• The Conversion Bureau Compilation (30+ Updates)

    The Conversion Bureau was a story created by somepony going by the name of Blaze. It sort of spawned an entire side community. There are many stories in this companion story post, some of which are really well done.

    They are, for the most part, all either borderline or just straight-up self insert, and I don't quality check them at all unlike everything else that pops up. That was kind of the point though, it's a place for people to just express their love of ponies in story form without spamming everyone else.

    I'm splitting them all off into this post, and letting the original story hang out on it's own.  Every 5 updates (5 separate stories, not 5 chapters) I will be bumping this like a normal update post!

    Also check out the Conversion Bureau Guide for more information. Fanart will be placed in there! We’ve got some very good pictures.

    For an organized and up-to-date list of all of the stories, please feel free to consult the Conversion Bureau Story Archive.

    All stories are after the break!

    Author: Chatoyance

    Description: Set in the Conversion Bureau universe, two young men face the inevitable totality of the expansion of Equestria into our world, and in the decision of one to choose transformation, both must come to an understanding about what is truly important about the meaning of self.

    WARNING: Contains adult language and common expletives.

    The first story of the 'Lost In The Herd' series

    Author: Chatoyance

    Description: Set in the Conversion Bureau universe, A young woman prepares for Conversion, but there is more she wants to change than merely her physical form.

    The second story of the 'Lost In The Herd' series of vignettes about ordinary people caught up in the Conversion Bureau universe.

    The previous story was "The Big Respawn".

    • VIIII Days

    Google Docs: | [ Prologue ] | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Scalier

    Description: After recently escaping jail, Jack decides that the only way he's going to keep out of trouble is to undergo Ponfication, unfortunately for him, and few other people seem to have an interest in him, and he finds himself thrown into the Gutters and Sewers of the Anti-Pony movement in Britain.

    • Salvation Through Destruction

    Google Docs: | [ Prologue + 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] |

    Author: RoflLuxRay

    Description: A rich British man takes on the mission of, single handedly, saving mankind through an elaborate plan that requires the cooperation of both humans and ponies, in an earth where humanity faces its last days due to their own faults. Will he succeed? Or will he fall to the weaknesess of every human?

    Tags: Mild-Grimdark, Mild-shipping

    Additional Tags: Twlilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Rarity, Spike, Applejack, OC’s, Gunfights, Morale conflicts, Messiah Complex, Action

    • The Breaking Point

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: BronyOfSteel

    Description: The Human Liberation Front has been pursuing its agenda of pony genocide for nearly five years and the time has finally come for their endgame. As events rush towards an inevitable climax, Cpt. James Miller will hold the fate of two races in his hands as he and the rest of the Internal Defense Initiative strive to prevent a cataclysm that would mean final victory for the HLF in its five year war against Equestria and its converts.

    • Death Row

    Google Docs: | [ Prologue ] | [ 1 ] |

    Author: Dermathil

    Description: Death Row is a fanfiction based off of Blaze's Conversion Bureau fanfic. I know many have already been written, but what hit me was that none of them is using the point of view of the HLF. The vast majority of the conversion bureau fanfictions portrays them as an evil organisation that is against the ponification process, but not much beside that. The goal of Death Row is to explore the inner workings of the Human Liberation Front slightly more, through a protagonist working for the organisation rather than a protagonist who antagonizes the HLF.

    • Ring of Fire

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] |

    Author: Windchaser

    Description: When the HLF sabotage the ponification serum with an exotic poison, the results are entirely unexpected and could result in inter-species war.

    • Second Impact

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] |

    Author: Purple Prose

    Description: After first contact with the Equestrians, many people were suspicious of the new equine race. Such tensions were exacerbated with the creation of the Conversion Bureaus. While some may jump at the chance of transformation, others railed against it. This is a story of the birth pangs of what would become the HLF.

    Author: Azul

    Description: The HLF. Dedicated to the extermination of pony-kind and the re-affirmation of mankind’s greatness. Or are they? A scientist deeply embroiled with the shady organization may just have plans of his own.

    • Freedom Corp: New Dawn

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] |
    Google Docs: Character Bio's

    Author: Everything Man

    Description: Ponies and super heroes? Ponies and super heroes!

    • Ponies of a Rising Sun

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Purple Prose

    Description: Ponies in Japan? Ponies in Japan!

    Google Docs: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Mray

    Description: A dinner date between friends gives each a chance to talk things through - one will soon be a pony, the other must come to terms with this.

    • The Conversion Bureau - A Mare’s Tale

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ 8 ] | [ 9 ] |
    Google Docs: | [ 10 ] | [ Finale ] | [ Epilogue ] |

    Author: Hiddenbrony

    Description: It's been a few years since the Conversion Bureaus opened up all over the United States, and only a few humans remain in some of the bigger cities. One such girl attempts to hold on to what's left of hers, but what's left at all?

    Tags: [Normal]
    Additional Tags: Conversion Bureau, Spinoff, Violet, Albuquerque, Al

    • The Conversion Bureau - Guardian Chronicles

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] |
    Deviant Art: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4a ] [ 4b ] |

    Author: Notorious

    Description: A year had passed since the establishment of the Conversion Bureau. The human race seeking a chance at a better life, a better future from their dark, decaying world long ravaged by the hands of the greedy and the corrupt through the act of 'Ponification'. However, the anti pony extremists, the Human Liberation Front (HLF) desperate to save what is left of mankind, intends to eradicate the Pony menace by whatever means necessary. Having forced their hand, the Bureau established V.A.N.G.A.R.D, a special military strike force, operating above the law with the sole intention of protecting the Ponies and suppressing the resistance.

    This is the story of 21 year old Dr. David Stone, a self conflicting young man, caught between the harshness of reality and his dream of a world without conflict. Unexpectedly recruited as a V.A.N.G.A.R.D agent, David joins the Conversion Bureau, only to discover that he alone will holds the power in restoring the balance to a world long forsaken. Based loosely on Blaze's original fanfic, The Conversion Bureau.

    Tags: [Grimdark-Mild Violence, Mild Language][Adventure]
    Additional Tags: OCs, Mane Cast, Humans, HLF, V.A.N.G.A.R.D, Guardian, Magic

    • Shard

    Google Docs: Shard - Main Directory Link
    Google Docs: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] |

    Author: Sparky

    Description: The GENESIS project was humanity's attempt to cross the space-time continuum. It was sabotaged. Six humans are sent to survey the damage; a simple search and rescue turns into something all the more interesting.

    Tags: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Grimdark, Crossover, Incomplete

    Additional Tags: Soundtrack-ed, Action, Realistic

    • The Conversion Bureau - Sidelines

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ 8 ] | [ 9 ]  | [ 10 ]  |
    Google Docs: | [ 11 ] | [ 12 ] | [ 13 ] | [ 14 ] | [ 15 ] | [ 16 ] | [ 17 ] | [ 18 ] | [ 19 ] |

    Author: Sonic

    Description: Michael Frost is 28 year-old ex-physics instructor, inventor, and among the few humans who do not want to be ponified. But when his best friend tells him he's going to get ponified, Michael decides it's time to dig deeper. He just wants answers, but with mysteries at every turn, he decides to use his skills and knowledge to infiltrate the system and find out the truth behind the Ponification Camps once and for all.

    • Yellowstone the Series

    Google Docs: Episode 1: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Google Docs: Episode 2

    Google Docs: Episode 3

    Google Docs: Episode 4
    • Yellowstone the Series - Minisodes

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] |
    Youtube: | [ 1 - Video ] |
    SoundCloud: | 1 - Audiobook |

    Author: Anonsi

    Description: Two months after the events of Yellowstone, Wild Magic from Equestria has run rampant throughout the world, resurrecting ancient horrors from around the globe. Mysterious and terrible monsters of human myth threaten to exterminate both mankind and ponydom. With the blessing of Princess Celestia, Twilight and her friends reunite with Agent Hawk and his team to combat this new threat before it destroys the world!

    Tags: [Adventure][Normal][Action][Shipping]

    Additional Tags: Mane 6, humans, OC's, The Conversion Bureau, shiptease, Monsters and Monster hunting, Magic

    • Third Party

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ]

    Author: Pony Soldier

    Description: It has been about 20 years since Equestria first made contact with Earth. In that time diplomatic relationships between most countries, the United States in particular, and Equestria have flowed smoothly.  However, not everyone is happy with these relations, and wish to disrupt them by any means necessary.  When an anonymous threat is aimed at the annual meeting between the Equestrian Ambassador and the President of the United States, two secret agents from the extremely covert Experimental Espionage Service are called in as insurance against the threat, but little do they know that they may have stumbled on something bigger than a small group of angry people.

    Tags:  Grimdark (Action Violence), OC characters, Sci-Fi
    Characters: Anthropomorphic OCs, OC ponies, Celestia, Luna, and the Mane Six.

    • Last Man Standing: Aftermath

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] |

    Author: Videomaster21XX, Windchaser

    Description: A little over a year after the Purification, mankind has vanished and the world has changed into a new place of magic and wonder, with the pervious earth leaving its legacy in history books. However, with the arrival of a strange object crashing to New Equestria, everything is about to change once more. Windchaser is first on the scene, and discovers something that nopony ever expected to see. It is but the first in a series of events that will threaten the new world that the ponies have worked so hard to achieve...

    Author: Sir Issac Johnington the chef

    Description: Ten years have passed since the first human underwent ponification, and now half the world has turned into them. It is then that a strange new disease started to tear though the human population, completely new, and incredibly lethal. As questions rise, from how to treat it to where it come from, so do inter-species tensions, as startling revelations are made about the disease. Will this prove to be mankinds undoing, and what might happen as humanity grows more desperate for a cure?

    • The Conversion Bureau - First Contact

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ 8 ] | [ 9 ] |

    Author: Purple Prose

    Description: Earth is in the throws of the Singularity, but far from providing a utopia for it's citizens, things are worse than ever. Jobs are scarce, the environment is devastated - it is clear things must change, but how? In the midst of all this comes the greatest change of all - the sudden appearance of a mysterious island off the coast of the USA which cannot be approached by normal means. What secrets does it hold?

    Tags: [Normal]
    Additional Tags: slice of life, conversion bureau

    • More

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] |
    Fimfiction: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] |

    Author: Sonicboom01

    Description: One stormy night in the middle of a gradual "drought" of customers, the Conversion Bureau gets a surprise visitor- and he's in a rush to get ponified. The man's rush seems a bit suspicious, and some of the info in his forms isn't all there. There must be more to the story...

    • The Conversion Bureau - A Twist in the Tail

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Midnight Shadow

    Description: Glenn has been hanging around conversion bureaus for a long time - long enough to get the express lane or forever be barred from entry. His unorthodox queue jumping leaves Rarity (the on-site technician) hoofing it to find a backup potion...she finds an older one, version R63...

    Tags: [Normal][Comedy][Random]
    Additional Tags: Funny, switch, slice of life, conversion bureau, oops

    • The Conversion Bureau - Midnight’s Tale

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] |

    Author: Midnight Shadow

    Description: Martin Danielson is living in a time after the last revolution, a spoiled earth, polluted, crowded and yet empty. An advert on the holoprojector offers a new life as a pony. Martin takes the offer. this is his story.

    Youtube: [ The End ]

    Author: Midnight Shadow

    Description: This is a short story about the end of the conversion bureaus.

    Tags: [Grimdark][Sad-Depressing]

    Author: Defoloce

    Description: In the days following the Conversion Bureaus, the ponies have taken on new tactics to "convince" humans to join pony-kind. Semi-parody and spinoff of "The Conversion Bureau".

    Author: Pride

    Description: By refusing to answer "Yes" to a single question, the freshly-graduated programmer witnesses first hand the slow decay of the world; a world that could handle wars, recessions, disasters and plagues, but could not handle paradise appearing overnight. A short story set in the world of The Conversion Bureau by Blaze, this fic shows how even the most well-intentioned creatures can sow ruin without realising. Written also as a soft offset to the anti-human message found in the original.

    Author: Beese

    Description: The Doctor Investigates a Ponification camp and finds a portal to Equestria. What is this force which has changed the fate of the planet Earth and the humans that inhabit it?

    Tags: [Crossover] Dr. Whoof, Celestia

    • The Conversion Bureau - Last Man Standing

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [Author’s Notes] |

    Author: Windchaser

    Description: In the many years after the Conversion Bureaus' shutdown, Twilight Sparkle is tasked by the Princesses with finding the last living human on Earth, Isaac Hamilton, and learning the story of his past. What she hears is a tale of loss, tragedy, joy, and the discovery of one's place in the world. But how much longer would that place last with what Twilight has to tell him?

    Tags: [Sad] Twilight Sparkle

    • The Conversion Bureau - Change of Life

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] |

    Author: FirstTimePonyWriter

    Description: Robert Parker is a 24 year old ex-web developer living in New York city. In the wake of the conversion movement, he has seemingly lost everything. Haunted by the same nightmare every night, he soon realizes that he must make a choice.

    Tags: [Normal] Everypony

    • The Conversion Bureau - Yellowstone

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ]  | [ 7 ] | [ Epilogue ] | [ Bonus Chapter ]

    Author:  Anonsi

    Description: Two years after the camps opened up, the Western Territories of the USA are nearly vacant. It is once more a frontier, ripe for exploration and settlement. On bequest of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle is to experience the human world by joining a family of Pony Settlers on their journey out West. It's Dangerous to go alone however, so in an act of good will, the US government is sending someone to make sure no harm befalls the ponies.

    Tags: [Normal] Twilight Sparkle, OC ponies

    • The Conversion Bureau - Fragments of Regret

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ 8 ] | [ 9 ] |
    Google Docs: | [ 10 ] | [ 11 ] | [ 12 ] |

    Author: Videomaster21XX

    Description: Over half the world's population has now become Ponies. Despite the human populace waning, there are still plenty still needing to be ponified. 21 year old James Fowler would be just another one of those humans heading to be ponified, except for the one big thing that makes him different. He never wanted to be a pony. Despite this, recent events have forced his hand, and so he begins his stay at his local center. Determined to find the resolve to go through with the process. However the ponification is the least of his problems. An event, long ago set into motion, is about to come to pass, and James has a part to play in it... When it happens. The entire game will change forever...

    Tags: [Normal]
    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle, Spike, James, Wing Berry, Rose

    • The Conversion Bureau - Signal Lost

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Winston

    Description: When the dwindling human population sparks a desperate last-ditch attempt to colonize Mars, two engineers quickly find themselves wrapped up in a sinister plot to swat mankind's dreams out of the sky. (Thanks to Pride, chistery, PK, Fluttershy, and SunshineSmiles for proofreading and convincing me this was worth writing!)

    Tags: [Mild-Grimdark][Adventure]
    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, Luna, Space, Mystery, Disaster, Conversion Bureau, Spinoff

    Author: Windchaser

    Description: Gizmo is an Equestrian-born earth pony running a Conversion Bureau in suburban Philadelphia. He's seen the best and worst of what humanity has to offer in his work running the facility. But all of that will be questioned when a group of terrorists take the residents of the bureau hostage, demanding the immediate removal of every pony from the country.

    Tags: [Grimdark] OC Ponies

    • The Conversion Bureau - Why?

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] |

    Author: Minalkra

    Description: As the Conversion Centers convert more and more humans into ponies, one question is answered in a multitude of ways.  Why can be a very complex question.

    Tags: [Shipping]
    Additional Tags: OC ponies, humans, Celestia, Luna

    • An Azure Future

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] | [ 5 ] | [ 6 ] | [ 7 ] | [ 8 ] | [ 9 ] | [ 10 ] |
    FimFiction: An Azure Future (Collection) (Incomplete)

    Author: Krass McWriter

    Description: A man finds out he has a son, who is a pony. Its like a sitcom. With ponies. And HLF. And PER. And wonderbolt pinups, and sack banishments. And Insanity. And Cameos. And a whole bunch of general madness. itd be a cartoon on adult swim.

    Tags: [Normal][Comedy]
    Additional Tags: father son bonding, Dressclub, California, TCB, saaaack!

    • The Conversion Bureau - My Kingdom for a Horse

    Google Docs: | [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] |

    Author: Lightsideluc

    Description: The stream is magical, powerful, almost irresistible. Almost. For those passing through it, it offers them a siren song of a new life in Equestria as a pony - where they will forget their previous lives. Very few can resist it's pull.

    Author: Mush

    Description: Ponies in England? Ponies in England. And trains!

    Author: Lightsideluc

    Description: Equestria offers a new life to those willing to take it, for free. For the unscrupulous, there are always ways to profit. A one-shot set in a dystopian future where Earth’s governments have been discretely selling off young talent to a certain equine country to fuel its industrial revolution, Maverick is the tale of one young teen who finds himself “on the wrong side of the fence”. ‘Tinker’ is your typical street urchin, complete with worn clothes and a jaded view of the world. However, after a fateful encounter, he soon finds himself embroiled in a secretive exchange of assets, with his mind and body on the bargaining table...

    Author: Erac

    Description: What would happen to a family that decided to get ponifed if their young child refused to become a  pony just yet, at least until his parents prove it’s safe, and that they are not different?

    Note: These three are an example of either the best or the worst TCB has to offer. Which one of these they are is up for debate. You have been warned.

    Complete (and beyond any hope of salvage, flee if you value your lives)
    Author: EVERYPONY

    Description: I have no idea what this is going to be about...but it will be manic. Or rubbish. Or
    amazing. OR ALL IN EQUAL MEASURE. May contain traces of undesirableness! (Naughty words, situations and banned substances). Do not read this sober. Do not read this drunk. Don’t read this. It’s barely TCB. It’s barely literature. It should probably be considered an act of war.

    Edit: The extravaganza is now over and I still don’t know what it’s about. There are no words for what the words say. This is truth.

    Author: Videomaster21xx

    Description: Oh god what is this I don’t even (A quote from the editor of this post).

    Author: Krass McWriter

    Description: “A horrible fic by Krass McWriter” (a quote from the author of the story). A death metal band member gets the band together for one last blowout as hate is leaving the world, making an impact with help from the HLF.