• Nightly Roundup #271

    This should be sold as a professional painting at some art gallery somewhere.

    Have some roundup news!

    The Great and Powerful N64

    The performance of a gamecube, that's what you get by painting your N64 like GLORIOUS Trixie.

    Check out the deviant art page here!

    Plushie Pony Pattern

    Ever want to try your hand at making your very own plushie? Well this pattern will hopefully get you there!

    Check out part one here, and part two here.

    End of Ponies Art Contest 

    The point: Create art depicting the epicly, insanely awesome story End of Ponies by ShortSkirtsandExplosions!

    The prizes:

    100$ for first place, 50$ for second place

    Check this page out for the rules!

    Applebloom's Big Adventure Livereading

    Or something like that!

    Another Thesis Needs People for a Survey! 

    Education boards everywhere are freaking out at the sudden influx of pony projects!

    Have some copy paste: 

    Hi everyone, my name is Maggie Matear and I'm a PhD student at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. For my thesis, I'm studying factors that make communities successful. The EquestriaDaily  community is a really interesting one, and I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out my survey. Your answers are anonymous. If you provide your email address you'll be entered in one of five draws for a $50 Amazon gift certificate (your email is not stored with your answers). The link to the survey is here   http://tinyurl.com/communitystudy and will be open until the end of March.
    Thanks very much for your help.

    EQD Nominated for an Ursa Major Award 

    I never considered this a furry site, but thanks anyway guys! You can find it here.

    Wallpaper and Fanfic Gallery Updates

    More wallpapers have been added here, and the fanfiction gallery can be found below!

    Magic and Moonlight
    Hiatus sequel: Stuck in the Middle with You
    Daylight Burning
    Scootaloo in Cloudsdale
    Teardrops and Snowflakes
    The Glass Blower
    An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic
    Butterscotch's Adventures in Equestria

    Rainbow Dash Invades a Magazine


    For all you Austtralians out there, another pony has invaded your advertising.

    Check out the web version here !

    Sandbow Dash



    Ask the Ponies

    Copy Paste:
    Basically, we interview artists who own ask blogs on tumblr (like Ask Surprise, Ask Princess Molestia, Ask the Pie Sisters, etc...) for around 20-30 minutes asking them about their ask blogs/art, questions about the brony fandom, and take in community questions via our tumblr page.

    We tend to interview at least 1 artist per week and upload our interviews every Sunday. We currently have an interview with Ask Filly Twilight in the works.



    Bronies on Saturday Radio


    Diamond Dogs Podcast: MrPoniator

    Copy Paste:
    Recently, we'd interviewed MrPoniator (A very famous animator within the community) and have finally gotten it all nice and shiny! I hope that you will consider posting this to your site, for I feel not only is it educational, but you also get to listen to a Finnish accent.

    I mean you also get some insight on an animator in the community.

    Brohoof Podcast

    Copy Paste:
    The gang has a slow start, but things heat up when discussing pony fantasies, time travel, and design requests for Art Contest submissions.

    We are still taking submissions for our Art Contest, as well as accepting pledges for our March Kickstarter fundraiser, the deadline for both is March 31 at 11:59pm EDT. If interested please check the links provided, or check our website for more information.
    SOTW Episode 5



    Successful Meetups

    Gainesville Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    We recently had a very successful meetup for the Facebook group Bronies of Gainesville, FL and Beyond. About 20 people participated. We met in a park at noon on Saturday and had an MLP trivia competition. We ate cupcakes and pie and showed off the plushies, customized figures and other items we had made. After several hours we left for McDonalds to acquire Pony figures. We then stocked up on paint and went to paint ponies on the 34th Street Wall, a long cement wall where graffiti is permitted. Finishing our masterpiece well after sunset, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner then watched the new episode on a laptop outside. After a long day of Pony we adjourned our meeting at about 11 P.M.

    More pictures are posted here. The "Obey Celestia" image is originally by Equestria-Election, but everyone probably knows that already.

    St. Louis St. Patricks Day Meetup

    Dressin like the ponies!

    German National Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    We where round about 85 bronies from all over Germany. We started the meeting at Frankfurt/Main Main Station while waiting for some delayed bronies. We had fun while playing pony music over a megaphone. When we were complete, we did a city tour to get our group photo and buy some delicious cupcakes.

    Then we had to split in two groups because our selected location wasn't big enough for all bronies (we only calculated with 50 bronies attending). So some of us went shopping in Frankfurt, but the main part of the group went to a little cottage in Taunusstein.

    There two of our members tried to cook for 54 bronies in a little kitchen. It was the horror! But also fun.
    We lit a little campfire and had a lot of fun. We watched the new episode a LCD projector, sung some songs and had a little tombola where you could win some blindbags or hand drawn pictures.

    After a night without much sleep we had breakfast and then we departed - all in different directions.


    Medicine Hat Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    I am happy to announce that attendance has grown from
    eight people to eleven since I last reported, and managed to get a photo
    of us together before we all left. We met at Buffet Medicine Hat and then
    proceeded to talk. There were plenty of new faces and some old ones. We
    showed our ponies, ate, and talked, and just had a good time. Even though
    it was only one hour, we enjoyed ourselves greatly.

    Guadalajara Meetup

    Saucy Luna cake anyone? 

    Vegas Park Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    It all began at 1:30pm when we had about 12 people. Those first few people got to participate in the blind bag hunt. I had hidden blind bags in a section of the park for people to find. Eventually more people showed up (we ended up with about 40 bronies in all) and we chatted, played, music, ate snacks, and had an all around good time.

    When our other Co-Leader of the event showed up, me and him busted out the gift. A giant cake the bakery I worked at made. It was so awesome and delicious. It was eaten in 10 seconds flat. (After many pictures taken of course.)
    We then moved to LaserQuest. LaserQuest I assume was fun for everyone.  Afterwards some got subs at firehouse subs and others raided McDonalds of all the pony toys. We then all met a McDonalds and talked and had a good cheer till we all went our seperate ways.

    It was a very excellent day.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ponytopia - Pony RP Chat Site

    Copy Paste:
    "Bring your friends and fun with you, to our personal little portal to Equestria! Currently we are still a small, chat based RP site, in need of new ponies! So come along and give it a try!
    Hopefully we can soon call this our new home, for pony based adventures, parties all around Ponyville and Equestria!
    Also, since we are rather new, many of the canon characters are still searching for a player~
    Don't be shy, be assertive! Join Ponytopia!"


    Montreal Group

    McDonalds Pony Trading Event

    Ohio Bronies March Meetup

    When - March 24th-25th, 2012
    Time - Starts at noon on the 24th
    Where - Cleveland, OH
    More Information - http://blog.bucked.org/2012/03/cleveland-meet-darkly-cutes-birthday.html

    Chicago Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    In this months edition of "Chicago/Suburb Area MLP:FiM Meet-Up"
    contestants will be faced with the daunting excitement of an artist
    black-market/ally--thingy, Friendship is Magic: The Gathering playing,
    and excessive mingling. yay~

    Place: 600 S McLean Blvd, Elgin, Illinois AKA Colonial Cafe
    Time: April 14th, 2012 @ 5:00pm 'till whenever...



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Keychains
    Headbands, Derpy Custom, Ect 
    Trixie Custom