• Pinkie Pie's Message of the Week

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    It's new episode night, and you know what that means! Pinkie Pie is here to wish everyone a good night, whether you plan to sleep or Mare-a-thon it up!  

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  • HD BroNYCon Musician/Daniel Ingram Panels, Plus a Bonus Family Appreciation Day Minicast

    We have a few more HD BroNYCon recordings from our friends over at Everfree Radio.  If those twenty part Youtube compilations in glorious 240p just aren't cutting it, you might want to hit these up!

    The first is the Daniel Ingram Skype interview, and just to keep the music theme going, they also dropped the musicians panel, filled with all sorts of big name composers in the fandom.

    And if you are burnt out from all the BroNYCon stuff, check out their new Family Appreciation Day mini-cast, where last weeks episode is reviewed.  They also plan to do the same thing for the upcoming Baby Cakes, so hit that up too on Monday!
  • Flash: Swag Mobile

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    We haven't had this pair in a while! I miss the old Derpy and Carrot Top stuff. Shes just so happy!

    We also have some Luna chillin on the moon below.  Nothing too crazy, but I'm sure fans of the moon pony will be entranced by her wing flaps.

    Apparently the bottom one now has a source! 

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  • Youtube Poop / Randomness: Another Load of Horse Apples / My Little Ponii - Swite and Eleet

    It's random time! Have a bunch of weird/funny stuff!

    1.) Son Of ALOHA - Another Load of Horse Apples
    2.) My Little Ponii - Swite and Eleet
    3.) Mini-Madness S2 E12

  • Instrumental Music: 'Til We See Sun / Elements of a good cheer / Magic never fades

    We have some Trance, Dubstep, and general Electronic this time around. It's instrumental time!

    That third one sort of reminds me of those old space shooters during the SNES era.  Ahh Earth Defense Force... I must have died 400 times in that game.  

    1.) 'Til We See Sun - Deerhooves
    2.) Ozzwald - Elements of a good cheer
    3.) DasDeer - Magic never fades

  • Music: Pinkie's Homebrew / Pinkie's Brew - Ragtime Piano / Heartstrings (Calamus Dash remix)

    Remember when Pinkie's Brew became canon? Oh Friendship is Witchcraft... why you so awesome?

    We have two remixes of it, starting with a chiptune and ending with some Ragtime piano.

    And after that, a new remix of Heartstrings.  Enjoy!

    1.) Interrobang Pie befriends Griffin Lewis - Pinkie's Homebrew
    2.) Pinkie's Brew - Ragtime Piano
    3.) Heartstrings (Calamus Dash remix)

  • Blindbags and McDonalds Toys Update

    Image Source: Logician
    A few days ago I threw a post up about someone who found blind bag toys in San Antonio, TX.  Since then I have received numerous reports of other Wal-Mart locations picking up on the set.

    Apparently you can straight up buy the entire box for around 50  bucks, which includes one of everything. I have received a few emails saying that the labeling system used for the European versions no longer works, so identifying them is a bit more random.  They are in bags though, so you can sort of "Feel" the shape of the ponies and hope its the right recolor!

    *UPDATE* It looks like they do actually still follow the same number system, so pick and choose away! 

    We also have various McDonalds locations bringing out the old pony set from last year.  These have been invading Europe recently,  so maybe a few stray shipments made their way over to the states?  It could also be backup while they wait for the barbie line coming up in a few days.  Regardless, you might be able to find some scattered at various Miccy D's locations if you have time to go hunting.  The Rarity above was found at a Modesto, CA restaurant.

    Whether you are looking for Blind Bags, or Mcdonalds toys, it's going to take some hunting! Try calling first!
  • Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    As always, we have a bunch of crazy stuff going on tonight! Above you can find all the information on Bronystate

    Filly (Links After the Break!) 

    We also have Filly running it's usual marathon.  They have a huge amount of links, so I'll toss those after the break.  


    And a new one called Bronytv.  Their marathon will also be leading to the new episode. 

    Midnight Run

    And Midnight Run has returned to continue its usual streaming shenanigans.

    (We blew synchtube up apparently!) 

  • Animation on Display: Jayson Thiessen and More!

    BroNYCon this past weekend was a smashing success, but that doesn't mean the convention fun is over yet! Animation on Display, located in San Francisco, is coming up next month with none other than Jayson Thiessen, one of the directors and the current show runner of MLP:FiM, in attendance.

    While we reported on this convention briefly in a Nightly Roundup awhile back, some new details have come to light as the convention draws ever closer, primarily of events planned for the convention targeted at attending bronies. So if you're a brony on the west coast that was disappointed they couldn't attend BroNYCon due to distance this convention is certainly worth checking out!

    For those interested check the copy-paste after the break for more details from fellow brony Quinnjaminn.

    Note: If you are thinking of attending you can receive cheaper tickets by registering before January 15th!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #303

    TIME edition, because anything involving messing with time is always fun.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates January 12th (Evening)

    Just three this time around.  Now go read some stories!

  • Equestria Online: Leaps and Bounds

    For those of you who have had your heads under a rock for the past week, I'll give you the lowdown- Equestria Online is an entirely fan-made MMO project that has existed for some time now, but was recently brought to the spotlight again in the form of a panel at BroNYCon.

    From what I heard of the event, the demo presented was extremely impressive. Unfortunately, what was recorded at the show was not of the highest quality (and apparently flickered so much that it had the ability to cause seizures.) In that vein, the EQO team has recorded a new demo of the pre-alpha software build and put it on their Youtube channel. I'll be going through that in an in-depth review after the break!

    Before I do though, be aware that this team is looking for experienced concept artists! You can find the application form on their forum here. I would highly recommend checking that out if you want to lend some talent to this team.

  • Story: The Longest Journey (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Ek Vitki
    Description: Warden, an earth pony of the royal guard, served Luna long before she was banished to the moon. Defying mortality, he returns from wandering the world to his now forgiven princess to resume his duty. What awaits him is a journey the likes of which he never would have imagined, and a doom he and the princess never saw coming.
    The Longest Journey Part 1
    The Longest Journey Part 2
    The Longest Journey Part 3
    The Longest Journey Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Shipping, Luna, Princess, Sad, Forgiveness
  • Comic: Tia Love / Pizzariffic

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    Socially awkward Celestia? that's a new one. 

    And some PIZZA below, because making sense is pointless. 

  • Music: I Wish I was a Tree / Supersaw Hoover / Bucking That Wood (Norwegian Wood)

     I love noir Sparkle. 

    Random music time! We have some Dubstep, some Terrorcore/speedcore, and more Beatles!

    1.) I Wish I was a Tree - TheDumplingz [Omnipomny Remix]
    2.) Supersaw Hoover - gPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL (Dave! Remix)
    3.) Bucking That Wood (Norwegian Wood)

  • PMV: Vanilla Twilight / Murmurs Of Middle Equestria / Meet The Granny

    PMV time! Check them out below.

    1.) Vanilla Twilight
    2.) Murmurs Of Middle Equestria
    3.) Meet The Granny

  • Comic: Something Really Cool / A Look To the Past

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    Lyra being ridiculous above, and some REVENGE below.  It's couples time in this comic compilation! Enjoy!

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  • Top 10 Videos of December

    Someone needs to make a video out of THIS, with MATRIX music in the background.

    The top 10 videos of December have been released! As always, you can find the embed after the break.  It sounds like he won't be continuing these until around summer, so we might need someone to step up and take the reigns for the coming months!

    Anyway, go watch it.
  • Story Updates January 12th (Morning)

    This image has always been kind of creepy in my eyes.  I don't really know why.  Maybe some repressed childhood memory silently clawing its way our of my psyche that involves a similar symbol? Who knows!

    Have some story updates while I look up my family tree and see if I have any legendary eclipse-clan ninja assassins in the family. 

  • Nightly Roundup #214

    I could see this happening. 

    Have some news while I laugh at Trixie and Owlicious's endless battle of stubbornness. 

  • Simple PMV Compilation #5

    I mean no offense to the artist, in that there's nothing wrong with this picture whatsoever. It just has the strange quality of looking weirder and weirder the more you look at it.

    Seriously, look at it for a minute.

    Then watch these PMVs.

    1.) Attack the Stable
    2.) Aces High - Rainbow Dash Tribute
    3.) True True Happiness
    4.) The A Team
    5.) Ponymon: Johto League Wonderbolts