• Childhood Memories of the Alicorn Across the Street

    The world we live in can be a pretty huge place sometimes. It can also be a very tiny one. Sometimes when you're growing up you'll have a babysitter who's totally awesome in every way and draws you lots of ponies because you asked her to. And then she moves away and you grow up and wonder what became of her.

    And she just so happens to be Lauren Faust. Below the page break you'll find a video from a girl named Chrissy, who came across some of the art that a young Ms. Faust had made for her and decided to share her story. I encourage you to check it out and receive your daily dose of heartwarming...

    Like any good pony journalists, we had to check with Lauren and find out what she had to say about this. Boy, was she surprised! I can hardly blame her - it never ceases to amaze me how our lives have a way of catching up to us. Here's what she had to say:

    Best babysitter ever? Best babysitter ever.