• The New Conversion Bureau Compilation Post

    Welcome to the special one year anniversary edition of the Conversion Bureau Compilation Post!

    The Conversion Bureau started life as a short, currently unfinished fanfic by Blaze which you can find here. It has since spawned a plethora of sidefics; the newest and freshest of which are published in this post.

    This post only features new or updated fics since the last update, but fear not! You can find more information or old favourites at:
    Check the new stories out after the break! I saved the best for first lol.

    • All the stories in this post completely skip the pre-readers. Quality levels vary from excellent to not so excellent, but that isn't really the point. Ponies really love the Conversion Bureau, and taking a part of the world for themselves to build a story around is just great fun.
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    StoryAll the Kings Horses 
    Updated Chapters: 11
    Author: Cherry Rie 
    Description: Steel and circuits made her body strong and her heart cold.  But what is she without this shell?  If you stripped away the facade, what would be left to save? 

    Complete Chapters: 18
    Author: Krass McWriter
    Description: John Norris is another broken man in the last days of humanity. It has been years since he last left his apartment for something outside of restocking his food and water supply. Enter Azure Wind, a young pegasus colt, bearing a letter that explains he is his son. The two bond and much is learned by both in this light hearted comedic tale.

    New Chapters: 1
    Author: Krass McWriter

    DescriptionNot too long after being ponified, John must find a mate in order to maintain his pardon. So nine years after he was last with someone, he must venture out into the dating scene.

    Unfortunately, he has to deal with Field Trips, HLF remnants, crazy ex-PER members, even crazier mares and the horrors of a social life. No one said moving on would be easy.

    StoryRailroad Seven Three
    Complete Chapters: 6
    Author: Defoloce 
    DescriptionThe Barrier has made landfall at various points on the east coast of North America, allowing rates of egress to Equestria to skyrocket. However, with the encroaching wall of magic comes the dangerous no-man's-land of lawless roads and abandoned towns. The last few miles to Equestria are among the most dangerous for newfoals, and with the fresh overflow of emigrants, it often falls to small teams of humans, collectively known as the Railroad, to escort the ponies to their new paradise.

    New Chapters: 2
    Author: Microshazm
    DescriptionHonouring The Conversion Bureau's first anniversary I bring a story that is in no way a self insert.

    Waking up and feeling oddly refreshed at five in the morning. My dog seems to have played a trick on me, stapled a note on my cheek, no less. Maybe I can find my way out of this if I play along... 

    Complete Chapters: 4
    Author: Silver Tie
    DescriptionRevenge. A dish best served chilled, some say the flavor's all in the anticipation. An elusive dish, many have gone far to find it and spent much to obtain it. It can even bring ruin to all involved, including the one serving it.

    Ponies aren't built to handle such a meal, and few humans can stomach it. But what happens when a human becomes a pony to carry out revenge?

    Would you still take it?

    StoryGoing Pony
    New Chapters: 10
    Author: Chatoyance
    DescriptionRecruited by the Worldgovernment, a young woman is given a holocorder to document her experience of going through a Conversion Bureau, and her experiences after. This is the text transcript of her hypernet holofeed. This story takes place in Year Three of the expansion of Equestria.

    Story: How I Learned to Teach Newfoals
    Updated Chapters: 4
    Author: Berry Pony
    Description: Juicy Fruit is sent to Earth to teach the new converted ponies. Written in a single day for The Conversion Bureau Speed Fic Event. 

    Story: Don't Forget the Music
    Updated Chapters: 4
    Author: Les Pony
    Description: Nathan Kase, son of rock star Cooper Kase is ready to leave his dismal life as a human. There are some things about humanity that he wants to be rid of in a heartbeat, but there are just some things he can't seem to let go of. This is his mental toil about the things he stays connected to as he gets converted into a pony. 

    Story: Ten Days
    Updated Chapters: 9
    Author: Windchaser
    Description: A tragic accident robs Jay and many of his friends of their parents. Seeing no alternative aside from a life on the streets and poverty, they enroll in the Conversion Bureau program to emmigrate to Equestria. When Jay finds out that his close childhood friend and crush, Chloe, is going as well, he takes it upon himself to win her affection before the end of their ten day stay.

    StoryReality Break
    New Chapters: 17
    Author: Full Metal Pony
    DescriptionIt's not real, it can't be real. Ponies are just cartoons and some fanfics on the internet. The wings, the hooves... I'm just having a bad dream! 
    I wish that were true. But pain, friends, and a strange drink are telling me this is all too real. I'm a pony now and I think the world is falling apart.
    People, the end is nigh, the world has decided to go out with a bang, and it's taking us along for the ride.

    StoryMirror Match
    NEW Chapters: 4
    Author: Silver Tie
    Description:  Duke Cooper is, among other things, arguably the worst and unluckiest war-gamer in town. He's also one of the only ones left in town, thanks to Ponification and Equestria. 

    A brief drive-by encounter with the PER and some experimental Ponification Serum leaves him dead... for about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, he's signed up for Life Insurance with SDC, and they pride themselves on being prompt about insurance payouts. Payout is resuming life exactly as you were, five minutes before you died.

    Duke's always said the world needed more people like him; although, perhaps not so literally. 

    StorySimple Mistake
    New Chapters: 1
    Author: Avery Quillfeather
    DescriptionCyrus, a young man, living on the western seaboard of the united states is one day handed a vial of liquid of unknown effect and origin by a drug-dealer snooping about his neighborhood. He learns to live with hooves, a tail, a mane, and as a MARE. He deals with the social stigma of being a pony pre-conversion bureau opening and lives with the fact a decent majority of his neighbors are HLF members.

    StorySaner Half
    New Chapters: 2
    Author: Avery Quillfeather
    DescriptionAndrezei Kaifka. High-ranking Human Liberation Front member and Impovised Explosive Device expert has worked for the HLF for five years, since the Walls came up, each year adding to his mental strain and stress causing his mind to generate an imaginary double that pesters and peeves him not with insanity, but with logic and emotion. Andrezei goes about his daily life manufacturing pipe-bombs and flash.

    StoryA New Age, A New Life
    New Chapters: 2
    Author: BlueDWarrior
    DescriptionIt is the year 2080 CE, and the Global Population stands at roughly 9.5 Billion Humans. Gross overpopulation and rank greed has caused industrialization to run so rampant the very environment of Earth is threatened for all species left. The Singularity, a point where machines out produce men so much that men can no longer be employed, has caused the natural economic order of thousands of years to be.

    StoryWalking Man's Road
    New Chapters: 1
    Author: Videomaster21XX
    Description We've seen plenty of Conversion Bureau fics about humans becoming ponies, and adapting to Equestrian ways. But what do the ponies think when they first arrive here?

    Snow Breeze and her Twin Wind Frost, twin Pegasai, are on their way to run one of the first Conversion Bureaus. But our earth is a very different place from their Equestria. How will they handle the oddities of our realm? How will they react upon seeing the first ponified human?

    StoryMy December
    Updated Chapters: 1
    Author: Videomaster21XX
    DescriptionEdward can't make up his mind on what he wants to do. Become a pony? Or remain human? Worried about a past he can't forget, he finds himself standing outside the Bureau looking in on many a days. Hoping to find the answer he's seeking.

    When a pony with a mission suddenly pops into his life. He's forced to confront buried pains, and an uncertain future, as well as discover just how he ties into all of this...

    StoryAn Understanding of Sacrifice
    New Chapters: 3
    Author: Sonic
    DescriptionSet in the "Conversion Bureau" universe, Twilight learns about the American holiday "Memorial Day". Unable to understand why people would go to war in the first place, she tries to research the subject. However, unsatisfied with the lack of information, she seeks out a more unconventional method: magic.

    StoryThe Ballad of the White Rose
    New Chapters: 2
    Author: Billy Colt
    DescriptionA long time ago, humans walked the earth. They're all gone now, either dead or turned to ponies by the many "Conversion Bureaus." Now it's the ponies that govern the world, led by their goddesses, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. Very few remember or give much thought to the days of humanity. 

    But sometimes things don't die very easily. Sometimes things linger, even if it's just a memory or a legend. Sometimes when an egregious injustice has been left unchecked, even a pony can get very angry.

    On the crew of the White Rose there are many such angry ponies, led by Firebrand. These are young students who have perceived an injustice and are determined to blow everything open with one blazing truth.

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