• Blogger's Surprise Comment Change!

    As some of you probably noticed, Blogger released a new comment system with threading.  Now the idea of that is neat, I love threading on other sites, but they sort of did it... half way.

    On a site like EQD where posts can hit 500 comments+ easy, removing the "page" feature just doesn't work, and it looks like they completely axed that in favor of the "show more comments" thing. 

    For now, the only way to revert it to the old is to remove the embedded comment box at the bottom of posts, and have it appear in a popup window.  You probably have already noticed that if you have tried to comment!  Until they fix it, we will have to stick with that.

    You may need to turn off certain blockers, though my current firefox security setup seems alright with it.

    Hopefully they will fix this up some.  I fired off my feedback to their group.