• Equestria Online Team Shakeup

    Some of you may have already heard through the grapevine about the troubles the team of Equestria Online has been facing. We recently received in our inbox information pertaining to the future of the project as well as information from both sides as to what caused the team's split.

    Check after the break for more details that may shine light on the situation!

     Some days ago the Equestria Online page was changed to a note from Raindrop, the founder of Equestria Online, detailing what had happened with the project. What he had to say about the matter can be found below:

    "As the founder and owner of Equestria Online, I feel it is my right and duty to inform you all about what has happened. In a nutshell, the team has broken apart. Currently this project has ceased to continue on any further development and I will tell you why:

    In early summer 2011, I started this project in hopes of creating a fun and free MMORPG where you could live in the world of Equestria as your very own pony. After several weeks of working on the project myself and investing my own money, I decided to recruit a team of volunteers to help me. To my great astonishment, we had become a huge success in very little time. I was happy to see such a large amount of fans growing and supporting the project. As summer ended, I accepted more and more help from fellow bronies around the globe, but was not able to keep up due to school. This made me decided to temporarily delegate my duties to someone else until I had the time to contribute more again. I was still very much active in team meetings though. Time went on, and I felt the project slipping away as there was little respect for my attempted contributions and requests. After a recent and very alarming argument with my temporary leader, my last straw was pulled. I removed him from the team temporarily until we could work something out. The leaders of each development department felt I had no such right to do so, even though I let him have that position in the first place. Most of the department leads then threatened to leave unless I stepped down as the owner of the project and gave away the name (Equestria Online). I refused.
    It upsets me to see such a huge portion of the team leave, but that's life I guess. As of now, I hope to continue this project and maybe work on some more. I want to thank you all for your support and I hope you keep up with this website because we will try to get over this bump!
    PS - I will try and get the forum up and running asap.


    In response, the members of the development team that had left the project stated their own views on the situation in a document that was sent to us and that can be viewed here:

    Statement from the ex-development team of Equestria Online

    The members of the team that have quit EO have moved for the most part to Legends of Equestria with their new website located below:

    Legends of Equestria Website

    Regardless of the situation, let's wish both the Legends of Equestria and Equestria Online project the best of luck. It would be a shame to have come so far only to watch everything disappear.