• Nightly Roundup #57

    Luna and...Colbert?

    I guess!

    News time!

    Runescape Guild

    Another guild is looking for more, this time in Runescape!  You can find their page here!

    MLP Mentioned in The Canadian National Post

    In an article talking primarily about the popularity of kids shows for hipsters/general internet culture, Friendship is Magic is brought up briefly.  They even mention EQD at one point.  You can find it here!

    Spiral Knights Guild Looking for More! 

    A guild called "The Lunar Republic" is looking for more to play Spiral Knights with.  If you are interested in joining, contact one of the following: EmpressKittens, Animabolt, Hellcrow, LordZolt.

    Wired UK Pony Blurb

    This one hales from the actual Wired magazine in the UK.  I don't even remember doing it, but apparently I was quoted!  

    Fashion Style Rainbow Dash on Taobao

    I have to admit, I'm not very good at these different pony toy versions, but it looks like Fashion Style Rainbow Dash has popped up at Yoybuy.com.  You can find it here!

    Pinkie Pie Promoted to Goddess of Unexpected Audiences on TV Tropes

    Topic says it all! You can find their Pantheon of the Gods here!

    Baby Got Flank Creator Needs Advice On New Song

    Just in case Baby Got Flank didn't get you enough awkward stares, iBringDaLULZ is working on yet another parody song.  You can find his WiP song here!

    Remember...its a parody

    I think....

    Comics With Ponies!

    Yep! Web comics!  Have a few!

    Melbourne Anime Festival Brony meet up
    Another one!  Have some copy paste!

    Location:  Melbourne Anime festival (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

    Contact: Cybie - 
    [email protected] or the facebook event page below 

    Date: Saturday, August 27th @3:00pm

    Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=250799488271018

    Additional Information:
    Just a chilled meet up in a convention atmosphere to meet and greet the local Brony populous.  

    Philippines Pony Toys now Available!

    Found at: Local Mall! No actual location given sadly!

    Looks like FiM has invaded the Philippines.  Apparently they are pretty expensive though!


    Nuff said.

    Southern Michigan Brony Meetup

    A bunch of people over in Michigan are trying to put together a meetup.  If you are in the area, you can find the thread for it here!

    Zecora Rhyme Voting On Reddit

    The MLP Reddit group has a vote up for their parasprite plague rhyming competition thing! You can find it here!

    Equestria Daily News

    Story Updates
    Fanfic Spreadsheet Update
    Two Truths and a Skye (Updated part 5!)
    The Snowball Effect (Update Part 6!)

    Skyfall (Update Part 5!)
    Karamel (Update Part 2!)
    Catch Me If You Can (Update PArt 3!)
    One Last Quest (Update Part 13!)
    Continuum (Update Part 3!)
    Skies of Equestria (Update Part 2!)
    Spirits of Harmony (Update Chapter 6!)
    Common Sky (Update Story 2!)
    The Battle of Stalliongrad (Update Part 2!)
    Epic Cupcake Time
    Estrella Noctis (Update Chapter 21!)
    A Bedtime Secret (Update Complete!)

    Custom Luna Shoes
    Custom Rainbow Dash Shoes

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here