• Animation on Display: Jayson Thiessen and More!

    BroNYCon this past weekend was a smashing success, but that doesn't mean the convention fun is over yet! Animation on Display, located in San Francisco, is coming up next month with none other than Jayson Thiessen, one of the directors and the current show runner of MLP:FiM, in attendance.

    While we reported on this convention briefly in a Nightly Roundup awhile back, some new details have come to light as the convention draws ever closer, primarily of events planned for the convention targeted at attending bronies. So if you're a brony on the west coast that was disappointed they couldn't attend BroNYCon due to distance this convention is certainly worth checking out!

    For those interested check the copy-paste after the break for more details from fellow brony Quinnjaminn.

    Note: If you are thinking of attending you can receive cheaper tickets by registering before January 15th!

    If you live on the west coast, chances are you were devastated by BroNYCon's location—I know I was. While there is no west coast Bronycon (yet!), there is an upcoming event that may satiate your pony addiction.

    Animation on Display (AOD) is a weekend convention in San Francisco, celebrating anime, video games, recent American cartoons, and other fun and geeky stuff. This year, AOD will be hosting a wide variety of pony events, including panels with Jayson Thiessen, current showrunner and supervising director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Held on President's Day weekend, February 18-19, the convention is priced at only $25 for both days.

    Though the exact schedule of the event is still being finalized, the convention will be hosting a panel with Jayson on both days. There will also be an official convention “Brony Mixer,” as well as autograph sessions with Jayson Thiessen and the other guests of honor. Meanwhile, I will be hosting two fan-panels with other members of the Bronies of Northern California meetup group, including Bronyville's Apple Cider. A summary of all major planned events is included at the end of this post.

    Like with most conventions, you can get a discount if you register early. The pre-registration period ends on Sunday the 15th—after that, you will have to get tickets at the door for $30. If you choose to attend for only one day after the complete schedule is released, individual days will be priced at $20. If you live on the west coast and missed out on the BroNYcon festivities, AOD will be an excellent chance to satisfy your pony craving.

    Full details for the convention may be found here: http://www.aodsf.org/aod/events/mlp/

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


    Summary of Events:

    ■ “How Ponies Are Made: My Little Pony Production Panel With Jayson Thiessen”
    ■ “My Little Pony Creative Panel with Jayson Thiessen”
    ■ Guest autograph session both days (including Jayson Thiessen!)
    ■ Meet the Guests reception (including Jayson Thiessen!)
    ■ Official convention Mixer/Meetup/Gathering.
    ■ Fan Panels hosted by Quinnjaminn, TGPFluttershy, and BronyFang:

    Title: Friendship is Magic – An Introduction to the Brony Phenomenon

    In October 2010, a plague began sweeping through the depths of the internet. Scores of men and women adopted a motto of “love and tolerance,” and began promoting the cartoon, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Join us and discover why the show is such a hit among men, and observe the greatest accomplishments of the fandom.

    Title: Ponyville's Prized Pastel Ponies

    While we all love the mane six characters, fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic often like background ponies as much as, if not more than, the main characters. This panel will explore the histories and characterization of Ponyville's silent residents. Why did Lyra and Bonbon become a pair so early in the series? At what point did we all accept "Octavia" as the name of the classy grey pony? How did we take the name DJ Pon-3 and convince the HUB television network to use that name in official advertisements? Did you all know that Berry Punch was originally the Over Protective Parent Pony before she was the town drunk? Come and find out the true histories of your favorite background ponies!