• Derpy Being Awesome Again

    I heard you guys liked spinny ponies? Well have a spinny Derpy with blue flames and stuff, because this needs to be a champion in League of Legends or something. 

    Click it for the flash version!
  • Story: Harpflank and Sweets (Update Side Story 2!)

    [Random] [Comedy] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Arcainum
    Description: Lyra and Bon Bon defend the bustling metropolis of Metropony City from Luna and her villainous henchpony Trixie's army of robots using only their wits, friendship and arsenal of heavy weaponry. Can they keep Metropony safe for yet another week? Find out in this exciting episode of...HARPFLANK AND SWEETS.
    Harpflank and Sweets
    Harpflank and Sweets: The Lost Episodes 
    Harpflank and Sweets: Very Special Episode (New!)

    Additional Tags: Short, Alternate Universe, Saturday Morning Cartoon, Mecha, Superheroes

    And then 6 stars  

  • Untitled

  • Simple PMV: The Amazing Spider-Mare // Monty Python and the Pony Grail: The Bridge of Death // PMV - It Will Rain Sex and Ponies //

    All of a sudden I'm quite hungry for sushi.

    I don't even like sushi.

    Watch these while I go get sushi.

    1) The Amazing Spider-Mare
    2) Monty Python and the Pony Grail: The Bridge of Death
    3) PMV - It Will Rain Sex and Ponies

  • Story: Yours Truly


    Author: Thanqol
    Description: Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together.
    After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.
    Yours Truly

    Additional Tags: Never let friends slip away

    >600 Star ratings in a few hours

    6 STAR!
  • *Spoiler Warning* Comic: Dear Teacher Cheerilee (Madmax)

    Well, it looks like the floodgates have been opened since the latest episode was leaked yesterday! Madmax, as quick as ever, already has a comic with her hilarious take on it as always. For those of you who have seen the episode already, you can check it out after the break!

  • How to Improve the Funnies Section

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    The Baltimore Local is the best newspaper ever, and this guy is the best comic section artist.
  • Instrumental Music : Nightmare Night Konzertstück / Light-Red Radius / Loudmouth / Apples Against the Machine / Flutter/ Cry

    Instrumental time! First off we start with something that, and I quote from the pre-listeners, "Gave me goosebumps". Get some headphones!

    Second is a really happy Pinkie Pie Electronica song, followed by some progressive house Fluttershy, hardcore "something" song from Mogul (Seriously, I don't think it fits in any genre), and finishing off with some Dubstep Fluttershy.

    1.) Nightmare Night Konzertstück - I. Luna's Repentance II. Star Swirl the Bearded Weirdo Clown
    2.) Wintergreen - Light-Red Radius (Squared)
    3.) Mindset - Loudmouth
    4.) Mogul Dash - Apples Against the Machine
    5.) Flutter/ Cry (ft. Gritt Dunan & Taps)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #329

    It's a short one today! Sadly most of the art is spoilers right now, so those will come out on Saturday when Hearts and Hooves officially releases.

    That being said, the above image is from Pixelkitties, who wrote up a short blurb about keeping the spoilers quiet for those of the fandom that want to be surprised when it actually releases.  The internet is near impossible to avoid information on, but you can help by not spamming your twitter/facebook with new episode stuff.

    Anyway, have some art!

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 9th (Evening)

    Story update time! Lots of stuff today, it seems everyone decided to WRITE LIKE CRAZY!

  • Story: Daring Do and the Dragon's Flame


    Author: Valkyra
    Description: Daring Do, world renowned treasure hunter, has had her share of adventures. But now, in the looming threat of war and world domination, she must brave the toughest challenge yet - facing down a horde of dragons, and the villainous unicorn Iron Crest.

    Daring Do and the Dragon's Flame

    Daring Do and the Dragon's Flame (Alt)

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Mystery, Danger, Mystical, Love
  • Simple PMV: Dear Celestia (Dear Esther) // Pony Pone-anza // [PMV] Blazing Saddles feat. Pinkie Pie - I'm Tired

    Simple though they may be, they are still first-class citizens here at EQD.

    1) Dear Celestia (Dear Esther)
    2) Pony Pone-anza
    3) [PMV] Blazing Saddles feat. Pinkie Pie - I'm Tired

  • Princess Cadance Moves to the Fall?

    A recent press release over at Market Watch on the Wall Street Journal site seems to point at an entirely different date for the upcoming Princess Cadence/Shining Armor episode.  While the actual time for these two to appear has never been set in stone, it was generally been accepted that they will finish out season two.  This new article contradicts that completely, stating that the entire event will go down in fall.

    The quote: 
    Pony fans can act out imaginative stories of their own with delightful MY LITTLE PONY figures, playsets, and vehicles inspired by the series, including a variety of ponies and playsets inspired by the upcoming fall wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE.
    Considering we are 17 episodes in, I don't think we will see the next few stretched out over a year.  It could always be marketing voodoo getting in the way of actual times and figures, but that does appear to be a confirmation of a fall release for season three.

    That or a movie...

    They sure are pushing these two harder than anything previous seen.  I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't just an episode arc.   Discord and Nightmare Moon didn't get full playsets, but then again, they weren't pretty pink princesses.

    Feel free to make your assumptions and guesses in the comments!

    Thanks to Masem for the article link! Checkin out those obscure sources so we don't have to. 
  • Story: Operation Get-lestia


    Author: Cupcakes Nom
    Description: Princess Celestia is due for an informal visit with Twilight and her friends, but Pinkie Pie seems to be acting even more strange than usual. What is she up to, and will Twilight find out before it's too late?
    Operation Get-lestia

    Additional Tags: Pinkie, you so random... Episode-like!
  • Comic: Cheering Lessons 2 / Ponies are Resilient

    Click for Full

    Fluttershy in a cheer leader outfit is my new favorite thing.

    We also have pony logic below, because they break all the rules.  

    Click for Full
  • Gentlecolt Collaborations: Voice Promo and Casting Call

    For those that don't follow the Nightly Roundups, a pony... dating sim is in progress.   Sure it's targeting a niche group within the fandom, but they grabbed some seriously hefty talent for the voice acting.  Everyone from Lauren Goodnight to BaldDumboRat will be included in the game.

    After the break is their voice over promo, showing off the various ponies and their respective actors.

    If you would like to join the team, hit up their sound website here!

    And for the mildly curious among you, hit up their main website here.

    (Update) Video embed fisxed! They also gave me some copy paste. Check both out below the break. 

  • Story: Rampant (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Vehlek
    Description: Some kind of illness has swept across the land, infecting every pony alive or dead with a bloodlust never seen in ponies' history. Canterlot lies burning, but the fates of Celestia and Luna are unknown. Society lies altered, a new culture having risen from the loss of a central government.

    Twilight Sparkle wakes up in a tomb nearly twenty years after her burial, and she's told she and her dear old friends are the only ones that can do something about the bloodlust. They've also changed, however, and Equestria by now may be irredeemable.
    Rampant (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Voodoo zombies, violent ponies, conspiracy
  • Story Updates February 9th (Morning)

    How dashing!

    Have some story updates!

  • Nightly Roundup #237

    Looks like the floodgates are open on pretty much everything.  Sadly once the internet takes control of something, you can't really stop it.  I'm sure someone at iTunes is getting a slap upside the head (or six).

    On with the roundup!

  • Beat People up with LYRA


    Roundup in a bit! Sorry about the lateness.