• Everfree Radio's Live Alex S / Omnipony Set + Bronyville's HS/SD BroNYCon Audio

    We had two semi-late BroNYCon updates flow into our boxes tonight.  The first is the live Alex S and Omnipony live show, complete with rave lights for maximum awesome!

    Copy Paste:
    Greetings ponies! We've got here EFR's official release of the BroNYCon Live Set with Alex S and Omnipony performing their music! Take a listen to a couple of the top musicians of the community if you did not get a chance, or simply want to listen to it again! Check it out here!
    And the second is the Bronyville Winter Special, featuring the HD audio versions of different parts of their BroNYCon hosting, from the voice actresses, to Daniel Ingram.  Check those out here!

    Since both of these groups have returned to their respective locales, I'm sure we will see more stuff in the coming days.  I'll keep posting them as they come in!