background music coming in from the past three episodes, so I am going to skip the embeds! Have a list of new ones to dig through.

    I'm surprised at the lack of remixes on this stuff! You guys are slackin!

    Have the list:

    Putting Your Hoof Down
    Assertive Realization
    Iron Will

    It's About Time
    The Warning
    Completing the List
    Time is of the Essence
    Gypsy Pie

    Dragon Quest
    Spike's Quest
    King of the Hoard
    Entire Episode!
  • PMV's and Trailers: Pinkie Pie Breaks the Fourth Wall for the Last Time / pony_tiem.mp4 / 9 Ponies

    We have Pinkie Pie completely SHATTERING the 4th wall, followed by 8 minutes of random, and finishing off with some 9 ponies. It's PMV time.

    1.) Pinkie Pie Breaks the Fourth Wall for the Last Time
    2.) pony_tiem.mp4
    3.) 9 Ponies (trailer)

  • Story: Midnight


    Author: Timefly
    Description: Under the quiet of night, there's nowhere for Luna to hide from the things which haunt her.
    Midnight (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: forgiveness, guilt, nightmare moon, sad, midnight
  • Comic: Twilight Vs. Technoloty 5 / Twilight Effect / Over Analysing / Wait, What?

    Twilight is dominating this comic compilation this time around.  Above, we have her attempts at using a laptop, or more specifically, a laptop with windows 98 on it.

    And below, we have a Mass Effect spoiler (You have been warned!), Lyra being ridiculous, and Dash exploding.   Click for full as always!

  • Childhood Memories of the Alicorn Across the Street

    The world we live in can be a pretty huge place sometimes. It can also be a very tiny one. Sometimes when you're growing up you'll have a babysitter who's totally awesome in every way and draws you lots of ponies because you asked her to. And then she moves away and you grow up and wonder what became of her.

    And she just so happens to be Lauren Faust. Below the page break you'll find a video from a girl named Chrissy, who came across some of the art that a young Ms. Faust had made for her and decided to share her story. I encourage you to check it out and receive your daily dose of heartwarming...
  • Know Your Meme on Derp

    A lot of you love Derpy Hooves, but most of you don't know the origins of the word "derp".  It was actually kind of surprising to see so many people with different ideas on the term during derpygate. 

    Know Your Meme has done a quick three minute video explaining how the word actually came out, and where it has gone since Derpy hit the spotlight.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Equestria Online Team Shakeup

    Some of you may have already heard through the grapevine about the troubles the team of Equestria Online has been facing. We recently received in our inbox information pertaining to the future of the project as well as information from both sides as to what caused the team's split.

    Check after the break for more details that may shine light on the situation!

  • Music Remix: Super Steamy Cider Squeezy 9000 / Becoming Popular Rock! / Love Poison 3000

    Remixes all over today! We have some a steampunk version of Super Speedy Cider Squeezy (Very fitting actually considering the architecture of the machine!), some Becoming Popular rock version, and a bit of psychedelic Heart and Hooves day to finish it off. Check them all out below.

    1.) Super Steamy Cider Squeezy 9000
    2.) Becoming Popular Rock!
    3.) Dj Pon-3 Befriends Psychedelic Brony - Love Poison 3000

  • Drawfriend Stuff #367

    I wonder if there are any actual negative side effects to coming in contact with Rainbow Dash's trails.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Red Dragon from Dragon Quest's Canon Name

    For all of you out there that obsess over side character names, it looks like the red dragon had an actual canon, at least within the studio.  Nayuki on the Allspark Forums (A layout artist from the FiM Team) states that he was called Garble in the actual script. 

    The only one of the teenage dragons who got a name in the script to my knowledge was the red one. Garble. I kinda feel bad about posting this though... the fans love coming up with their own names for characters after all. But yeah, Crackle and Garble were the named dragons from the episode. - Source Nayuki
     So there you have it! Better go edit those fanfics in progress!

    The other dragons still remain unnamed, so go nuts with them.

  • Comic: Presented By Ponies: Dark Star / Dragon Ball / Halloween / The Dunwich Horror

    Ponies invading the movies, what could possibly go wrong?  We have four different ones this time around, with everything from sci-fi to horror.  Click the images for the full versions as always. 
  • YTPMV: Fillygroove / Ponypal / Comptine d'un autre pony?

    Three more YTPMV's for the army. I think that second one is the first time I have seen Cheery Jubilee modded into one of these.

    1.) Fillygroove
    2.) Ponypal
    3.) Comptine d'un autre pony?

  • Hurricane Fluttershy Clip Number Two!

    Another new clip is available in the Friendship Express game.  As with last time, you can either earn it the old fashioned way by actually finishing the puzzles yourself, or cheat and watch it here!

    Have some spoilers after the break!

    Note: For those with sound issues, check after the break for a fixed one. 
  • EqD Asks: What Would You Do To Have Your Own Episode?

    Well hello there, fillies and gentlecolts! I have a very interesting question for you today. Spring is nearly upon us, and as we head to Winter Wrap Up time, we're left to ponder the steady march toward summer. Summer, as you may remember, is a time between seasons of Friendship is Magic, and for some of us this can be a very trying time indeed. But what if I told you we could make our own episode? What if I told you it would look beautiful, and it would be about whatever we wanted? What would you say to me? What would you do? Would you support it? Would you come up with episode ideas, would you work together? Would you supply vocal talent, get a sound track together, and generally create a crowdsource studio?

    Well, superbrony N66, who runs the Ask the Crusaders tumblr, is offering to take our efforts and turn them into show-accurate animation in June. And you know what? He has the chops to do it. If you want to see what he's capable of, then check below the break for a sample of some super gorgeous work. If this is something you want to see happen for realsies, let us know in the comments. If you supply the interest, Equestria Daily will supply the organizational structure to make it happen. So let us know.

  • Equestria Inquirer #30

    It's that time of the week yet again! the Equestria Inquierer has released yet another video/newspaper combo for all you onion fans out there.

    Copy Paste:
    "Presenting the third All-Freelance issue! 100% of this week's issue is reader-submitted material. Thanks for reading! Since the Cutie Mark Crusaders are running the EQI offices, Joe is in Peru researching his new book. Watch the video or read the issue to learn more, and hear about our charity fundraiser. Also learn how Scootaloo once again destroyed the EQI offices."

    Find the PDF Version here, and the video after the break!

  • The Brony Show Episode 44 - Seth, Phoe, Cereal

    Uh oh, they talked us into it!

    I guess we will see you all tonight!

    Have some copy paste after the break.

  • Story Updates March 19th (Morning)

    Late night story updates for you late night people.

  • Nightly Roundup #271

    This should be sold as a professional painting at some art gallery somewhere.

    Have some roundup news!