• The 100 Million Hits Followup Post

    Check the hell out of that picture. It's freakin' awesome and it's not even DONE YET. Yell at the artist to finish it!

    Anyway, we got tons of various stuff, artwork, and videos to celebrate the event, some of which have gone up today. You all fried Seth's brain. Good job! Now who's gonna run the blog? Me? You don't want that, trust me.

    Find all the goodies after the break!

    Equestria Daily Hits 100 Million Hits - Official Times:

    15:23:24 GMT

    ---Wednesday, 11th January, 2012---
    7:23 PST (Pacific)
    8:23 MST (Mountain)
    9:23 CST (Central)
    10:23 EST (Eastern)
    11:53 VET (Venezuela)
    13:23 AMST (Amazon, Brazil)
    15:23 GMT/UTC/Zulu (England)
    16:23 WET (Western Europe)
    18:23 W-SU (Western Russia)
    21:23 IST (India)
    23:23 SHI (Eastern China)
    ---Thursday, 12th January, 2012---
    0:23 JST (Japan)
    1:23 AEST (Queensland)
    1:53 SAT (South Australia)
    2:23 AEDT (New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania)
    4:23 NZST (New Zealand)
    5:23 NZ-CHAT (Chatman Islands, Mid-Pacific)

    Happy 100,000,000 by ~Gig-Mendecil on deviantART

    100 Million EqD Pageviews by ~ThePapercutNinja on deviantART

    And finally, last but not least, an essay titled:

    Simply Magical: The Internet and the Stunning Rise of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"

    It's been a wonderful, exhilarating, exhausting and inspiring year, ponies.

    Let's keep going.