• Instrumental Music: No fun in making sense / Celestia's Sun Eternal / Discordantly / Wintergreen /

    Instrumental time! Everything from Discord to Celestia below.  Enjoy!

    1.) pRK- No fun in making sense- Theme of discord (DISCORD)
    2.) Celestia's Sun Eternal - Woody
    3.) Discordantly - Page I
    4.) Wintergreen - Free Flight (Electronic/Piano)

  • Nightly Artist Livestreams: Tsitra / Dembai / Shy

     It's art time! I hope you guys have an hour or two free to kill!

    The three artists of the night are:

    Shy (Seriously, she sounds like Fluttershy)

    Examples and livestream pages can be found below!

    If you will like to be included in the list, toss an email to the submit email found at the top, and put LIVESTREAM in the subject line.  We will do three at a time.   (Note: SFW art only during the streams, but clop artists are welcome if they can keep it clean!)




  • Drawfriend Stuff - STEAMPUNK Edition!

    BetweenFriends sent a whole pile of steampunk ponies, and I didn't want to flood tomorrow's drawfriend with them, so it's time for steampunk edition!  Check out the entire series after the break! I love these so much...

  • Bronycon Press Release

    With the recent announcement from Hasbro, some restructuring is going on over at the next Bronycon.  The new chair has a short press release for everyone to chew on while they plug some holes up and get everything rolling for this summer.  Check that out after the break!

    They also have openings on their artist alley for those of you looking for sell things.  Hit up their website here for more information on that.

  • Comic: Not Enough Rainbow / Guessing Game

    Click for Full
    Time for some more comics everyone! Up above we have the CMC causing more mischief, as usual, while down below we have Applejack trying to avoid a tricky question with Apple Bloom.

    Click for Full
  • Mare-Athons and Streams Tonight!

    Sorry about the lateness on these.  I ended up away from the site for a while.  Have some Mare-athons!

    Bronystate (Info above)

    Copy Paste: 

    It's that time again!  This Friday and Saturday, join Bronystate in another Brony Movie Night.  Catch some films and pony episodes while chatting with your fellow Bronies.  As always, we will be streaming the new pony episode live on Saturday at 10:00 AM EST.  Hope to see you there!

    Brony TV

    Copy Paste:

    Back to normal streaming this week! well almost normal. we will be adding Rainbow dash Presents to the lineup! also, because of time restraints, and the fact that our streamers need /sleep/, we do cut back on a few episodes. don't be alarmed if your favorite episode is skipped, it will be back the next week. so the line up: half of season 1, Rainbow dash presents: bubbles, rest of season 1, friendship is witchcraft, season 2, and a live stream of the new episode, closing with a restream of wednesday night's movie. all this starting at 6:00 PM EST (http://derpy.me/ESTtimeNow)
    Also, this will be the last week we use bronytv.co.cc! next week we will be switching to bronytv.net!

  • Story: Interference

    [Comedy] [Shipping]

    Author: Vimbert the Unimpressive
    Description: Misunderstandings abound as a simple letter from Princess Celestia to Twilight creates chaos.

    Interference (Alternate) 

    Additional Tags: Twilestia is bestia with Trollestia
  • Music: Flutterwonder// Becoming Popula // Shadow of a Flower

    A lot of you seemed to like this image. Enjoy it again before Seth sees this post!

    To the moooon

    Time for some remixes! Fluttershy, Becoming Popular, and Hearts and Hooves for you today. Jam!

    1) Flutterwonder (UnderpΊny Nightcore/DnB Remix)
    2) Becoming Popular (Randompony Electro Remix)
    3) Shadow of a Flower (Hearts and Hooves Remix)

  • Announcement: Huge Livestream Event Saturday

    Announcement! Huge Livestream Ev- wait, I said that.

    The Equestria Daily staff will be attending a large Livestream event graciously hosted by Mic The Microphone. There's gonna be live questionnaires from the actual Livestream chat for some top-name musicians, artists, and podcasters from around the fandom (the EQD staff, including myself, will have a separate live Q&Neigh session next week). After that, there will be a brutal Left 4 Dead tournament for all involved. Those with Steam accounts get to play the eliminated teams!

    Come on down and root for your favorite community member- chances are they'll be there!

    This all goes down: 
    Saturday, February 18th at 3PM PST // 4PM BLOG TIME

    We'll link you to the actual room on Saturday. Hope to see you there!
  • Pony Approved Badges

    I'm sure you guys can find a million uses for these on all those crazy websites you visit.  I know I've plugged the Trixie one a few times!

    Check out the full size ones after the break, or hit up the gallery here
  • Story Updates February 17th (Evening)

    I read your crazy Shipping and Handling chapter, and I greatly approve!  Trixie deserves her redemption! The poor pony was just confused is all... 

    Have some updates!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #336

    Friendship is magic: making unicorns, sparkles, and the color pink badass since October 2010.

    Source 1
  • Discussion: Pony Rock Band

    Here's something fun for you guys to discuss- personally I'm rather interested in what you all think, because I've been mulling over this one for a bit.

    Let's say the mane six (plus whatever background ponies you wish to involve) were to form a rock band. Not an electronic or a jazz band, but a straight-up electric guitar and bass rock band. Which instrument do you think each pony would be suited to play?

    Keep in mind that most rock bands include the basic, core instruments: the electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. There are, however, notable additions that some bands make, such as additional (rhythm) guitars, keyboards, and more exotic instruments such as synthesizers. Some add acoustic instruments such as classical basses and acoustic guitars.

    With that in mind, let's hear it! Make your perfect pony rock band.

    Personally, I'm fond of Maretallica:
    Dash on rhythm guitar and vocals, Twilight on lead guitar, Applejack on bass, and Rarity on drums.
  • Welovefine - Cupcake Challenge

    It looks like Welovefine found the cake section of the Nightly Roundup, and felt inspired to spread the baking love throughout the fandom.

    Choose your favorite Welovefine shirt, and design a cupcake around it!  

    Have some quick copy-paste points of information:
    • Contestant makes a cupcake inspired by one of our t-shirt designs. They can bake it themselves, or they can buy one and just style it, it's up to them! 
    • They upload it to our Facebook wall, telling us in 25 words or less why they chose that design - what inspired them, is it their favorite character or favorite moment from the show, etc.
    • The challenge will be open for three weeks from the date it goes up (Currently scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 17th.)
    • All of the wall photos will go into our Wall Pics gallery, at which point after the contest is over we will browse through all of them and select the winners based on staff picks.
    • The winner will receive the tee they based their cupcake design on, plus a My Little Pony 18 x 24 poster and a tote or cinch bag of their choosing!  Second and third place winners will also receive the tees.
    For a bit more detail, and of course, the place to upload your cupcakes, hit up their Facebook page here!
  • Comic: Go Forth and Fly / Identifying a Tree

    Click for Full
    ROCK MUSIC above, and trees below! These crazy ponies and their ridiculous situations.

    Click for Full
  • New Legendary Pony Pokemon

    Oh Nintendo, I don't know if it was intended, but that sure is a similar model to a specific new line of pony.  I'm going to catch one and call it... Applejack. 

    Outside of playing the games, I haven't done a whole lot of pokemon digging.  Apparently this is going to be one of those event legendaries released online and at various stores as an exclusive.  It's also a leak, so no telling where exactly it will show up! Hopefully you poke-fans out there can get your hands on one!

    Update: Apparently this dude is pretty old! Shows how much I follow pokemon these days! 
  • Quick Query: Any Meetups Planned for the L.A. Area?

    Hey! I'm just tossing a quick query out for meetups in the Los Angeles area in the next few months.  If anyone has one planned, toss me an email!

    If this is completely unrelated to you in every way, have some cute art.  
  • Music: Yelling At Cats - Hearts And Hooves (feat. Aviators) // Trixie's Song // [Original Music] Project Horizons: At the End of the Trail

    Oh, Dash, just enjoy the music.

    Vocals time! We have some Yelling At Cats, Fallout Equestria, and some Trixie for you today. Dig it!

    1) Yelling At Cats - Hearts And Hooves (feat. Aviators)
    2) Trixie's Song
    3) [Original Music] Project Horizons: At the End of the Trail

  • Extended Synopsis of Putting Your Hoof Down

    The full synopsis for Putting Your Hoof Down has been released on U-verse.  Check it out after the break as always!

  • Meet the Mayor

    Your ridiculousness for the night is... above. Cereal had something scheduled, but I figured this should go up instead! Sorry dude!
  • Story Updates February 17th (Morning)

    Story update time! It's a larger one, so be sure to check it out!

  • Discorded Ponies - A Dramatic Reading (Update Complete!)

    For those of you out there that enjoy dramatic readings, a new one based on the Discorded Ponies series by Alexwarlorn has surfaced as presented by Badalament Ink and Blue Rhapsody!

    It's all rather well done with some competent voice work all around! So sit back, relax, and grab some snacks.

    Episode One
    Episode Two
    Episode Three
    Episode Four
    Episode Five
    Episode Six
    Episode Seven (New!)
    Episode Eight (New!)
  • Nightly Roundup #243

    Shortest roundup ever?! You bet!  If it is your birthday, have some pony! If not, have some news!

  • 4chan Adds a Pony Board

    We don't really post the 4chan news much anymore, but I figured the old /co/ folks that still visit  (all 20 of you), and the /b/ronies would be thrilled to see this new addition to the armada of boards over at what is essentially the birthplace of pony on the internet.

    It looks like they are either sincerely rolling with this, or trapping everyone for a massive pony ban.  Either way, we are apparently relevant in the eyes of overlord Moot.

    Anyhow, you can find the board here!

    Note: I can't respond to all these emails! Thanks to everyone that sent it!