• EqD Asks: What Would You Do To Have Your Own Episode?

    Well hello there, fillies and gentlecolts! I have a very interesting question for you today. Spring is nearly upon us, and as we head to Winter Wrap Up time, we're left to ponder the steady march toward summer. Summer, as you may remember, is a time between seasons of Friendship is Magic, and for some of us this can be a very trying time indeed. But what if I told you we could make our own episode? What if I told you it would look beautiful, and it would be about whatever we wanted? What would you say to me? What would you do? Would you support it? Would you come up with episode ideas, would you work together? Would you supply vocal talent, get a sound track together, and generally create a crowdsource studio?

    Well, superbrony N66, who runs the Ask the Crusaders tumblr, is offering to take our efforts and turn them into show-accurate animation in June. And you know what? He has the chops to do it. If you want to see what he's capable of, then check below the break for a sample of some super gorgeous work. If this is something you want to see happen for realsies, let us know in the comments. If you supply the interest, Equestria Daily will supply the organizational structure to make it happen. So let us know.