• Nightly Roundup #214

    I could see this happening. 

    Have some news while I laugh at Trixie and Owlicious's endless battle of stubbornness. 

    Granny Smith Skyrim Mod


    A Feminist Look at My Little Pony!

    We had one of these a long time ago, but this one is actually positive! check it out here.

    Ponycast Episode 3

    Check it out here!

    Fanfic Vault 

    A new fanfic review site has popped up! It primarily works off of the best of the best, so don't expect everything on the planet to pop up here!

    Check it out at this link!

    Game Hunt: Dragonborn Edition

    Click image for full! Source: Gameinformer

    This actually only has one pony in it, and it's just her cutie mark! Everything else is video game characters.

    The list and larger size image can be found by clicking the image! 

    List of Subcultures you Never Knew Existed 

    Over on UGO we were recently in an article about crazy underground fandoms! Check out the article here!



    Fox News on Pony

    Yeah, they did it again! I hear the last one is still getting hatemail.

    Successful Meetups

    New Zealand Meetup


    Have a google doc writeup!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Krakow, Poland Meetup

    When: 21.01.12, 13:00

    Where: Saturn, Galeria Krakowska


    Apb Guild

    Name: MLP The Fashion Police

    Server: Obeya (EU1)

    Faction: Enforcer

    contact Supermark ingame, le_supermark on steam or manfredi.mark on skype.

    Firefall Pony Clan

    Here at The Herd Firefall, we welcome all types of players into our clan. while we have over 80 current members for a game that's still only in beta, we're looking for more. Some of you may know about Firefall and some may be new to it, that's OK! while we are currently focusing on Firefall, we are not a one game guild and do spread out to other well known games such as Minecraft. (please note that Firefall is currently in a 'Closed Beta'. but fear not! The Herd has a large number of Beta testers who are frequently given spare beta keys to give out as we see fit, so it wont be long before you get one!)




    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rarity knit Plushie

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