• Friendship is Magic Murder Mystery Game!

    Secrets and lies, it's all secrets and lies with those ponies!

    A murder mystery style game has been created for those of you interested in some Roleplaying and LARPing.  You can find all of the information for it copy-pasted after the break!

    What is a 'murder mystery game' ?

    A murder party is a kind of roleplaying/LARP (Live Action RolePlaying) game. Somewhere between theater and Clue (the board game), it is the representation of a scene in a given setting, usualy going for a few hours.

    For example, in the mansion of a rich aristocrat, during a reception, the body of said aristocrat have been found dead. The killer is most likely one of the guests. The police will not arrive before several hours.

    Each player will play the role of one of the witnesses and try to resolve the mystery, as well as some eventual side objectives. The widow might try to find the killer, but the servant who stole money earlier might find himself in a tight spot, even when he didn't commit the crime. The killer have to hide its intentions, and everyone have it's own agenda, friends and enemies.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_mystery_game for some triva et all.

    What is the twist then ?

    Usually, players in a mystery game compete against each other. As this work is based on My little pony : Friendship is magic, obviously there is no murder. I tried to make it so there are things to discover and fun to be had, all the while keeping the whole game a cooperative event.

    Of course, since playing that game is similar to living out a detective story, there is little point in playing it twice, because then everyone will know the culprit.

    The game is composed of a several files, one for each role (that explains who that person is, what s/he can do and what s/he knows), as well as a few extras for the organizers.

    All files are linked HERE, but that link should only be used by organizers, of course.