• Story Updates February 10th (Morning)

    Alicorn Sparkle you say? I can roll with that.

    Have some story updates.

    Story: A Slice of Life (Update Chapter 3!)


    Author: Dawnscroll
    Description: When a mishap occurs with Celestia's bathroom scale, an ancient protocol that may just doom Equestria is set into motion. With the entire palace staff now conspiring against her, the sun goddess must not only contend mountains of paper work, dancing celery sticks, and steroid pumped stallions, but a sister who will take this chance to torture Celestia any way she can as payback for her banishment. Lock the cupboards and barricade the fridge! It's the Royal Diet!
    A Slice of Life

    Story: The Cutie Mark Clash (Update Part 9!)

    [Normal][Crossover] Semi Street-fighter crossover time!

    Author: Captain Gamer
    Description: A fighting tournament comes to Ponyville! Can our favorite ponies go for broke, or will they have to go home and be family mares?
    The Cutie Mark Clash


    Story: Duties (Update Part 5)


    Author: Denim Blue
    Description: Change is something that cannot be stopped. Like time itself, it is a constant. Sometimes, however, it needs a push in a certain direction. Six particular mares, chosen by the Elements of Harmony, will light the path that the future of Equestria shall follow in a way they never thought possible. All while learning more about each other and the princesses that rule their land.

    Story: Hell Week (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Squeejee
    Description: Finally old enough to pursue her dream, Rainbow Dash parts with her friends and joins pre-season training with the Wonderbolts. Old enemies and new friends come together as she trains, but being a Wonderbolt is about more than just flying faster than the rest. Will Rainbow Dash prove capable of overcoming the obstacles arrayed before her, or will she drop out and become another failed hopeful? There's only one way to find out! Contains some language not appropriate for younger bronies.
    Hell Week

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