• William Anderson is Now a Pony

    Art by edvedd
    Some of you may have noticed the amazing background scores in Friendship is Magic.  Well, this is the guy responsible, and he is awesome. 

    We actually interviewed William Anderson a while back for all the new people out there.  It's definitely worth a read, especially if you plan on a career in music.  He needs more love!

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand; Will has modified his home page with his pony as the opener, making him even more of a badass.  

    I love this team so much.
  • Comic: I couldn't wait for new ep / Reading "Out Loud" Rainbow / The Last of the Legacy

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    It's comic time! Up above we have a Hearts and Hooves comic (That was pre-leak so totally safe), and below some Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do stuff, because that combo is amazing.

    I honestly want Daring-Do to make a comback more than Trixie at this point.

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  • Blind Bags Available on Hasbro Toy Shop (PROMO CODE Added)

    It's about time! Hasbro has finally tossed the entire blindbag set up on their website for an easy 47 bucks.  The description sort of hints that these do not come with all 24 characters, even though the store-bought sets tend to include everyone.  I am not sure if you are actually ordering a box, or just a ton of separate bags when going this route. Regardless, we finally have an online source for these that isn't based outside the USA!

    Check out the page here if you want one.

    Update:  Be sure to use the promo code (MLPTEN) for 10% off !
  • Story: Shadow Of Dreams (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Keyframe
    Description: Summer Sparks is very inventive for an Earth pony. She's very good with her hooves and doesn't rely on magic for technology, but with all her success she still dreams of flying high with the graceful speed of a Pegasus pony. With her newest creation, Gigatrot, she goes to Ponyville. And compared to flying, how hard could making friends be?
    Shadow Of Dreams (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate universe, Rule 63
  • MAD TV Pony Parody Happening on Monday!

    It looks like we can expect some pony parody ridiculous on this coming Monday.  They actually did one a while back with Cowboys and Aliens that was actually pretty well made, so I'm looking forward to this one. 

    I can't really see Twilight Sparkle taking a warhorse role... maybe Applejack or Big Mac. 

    And I bet 25 cents we will see a Derpy. 

    Check out Tara's Twitter page for the source!
  • Comic: Daring Dash / Dashies Roomate

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    I've never seen so many comics for a single episode before! You guys really loved this one didn't you?

    Daring-Do above, and Dash's Hospital Roomate below!

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  • Music: One Trick Pony (The Living Tombstone's Remix) / Octavia's Overture (Kujiiro Vocal Cover) / Nightmare Night (Maretal Mix)

    It's original song remix time! First off, we have The Living Tombstone's rendition of One Trick Pony, followed by Kujiro's Ovtavia's Overture cover, and Meelz's Nightmare Night remix.  

    1.) JackleApp & Mic the Microphone - One Trick Pony (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
    2.) Octavia's Overture (Kujiiro Vocal Cover)
    3.) Meelz - Nightmare Night (Maretal Mix) REMASTERED

  • Story: A Dying Breed


    Author: Cereal Velocity
    Description: Three brave individuals- a unicorn, a pegasus, and an earth pony- undertake the most perilous journey anypony has ever been asked to perform to save the most cherished thing in Equestria.
    A Dying Breed

    Additional Tags: Science fiction ponies are cool
  • Mare-a-Thons tonight!

    It's that time again! Have some Mare-a-thons.

    Bronystate (Banner above)

    The time is, once again, upon us fellow bronies!  Bronystate is having another movie night this Friday and Saturday.  Be sure to tune in and watch some fabulous movies with other bronies.
    Do you love ponies?  Of course you do, who doesn't?  We love ponies so much, in fact, that Bronystate will be streaming the Hub's "We Love Ponies" marathon, in addition to the new episode.  Check out our flyer above for more info.  Hope to see you there!


    Here we are again, ready for another Mare-athon! this week, we will be streaming the We (heart) Ponies mareathon directly from the hub. due to this offset, we will not be streaming our normal Mare-athon. we /will/ play some of the new episodes that weren't included in the we heart ponies episode vote, and we /will/ play friendship is witchcraft, but events won't happen in any particular order. we will take some video requests, but all in all, the first 12 hours of our event we will kind of take it as it comes.

    Midnight Run

    Wow! What a week it’s been Equestria Daily fans. Do we have fun in store for you all. This Friday at 9pm is a viewer requested PMV (pony music video) and episode Marathon. Then at 6 am eastern well show the "we love ponies" marathon live with your favorite super bowl ads that you voted for. Then as a special treat for all the people who did not see the new episode, we will show it live at 10am eastern Saturday morning without ANY commercials. That's not all, after the episode we I'll have our episode roundup. Special guest.... pixelkitties. Our roundup is fully interactive as well just Skype call midnight.run11. Come join all the pony fun, no one “wubs” you guys like we do.

  • Pinkie Pie Invades Time Square

    At first I thought there was no way this could be legit. A giant Pinkie Pie in times square? Looks shopped to me!

    A trip over to Earthcam has confirmed it though.  Pinkie Pie completely shattered the 4th wall, and is now displaying her cupcake crumb covered visage for all of New York to see. 

    It is actually a part of a rolling Hasbro ad that includes Mr. Potatohead and a few others.  Regardless, PINKIE PIE!
  • Scootaloo Officially Invades German McDonalds

    The Scootaloo Burger won first place in a German McDonalds sandwich naming competition poll.  Amazingly enough, it seems to have dodged all copyright issues and gone for gold.   The top 20 burgers have been absorbed into a final competition for the right to become an officially sold burger. 

    The actual Scootaloo portion of the video happens at :50 in the video after the break, for a translation, hit the text below!

    "I was in a Skype conversation with German Bronies. Then I noticed a post on Facebook, my neighbor made a burger at "Mein Burger by McDonalds", he told me to “Click on Like!”. After that I asked the other ones on Skype “Hey, wanna create one, too?” Then everyone said: “YEAH! DO IT!”.
    Just Scootaloo, because it’s a character from the show. And here it is!"
    Hopefully it makes it through! I don't know if Scootaloo would be too happy with it, but at least she is famous for something... right? 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #330


    I want more Daring Do.

    Have some art while I go buy her license and have someone produce this series.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 10th (Evening)

    Lots of completed stories in my box today, so those will come out periodically to give them some spotlight. 

    These however, are updates! So check them out after the break.

  • Story: Fixing Up Miss Smartypants (Update Sequel-Complete!)


    Author: Arkensaw Pinkerton
    Description: Big Macintosh had a perfectly good reason for taking Twilight's doll; he wanted to use it to finally start a conversation with her. But Applejack's having none of it, Rarity's getting the wrong idea about everything, and the Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers are about to really throw a spanner in the works! A comedy of errors launching a full fleet of ships.
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 1
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 2
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 3
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 4
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 5
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 6
    Fixing Up Miss Smartypants Part 7

    Additional Tags: Farce, Confusion, Romance, Miss, Smartypants


    Description: Twilight's cutie mark is fading, and Celestia sends her a series of lessons to rekindle her passion for magic- and for friendship. Twilight must study the magics her friends possess, as well as casting a serious eye on her own gifts.

    This is technically a sequel to "Fixing Up Miss Smartypants", but you don't have to read that to enjoy this one. It's set five years later.
    Three Magics (New!)

    Additional Tags: Sequel, Redemption, Bittersweet, Magical, Theory

  • Comic: My Best Pet / Book Signing

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    Every time I think I've seen all the possible crossovers there could ever be with ponies, artists somehow still manage to surprise me! Check above for a bit of nostalgia.

    Below, we have Rainbow Dash meeting with her idol: Daring Do!

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  • YTPMV: Ponyvania III: Equanius / Canterlot Crashers / Voodoo Ponies

    That first one is just epic.  If you don't listen to YTPMV's ever, give this one a shot as an entry into the group!

    1.) Ponyvania III: Equanius (Find a Pet)
    2.) Canterlot Crashers
    3.) Voodoo Ponies v2.0 [YTPMV]

  • New Mcdonalds Toys: Pretty Much the Same!

    Aside from a new addition and a few model edits, it looks like the next wave of pony McDonalds toys are pretty much the same as the old ones.

    I'm going to avoid questioning that purple and yellow pony for the time being considering poor Cheerilee managed to surprise all of us in the end.  Who knows, maybe shes will have some significance later in the season, or out there on the horizon in the third.

    These are expected around March, so if you didn't get a chance to pick them up last time, this is probably your best shot.
  • Story: Prophecy (Upate Part 8-16!)


    Author: The_Mechanic
    Description: Strange things happen when magic and technology come into contact. When that happens, events on one world can become a part of something that happened on another... many thousands of years in the past. Inevitably, what is lost can always be found... even if by the most unlikely of individuals.
    Prophecy  (New Part 8 - 16!)

    Additional Tags: Technology, Magic, Past, Present, Hope
  • Music: Dr Diss befriends Stormwolf - Psycho Of A Flower // Super Speedy Cider Queasy // The Crème de la Crème(Becoming Popular) - Enma Darei (Daniel Ingram Cover)

    Gaming Trixie is best Trixie.

    Yes, I like Trixie now. Have some remixes!

    1) Dr Diss befriends Stormwolf - Psycho Of A Flower
    2) Super Speedy Cider Queasy
    3) The Crème de la Crème(Becoming Popular) - Enma Darei (Daniel Ingram Cover)

  • Facebook Timeline Covers

    For all you Facebook people out there looking forward to the new obligatory timeline addition, Quaraezha over on Deviant Art has created a bunch of covers for it.  Cearly you can't have a life story without a whole pile of pony.  After the break, you can find links to all of them, or just hit this page up for the list!

  • Music: Derpstyyyle / Sleepyhead (Blackjack and Hookers) / Caramel's Light

    A derpy song with no derpy?! Madness I say! We also have a remix and some punk rock! It's all over the place today.

    (This fandom needs more punk rock, thanks!)

    1.) General Mumble x MD - Derpstyyyle
    2.) UnderpΩny feat. ArtAttack - Sleepyhead (Blackjack and Hookers Mix)
    3.) Caramel's Light

  • Story: Daring Do and the Legend of the Ruby Knight


    Author: Lucky Roll
    Description: When a well placed conversation sparks the throes of adventure within a mare like Daring Do she finds herself once again flying the high skies in search of great treasure! The Legendary Ruby Knight.
    Daring Do and the Legend of the Ruby Knight

    Additional Tags: Adventures of Daring Do, Action packed storytelling!
  • The New Conversion Bureau Compilation Post

    Welcome to the special one year anniversary edition of the Conversion Bureau Compilation Post!

    The Conversion Bureau started life as a short, currently unfinished fanfic by Blaze which you can find here. It has since spawned a plethora of sidefics; the newest and freshest of which are published in this post.

    This post only features new or updated fics since the last update, but fear not! You can find more information or old favourites at:
    Check the new stories out after the break! I saved the best for first lol.
  • Story Updates February 10th (Morning)

    Alicorn Sparkle you say? I can roll with that.

    Have some story updates.
  • Nightly Roundup #238

    It's roundup time! Or you can just stare at this amazing art for a few hours.  Either or.

    Have some news.