• Screenplay: Life with Derpy (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal] Another Screen-Play style story based around a Derpy sitcom!

    Author: Rad Ross
    Description: Carrot Top has invited her old school friend Dinky Doo to live with her, to help raise Dinky and assuage her own loneliness, but will it work out?
    Life with Derpy Episode One: Moving Day

    Additional Tags: Comedy, Sitcom, Episode, Screenplay, Heartwarming

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    [Random][Comedy] Episode 2

    Description: Dinky's scared of ghosts! Is there anything Ditzy can do to make her feel better? And will Carrot Top survive the experience?
    Life With Derpy Episode 2: Doo's Afraid of No Ghosts

    Additional Tags: Ditzy Doo, Dinky Doo, Carrot Top, Rainbow Dash, Sitcom, Screenplay, Comedy, Slapstick, Heartwarming

    Description: Carrot Top has set Ditzy up on a blind date...what could possibly go wrong?!?
    Life With Derpy, Episode 3: Gentlecolts Prefer Blonds

    Additional Tags: Sitcom, Screenplay, Comedy, Slapstick, Heartwarming

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