• BroNYCon HD Voice Actress Panel

    More BroNYCon for all you HD loving people out there.  Finally you can see the voice actresses without all the blurryness!

    Check it out after the break, or hit up their website for it.

    Also some copy paste:

    Hey everyone! EverFree Radio has a video for you all: the official high quality release of the entire VA Panel from BroNYCon Winter 2012! We've got Nicole Oliver, Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman taking a Q&A from the audience and the hosts Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and EFR's own Final Draft! Take a look if you missed it! This is the only place you'll find the entire uncut VA panel!

  • Small "The Last Roundup" Summary Update

    The Last Roundup is coming up soon, and a new synopsis is popping up on various TV guide systems. 

    As always, it's a bit different than the pre-listed summary.   I'll toss the image after the break! Thanks to Taylor for sending it.

  • Comic: Who Invented These? / Pony Age Chart

    I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't enjoy being anything other than a unicorn for very long.  Wings are neat, but hooves just aren't logical, and ponyville isn't exactly the friendliest place for a lack of intricate dexterity.

    And an age chart below.  I guess it's not technically a comic, but it has humor, and words, so hit it up anyway! 

  • The 100 Million Hits Followup Post

    Check the hell out of that picture. It's freakin' awesome and it's not even DONE YET. Yell at the artist to finish it!

    Anyway, we got tons of various stuff, artwork, and videos to celebrate the event, some of which have gone up today. You all fried Seth's brain. Good job! Now who's gonna run the blog? Me? You don't want that, trust me.

    Find all the goodies after the break!

  • Story Updates January 11th (Evening)

    Hey! The link is fixed! Huzzah. 

    Have some stories.

  • More Donkeys on the Horizon?

    So much to post today! I can't keep up!

    It looks like we have some Donkeys on the horizon, perhaps similiar to the one from Applebuck Season?  We don't have a whole lot of fanon about these guys,  so I'm really curious about what kind of roll they will play.

    Thanks to XTUX345 for the screenshot!
  • Comic: That's a Keeper / Rising Darkness

    click for full
    Dash is best obnoxious pony.

    We also have an in-progress multi-parter below.  Right now there are six pages!

    Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4+5 / Page 6
  • Michelle Creber Wants Facebook Likes !

    So, Michele Creber congrats'd us earlier on the 100,000,000 hits, and later in comments asked for some facebook fan page likes!

    You guys know what to do!

    Note: Be nice, keep the shipping/grimdark in your folders. 

  • Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 1 Sub-Gallery

    I'm trying my hardest to get up all of the entries I missed last night, but the 260 number I quoted you turned out to be somewhat less than accurate. See, that was just what my inbox was displaying under the tortured screams of a public wifi network struggling to cope with the rush of last minute submissions (which is common and I totally expected it, but not on this level). I was only off by, oh, you know... one hundred. Do you understand that means that Day 1 generated almost seven hundred submissions? That's insane! I love being surprised by this community, no matter how much it hurts.

    Now. I'm doing my best today, but I'm basically banging rocks together to create an internet connection, and I have other things I need to be doing this evening for my apartment.  The gallery you see beneath the page break contains 266 images, and that took every bit of data my phone plan is allowed to send (two days in and I'm tapped for the month. Sheez). If you are among the lost, I urge you to head over to the ATG Alumni DeviantART group, where they've put up a mini gallery for this event. It's not much, but at least it helps you share. I'm sorry that this has been such a mess; it's just been a perfect storm of problems. Once we get a new script, I think we'll hold a resubmit for Day 1. Sound fair?
  • Music: Twi / The Apple Farmer Song / Lance Arrow - Cheerilee ("Take On Me" Parody)

    It's vocal time! We have some rap (That has a really creepy ending, but everything leading to it is good!), some Apples, and a parody of Take on Me.  Enjoy!

    1.) Twi
    2.) The Apple Farmer Song
    3.) Lance Arrow - Cheerilee ("Take On Me" Parody)

  • Applebuck Season Now Bundled With Toys

    For the longest time, Hasbro has always included "The Ticket Master" with various pony toys.  It looks like "Applebuck Season" is finally getting a shot though.  Over on their main website, the brushable singles now all include it. 

    We also have a few new ponies (I think).  More recolors, but the collectors out there might be interested!

    Now we just need to convince them to release more of the molded ponies from that gift back.  I need my Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy! 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the links! 
  • The New York Post Reports on BroNYCon

    It seems like we are invading the news from all corners once again! The New York Post recently attended BroNYCon, and did a whole bunch of digging into our little fandom.

    It's a pretty reasonable article overall, and probably worth the read if you guys are curious about what went down during that completely insane, pony-filled weekend.

    Check it out here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #301

    Super Saiyan Dash ftw! Look at that EPICNESS. She can't be matched!

    Or is this avatar Dash?  No clue. Have some art !

    Source 1
  • Music: Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses / Drum&Bass, Pinkie Pie Style. / a

    We have Rarity losing her mind breakcore style, some Drum&Bass Pinkie Pie, and an Archive V. Trance remix by Thorinair. That sure does dilute the pony! It's instrumental time.

    1.) Foozogz - Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX)
    2.) Drum&Bass, Pinkie Pie Style.
    3.) Archie.V - I'll Do My Best (Thorinair Remix)

  • Blogger's Surprise Comment Change!

    As some of you probably noticed, Blogger released a new comment system with threading.  Now the idea of that is neat, I love threading on other sites, but they sort of did it... half way.

    On a site like EQD where posts can hit 500 comments+ easy, removing the "page" feature just doesn't work, and it looks like they completely axed that in favor of the "show more comments" thing. 

    For now, the only way to revert it to the old is to remove the embedded comment box at the bottom of posts, and have it appear in a popup window.  You probably have already noticed that if you have tried to comment!  Until they fix it, we will have to stick with that.

    You may need to turn off certain blockers, though my current firefox security setup seems alright with it.

    Hopefully they will fix this up some.  I fired off my feedback to their group.
  • Story: Advice

    [Comedy][Shipping] (Ignore the star rating above, use the tag) 

    Author: Device Heretic
    Description: Princess Luna is delighted to discover Fluttershy's crush on Big Macintosh, and enlists the aid of Rarity and Applejack to make their romance a success. It is exactly as free of disaster as you might think. Art by JohnJoseco.

    Additional Tags: Comedy, Romance, Fluttermac, Squabbling, Flutterrage
  • Blind Bag Ponies Invading US Wal-Mart

    It looks like they are finally making their way over to the USA after almost a half a year of waiting.  These specific ones were located at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio, TX for two bucks a pop.

    From the looks of it, these are the first wave set, so you can use this post to pick the one you want (Assuming the packaging hasn't changed at all)

    So go check your Wal-Marts!  

  • More New Welovefine Shirts!

    Usually I wait for a few more to pop up on Welovefine before plugging it, but I saw this and knew it had to be posted, IMMEDIATLY.

    That is totally a FLCL Scootaloo crossover.  I don't even know how they get away with this stuff over there, but the levels of epic cannot be matched by anything other than YOUR FACE Fluttershy.

    I also tossed a bunch of other new ones after the break! You can find all of them in order by clicking the Welovefine banner on the sidebar (It directly links to the new pony stuff), or just here!
  • BroNYCon Artist Panel + Equestria Online

    We have a few more HD panels this time around.  This is probably a good way to catch up for those of you that didn't have time to listen to the livestream!

    First off we have the Artist panel, complete Pixelkitties, John Joseco, Egophiliac, and Garret Gilchrist.

    And second is the staff from Equestria Online, which is looking way more awesome than I ever expected it to look.  Seriously, we are pulling some crazy stuff off here.  Check both out after the break!

  • Pony Census Results

    So I heard you all like discussions about pony statistics? Over at the Brony Herd Census site, a whole pile of new graphs and charts have been created based on a plug in the nightly roundup.  Everything from overall age to BEST PONY (aka Twilight Sparkle) have been painstakingly processed. 

    Check out everything here!
  • Music: Everypony Everypony / Autumn Talkbox Cover / Giggle at the Ghosties Acoustic Instrumental

    We have some new Becoming Popular remix from Replacer, an Autumn remix, and Giggle at the Ghosties, acoustic style. 

    1.) Replacer - Everypony Everypony (Becoming Popular Remix)
    2.) H8_Seed befriends Jackle App - Autumn (Talkbox Cover)
    3.) Giggle at the Ghosties Acoustic Instrumental

  • Minecraft 100,000,000 Hits Celebration!

    Pull the lever, you know you want to...

    Or if you are scared, you can watch it after the break instead.
  • Super Mario 64 100,000,000 Hits Level Hack

    Wait... Ponyville in MY Super Mario 64?  This is a first! Of all the games I expected to have a recreated Equestria in, this is probably the last! I didn't even know it was possible to modify this game.  Such memories...

    Check the embed out after the break.  Now go get to work on Skyrim you slackers!  I don't care if the dev kit isn't released yet!
  • Mr. Poniator's 100,000,000 EQD Animation!

    It's... so... true... Confound these firsts!
  • 100,000,000 Hits!

    It actually happened guys! We broke the internet!

    A whole bunch of stuff was sent to us for the occasion.  I'll be posting it as the day goes on! For now, check out our new banner courtesy of Pixelkitties! Her art is amazing, as always.

    And the obligatory screencaps:

    (Pinkie Pie from Zomgitsalaura!)

  • Untitled

    Do you guys always have to hit million marks at crazy hours? Yeeesh.  I'm going to go take a power nap!  
  • Everfree Radio's Live Alex S / Omnipony Set + Bronyville's HS/SD BroNYCon Audio

    We had two semi-late BroNYCon updates flow into our boxes tonight.  The first is the live Alex S and Omnipony live show, complete with rave lights for maximum awesome!

    Copy Paste:
    Greetings ponies! We've got here EFR's official release of the BroNYCon Live Set with Alex S and Omnipony performing their music! Take a listen to a couple of the top musicians of the community if you did not get a chance, or simply want to listen to it again! Check it out here!
    And the second is the Bronyville Winter Special, featuring the HD audio versions of different parts of their BroNYCon hosting, from the voice actresses, to Daniel Ingram.  Check those out here!

    Since both of these groups have returned to their respective locales, I'm sure we will see more stuff in the coming days.  I'll keep posting them as they come in!
  • Nightly Roundup #212

    For some reason I really like Celestia now.  Maybe it's this new wallpaper? I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Celestia is now best pony.  That's the first time ever. 

  • Simple PMV: Everyone Thinks Rainbow Dash is Gay // SpongePie PinkiePants // Warriors of Light

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Pinkie, so we...

    1.) Everyone Thinks Rainbow Dash is Gay
    2.) SpongePie PinkiePants
    3.) Warriors of Light