• Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 1 Sub-Gallery

    I'm trying my hardest to get up all of the entries I missed last night, but the 260 number I quoted you turned out to be somewhat less than accurate. See, that was just what my inbox was displaying under the tortured screams of a public wifi network struggling to cope with the rush of last minute submissions (which is common and I totally expected it, but not on this level). I was only off by, oh, you know... one hundred. Do you understand that means that Day 1 generated almost seven hundred submissions? That's insane! I love being surprised by this community, no matter how much it hurts.

    Now. I'm doing my best today, but I'm basically banging rocks together to create an internet connection, and I have other things I need to be doing this evening for my apartment.  The gallery you see beneath the page break contains 266 images, and that took every bit of data my phone plan is allowed to send (two days in and I'm tapped for the month. Sheez). If you are among the lost, I urge you to head over to the ATG Alumni DeviantART group, where they've put up a mini gallery for this event. It's not much, but at least it helps you share. I'm sorry that this has been such a mess; it's just been a perfect storm of problems. Once we get a new script, I think we'll hold a resubmit for Day 1. Sound fair?

    1) By 3WhiteFox3

    2) By Aeon

    3) By Aesahaetter

    4) By Akamaru01

    5) By Albert

    6) By AppiusOS

    7) By Areani

    8) By Arisoditjade

    9) By Aristenn

    10) By Beasert

    11) By BeastofBizzaro

    12) By BeechSprout

    13) By Biglulux

    14) By blackout62

    15) By boycec2

    16) By brokenhero0409

    17) By Catnip

    18) By Centeris2

    19) By chanewitte

    20) By commanche1059

    21) By Conicer

    22) By CoopCL

    23) By creepy-screw-ball

    24) By Crimson Blossom

    25) By Crimson Blossom

    26) By Dale Armstrong

    27) By DarkKnightWolf2011

    28) By DartraQueen

    29) By Dave Hart

    30) By dawnshadow187

    31) By DegeTheMighty

    32) By delta pangaea

    33) By dewotine518

    34) By Dexter

    35) By Diamond Pickaxe

    36) By dragon51116

    37) By Dusty Fortune

    38) By Dusty the Royal Janitor

    39) By Electrispaz

    40) By Elliot Maxwell

    41) By ErgoCogito

    42) By EricaC78

    43) By ert23

    44) By FaeIzumine

    45) By Fellknight

    46) By Fethur

    47) By Findpony

    48) By Flanker7227

    49) By Flipp

    50) By Flutterborn

    51) By Freyera

    52) By FuScO117

    53) By G_Y5

    54) By GearHorn

    55) By General Rex

    56) By GlossyHooves

    57) By Goggle Sparks

    58) By GrandpaLove

    59) By Gievstar

    60) By haokun319

    61) By Hawkeye92

    62) By hectogram

    63) By idaho ninja

    64) By inkblot

    65) By Insanity-wolf

    66) By Jake

    67) By jaydencurtis

    68) By jinsume

    69) By Judo-Paladin

    70) By JunaECBS

    71) By Kate

    72) By kazakazang

    73) By kevinsano

    74) By KillSilver

    75) By kits

    76) By KrippleStix

    77) By Kumquat93

    78) By latorz

    79) By LendABit

    80) By LeonardRodriquez

    81) By Levi

    82) By Marmalade

    83) By MichealBest

    84) By Michal

    85) By Mickeysu

    86) Midnight-Dragon15

    87) Muffinsforever

    88) By MyBoyJ

    89) By MysticVulpix

    90) By nanapuff

    91) By NeonBlitz13

    92) By Neonshi

    93) By NiteFlaym

    94) By Ole-Marius

    95) By Ori

    96) By OsakaOji

    97) By PeteTimesSix

    98) By Plasuarms

    99) By Rachel

    100) By RageGrenade

    101) By Rags

    102) By rainbowroach

    103) By Rarodar

    104) By Rarodar

    105) By Rawbington

    106) By Relias

    107) By Rerann02

    108) By Reuben

    109) By r-i-perils

    110) By Ritsuko Mithos

    111) By RyuuKiba

    112) By Samizu

    113) By sblade139

    114) By Scatman

    115) By Selena

    116) By seththresher

    117) By Shiaran

    118) By shutterclickbrony

    119) By Silvertie

    120) By Sir Dangereaux

    121) By SonicStar23750

    122) By Sparks

    123) By SuperKingC77

    124) By superstatistician

    125) By Talkir

    126) By TegrateTJ

    127) By TehJadeh

    128) By TermialHunter

    129) By The Party Cannon

    130) By TheConsoleKing

    131) By timeforlimes

    132) By Tree Kicker

    133) By Trixingno

    134) By VeerleTakino

    135) By Vic

    136) By vonstranglej

    137) By wannabelink2402

    138) By Wildy71090

    139) By Windfall

    140) By Written Waiver

    141) By Xaegrek

    142) By xgfhj18

    143) By xSpLiTvIsIoNx

    144) By YotuRenn

    145) By 2snacks

    146) By Admitted

    147) By afhalfh

    148) By AKShooter

    149) By AntisocialHappiness

    150) By Argembarger

    151) By Athanix

    152) By bgcf

    153) By Birdmaster1

    154) By BlankFlankBrony

    155) By BR

    156) By camelopardalis

    157) By Cyko Path

    158) By Desktopsycho

    159) By Dream Baker

    160) By EKG_MEDiK

    161) By Eridash

    162) By Exastryke

    163) By FedgeLovesYou

    164) By Fishi

    165) By Full Metal Pie

    166) By Fuzzumz

    167) By Gadvac

    168) By Gearholder

    169) By gibsofearth

    170) By Goldiefc8

    171) By GrizzleFOX

    172) By Hawkysu

    173) By Hyro the Second

    174) By irmofb58

    175) By Irony

    176) By Jake Tiedeman

    177) By Kelz

    178) By Kessel

    179) By kotaru16

    180) By Kyouhen

    181) By Laws-Jazzands

    182) By LFK Thunder Vision

    183) By LLLLL

    184) By m.engel

    185) By mahaughter

    186) By Mattatta

    187) By mcatnova

    188) By MDerp

    189) By Mullertonne

    190) By Natry

    191) By ohthatandy

    192) By Oreolla

    193) By Phalanx

    194) By pika92585

    195) By pldennis

    196) By PonyponyX

    197) By Pooshman

    198) By Pyrotwister

    199) By RainyRag

    200) By Rekiara

    201) By Rekzor

    202) By R-H-Maclanahan

    203) By Rosemary-Thyme

    204) By Runbow

    205) By SanguinePony

    206) By Sir Tristan

    207) By Sir Tristan

    208) By Skyheart Arrow

    209) By Snowsilver

    210) By SonicRatchet

    211) By soulTarkus89

    212) By Splatter

    213) By spovagirl

    214) By Stormcallerr

    215) By Sushi Dragonfire

    216) By taimtodie01

    217) By Tanner

    218) By theberserked

    219) By thedarkone246

    220) By TheMagicalFish

    221) By TheMunkis

    222) By Thr33Six

    223) By Tidal

    224) By Trailblazer

    225) By umbrellabubble

    226) By Vypor

    227) By westfare

    228) By windbird404

    229) By Xavier Kong

    230) By Xavier Kong

    231) By agibs121

    232) By aoshistark

    234) Aquatice

    235) By arrellar

    236) By Buddy Vox

    237) By Daniel Dimick

    238) By DespisedandBeloved

    239) By Hawattie

    240) By I Wish I Could Pony

    241) By inkpuddle

    242) By Kahrn

    243) By Karoi

    244) By KrogothThePony

    245) By lemonLimeMan

    246) By Mister-Hand

    247) By NamelessHero2222

    248) By Opo Pop opo

    249) By Powder Kicker

    250) By Present Perfect

    251) By Quicksilver-the-Pony

    252) By Rudneve

    253) By Rydel

    254) By shachza

    255) By SkeinChug

    256) By Steamchaser

    257) By TapeDiggity

    258) By TealDragon44

    259) By valaetory

    260) By wanderngbishop

    261) By WavemasterRyx

    261) By widsithgrey

    262) By WingsofFox

    263) By MidnightNya-DSkyo

    264) By Chuck-Norisss

    265) By NikkyDash

    266) By Watchit


    1. Definitely sounds fair, Phoe. You do what you need to do to make sure everything works on your end.

    2. Phoe compiled this?

      i pity you, Phoe.

    3. I envy so many of you.
      Great job and high hoofs for all!!!

      Bronies, what is your profession?

    4. Oh wow, that's a lot of pony.

      Sounds perfect Phoe. This actually gives me time to take a step back and start with comissions. So much to draw, so many pencils to get used in the process ^_^

      Good work!

    5. kinda sad im not in this one ether... oh well I know your working hard on this.

    6. There's so much art it's not even funny.

    7. 191 makes me smile. PINKIE I BROUGHT YOU SOME ORANGE SLICES

    8. For one: BUCK YEA FIRST TWENTY!!!

      For two: Phoe can has all my pity.

      For three: SO MUCH SOLDIER.

    9. Sounds like I'll get plenty of time to finish Day 2's drawing. Which is good because I decided to draw 4 ponies and a vehicle in it.

      Which now that the concept stage is over and I'm moving into the part where I actually draw the thing, I ask myself "Whyyyy did I decide to make the drawing so complicated!?"

    10. Yay, number 88 is mine! Thank you so much for all your hard work Phoe! To everypony whose work wasn't posted yet, just hang in there!

    11. I missed the first day... :( [](/lunasad)

      Day 1 resubmit! This is my chance

    12. Yay mines in this time! 76

      Awesome art guys! Keep it up!

    13. That sounds fair Phoe. I really appreciate the effort you put into this event! Good luck getting all the problems fixed.

    14. Too much art to look at in one night lol. My heart goes out to the EQD crew. Just imagine what it'll be like when there's a thousand bronies joining in someday...

    15. Poor Phoe. I feel so sad for you. Already maxed your phone's data plan for this. *hugs* :( We do really appreciate it though.

      And I agree, that is an insane number of entries so quickly. I mean... look at all these awesome images!

      I'm glad to see some Octavia's as well. Still absolutely in-love with number 249. Artist, step up so I can give you a hug too. lol <3

      Number 117 is quite adorable, awwww. That Flutternurse.

    16. Oh course Phoe that sound fairs. Best of luck fixing all those little problems that have popped up.

    17. Aghh damn I forgot to put my name I use nowadays is Cheesey Burger and not TheConsoleKing. Ah well

    18. I think I like these, well done everypony.

    19. I remember when the fandom was young and just any random person could do events like these... good times...

      Except we were surprised to even get 30 submissions instead of 700.

    20. Yay! Number 77 is mine! Glad Fleur made it in. ^^

      Can't wait to see the other entries in he re-submit. :D

    21. Hurrah, #125. I can only imagine the tedium Phoe went through to get all these up.

    22. Ow, my eyes, from looking at so much art, all of which is pretty good I think.

      23-That expression made me lol, she does NOT want to be wearing that XD

      40, 153- ARM YOURSELF... WITH KNOWLEDGE!!!

      47-Futurama, Zapp Brannigan... nothing else to say here

      52-Flight suit with a Pegasus... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!

      59-NO! not again... ok it was kinda funny

      84-I Am IRON SWEETIE!


      191-Homestar Runner reference FTW, I thought everyone forgot about that place.

      Cant wait for day two /)^3^(\

    23. Will the rest pop up sooner or later?

    24. Ah man that's so much art for just day one O.o That's not a bad thing, I'm really proud so many people joined.

      Yay, mine's in here :)! #210

      I swear Phoe, you are so nice it hurts. You're doing so much for us even when things come up. I hope things work out for you! *RD salute*

    25. Whoa that's crazy, so much interest in the mock war has me considering drawing for it too. :D

    26. I just sent mine to Phoe, hope it makes it!

    27. Ah so very glad to see my entry in, I can rest easier now. Again much thanks Phoe!

    28. It's okay Phoe...
      Whoa, so much... x_x

    29. Poor Phoe... I'm sorry you have to deal with all this :( Thank you for all of your time.

      Kinda sad I didn't make the cut this time, but the resubmit gives me hope. Onward to more art!! :D

    30. Can't comment on them all, but a few stuck out.

      Scoots in Knight Armor just looks really good, for some strange reason.

      I got a kick out of Kain pony (FFIV) and Samus pony.

      And of course, it appears even Equestrian guards have taken arrows to the knee.

    31. 2) That symbol looks familiar. Is your talent Digital 3D Modeling, Aeon?

      38) I have a strong urge to sneak up behind Dusty and shout MEDIC!

      Cardboard is popular. Just like the Kitchen Utensils.

      168) I admit I laughed. Well that's one kind of uniform! Should still be good for battle too with that helmet. I know a bat can be a good weapon.

      191) Wait, that looks like a Homestar Runner reference.

      232) Provided she didn't loose all her powerups on arrival, I think we now have this war in the bag!

      Welcome new recruits! Also don't tell Derpy I was here. I should be in training right now.

    32. Number 123) WOWOWOWowowowowooWOWOwoowowoOWWOWOOWOWowowowo that is so good. It is amazing.

    33. Aw. I think mine barely missed making the sub-gallery.

      Well, at least I submitted it to the DA group!

    34. Your poor data plan D: Thank you for everything you are doing! I hope you can get all the others up soon!
      Yay, I got in at 245.

    35. Thats a load to choose from...
      (249) this one looks awesome (and also have one of my favorite ponys)

    36. #180... manly tears were cried today.

    37. 139 here. I'll just stay in this awkward not-too-bad/not-good-enough zone. Thoroughly unnoticed.

    38. #191: You, sir, has won the internet. You definitely has. (Love Homestar Runner stuff!)

    39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    40. MINE DIDN'T GET IN!?! D:

      Oh wait, I didn't draw anything. xD

      Great art guy's even some of the okay ones have good dialogue, hahaha For rainbow dash! lol scootaloo

    41. Mrs. Benedetto, I hate to bring you this news...

    42. Those ones with Twilight in book armor are friggin adorkable.

      I can totally see her trying that.

    43. @Menti 'Twas said long ago that knowledge is power, though I will stick to my armour and royal ornaments.

    44. Mine's 129! Awesome to see I made it in there. Thanks, Phoe! Sorry again for having to add to the spam in your email...

    45. #38 So much win in this one! I can't stop laughing!

    46. I love 165! I can totally see pinkie being a drill sergeant.

    47. My Little Artist: Tablet Make A Huge Difference!

    48. Oh god, I burst out laughing at the many make-shift armor images... such funny, clever ideas. The whole batch is great fun, and I look forward to more.

      That said, I pity poor Phoe. What's been accomplished so far is nothing short of miraculous. I don't think anyone will riot if the rest of this project is held off until a more manageable time to attempt this is found.

    49. So much pony, so much talent, so much art!

    50. AWW YEAH! i got #160 in this one... right aroound the middle...

      BTW doe anyone have a rough estimate as to when the day 2 challenge will be due...

    51. Awesome! Mine's number 38! Glad to see it made it up :D

    52. #36 is mine? Me gusta.

      Some of these are absolutely astonishing. o-o

    53. Woah that's a lot of armored pony.

      I'm proud I fought against my disgust at my temporary ineptitude and submitted something (my first try was garbage), but I'm actually kinda glad that the event has been delayed, I need to figure out my new idea n stuff.

    54. #34: Wohoo! Crysis and Ponies make for a great mix
      #59: Should've seen that coming miles away
      #109: That's sleek and awesome. Shading is good too
      #153: CUTE!
      #232: As long as it's not the Other M Pony we should be good.

      A little upset I saw no master chief in here considering you have both Prophet and Samus. Oh Well.

    55. Woooo mine is in there this time (#152)!

    56. Yayyy I'm number 6. And number 162 is AWESOME

    57. I'm 14, probably should do something about that old name being used.

      Already have today's challenge finished, what system do I contribute in breaking tonight?

    58. God, if only my scanner was working and I had my good computer back from IT with photoshop...

      I liked 191. JOIN THE HOMESTARMY!

      Also liked 214, and I'm not just saying that because I know who posted it... nope... -shifty eyes-

      Hmm... if I can't help directly in the war with art, I think I might be able to help all you ponies with getting the protection you need...

      *METAL guitar music starts… get it, metal?! … er, you will when you hear the song*

      Ore my ore, smelting them together
      Blueblood's helm, melting out the earholes drip by drip,
      Making sure the metal’s not heavy
      It’s the perfect weight so he won’t trip
      Even though he’s kind of a jerk
      Holy cow I have a lot of work
      I’m welding Blueblood’s helm

      Plate by plate, now for the special ‘details’
      Gold neck line, that prissy fool is wasting all my jewels
      Won’t even wear it if it’s not sublime, even though I’m running out of time
      Can’t the girl just do it all herself? She’s capable and in perfect health
      It’s Rarity’s impractical armour

      Weapons and armour, swords for us to wield,
      Luna, nothing should harm her,
      With speed and power, (speaking) we need something for the farmers...

      Something light, perhaps much smaller,
      Spiked shoulder blades, helm like the crusades!
      Now I’m welding on her special crest,
      And the most important piece is for her chest,
      Even though she flies high in the sky,
      Rainbow probably won’t die,
      I’m welding Rainbow’s armour!

      Plate by plate, link by link
      Light chain mail, avoid chinks
      Ore by ore, lot’s at stake
      I hope this doesn’t break
      And that’s the art of the forge!
      Fun fact: I wrote this song months ago, and have about a dozen more.

      Another fun fact: Rarity is actually my favourite, I just thought the idea was lulzy.

    59. Some incredible designs! I'm loving some of the custom pony armor. There's such a broad range of talent on display here. So many styles and so much creativity... I love it!

    60. I derped when I submitted it in sideways! Aw, well, thanks for posting it, and everyone else for having such good talent.

    61. Man, I hope #213 gets colored!

      I am still amused by how many of these have nothing to do with armor or uniforms of any kind.

    62. Nice, again wish I could draw a pony but by the time I could submit what I wanted let alone something that even resembles a pony or what I had in mind it will be far past the deadline. Really like them all Great job artists. Number 38 pretty much sums up how I would feel for the first second being there after that I would, well lets just say I would be like the space core in space.

    63. oh man mine made it (103 and 104)
      haha im so aweful.

    64. #107, Rose looks so damn cute!
      Perfect characterization. :)

    65. Yay, now my nickname will be Full Metal Pie... XD

    66. @Maximum Brony

      Like maybe an hour by pencil, 4 hours and bloody knuckles from wall punchings by tablet.

      Believe me I have a tablet and hate the thing.

    67. Wow, so much awesome art! Everyone did a fantastic job.

      #34 is me, any love for Crysis 2 ponys???

    68. @Rarodar

      If by "aweful" you mean full of awe!

    69. i know phoe is under a lot of pressure right now, and i don't blame him in any way for the grievous terribleness i am experiencing.
      i would just like to state for the record that i am NOT whining, i am complaining. if you want to hear whining...

      my submissions were 206 and 207, you may notice that they are quite low on the rung which is kind of a bummer considering sent them in fairly early, but that doesn't bother me. what bothers me is that it now looks like i copied elliot maxwell's piece. i didn't, and i started on this picture literally minutes after the prompt came out, so (and i know how petty this is) i was totally first on this one i think. it is also necessary to say that i really like maxwells piece too, and think it is very adorable and i hold no ill will because my heart is too full of ponies

      ok im done complaining... wait no im not, it has my name on it but not my title. i am a knight of the round stable and deserve to be addressed as such.

      now im done. and i can say how impressed i am with everpony else's work. so much talent considering this is supposed to be "training"
      what is even better is knowing that you can have the ugliest picture posted right next to the best one, and all of us bronies will support and encourage them both equally. i love you guys. i should really stop typing now and either get back to work or get my first sleep in over 48 hours. oh wait, i have coffee...

    70. #149 is mine. Drawing is not my cutie mark. :D

    71. Awesome stuff guys, keep it up! We're going to dominate this ATG! (And drown Phoe in entries :p )

    72. I'm irritated with myself because I emailed a submission, but I forgot to add a source or name with it.

    73. omgomgomgomg
      I'm number 3. *gasp*

      Though... there is an extra e in my name. Oh well.

      Great job everyone on the drawings!

    74. @Octavia I'm glad that Octavia likes my Octavia. She sure has a fun color pallet. You can also check her out in today's drawfriend - someone submitted her there as well. And to think, I just so happened to read your blog and learn of how you established her name this very afternoon. Hello!

    75. 234, I forgot Lyra's cutie mark. LIKE A BAWSS.

    76. Tis a shame mine didn't make it up there, oh well. I was probably a little late in sending it anyway.

    77. #200 here - somepony call for a medic? There are *WAY* too many pictures for me to comment on each individual one. This list consists of things that stood out to me in some distinct way, and does not represent a full list of every picture I like.

      19, 25, 38, 63, 92, 117, 135, 161, 173, 193, 205, 257) Medic Ponies FTW! We'll keep the rest of you sorry lot on your feet long enough to win this thing.

      6) British Grenadier? Awesome =D
      21) LOL! 40 Kilofun party shells ftw!
      24) Such a pretty pony to be dressed for war =(
      38) ""Sergeant Sparkler, muffin, could you. . ." I laughed out loud at that =D
      40, 206) Oh Twilight. . . although that probably *is* the best way to use those books.
      46) Love the style =D
      65) Too cute!
      71) Trying for that "Warpony" cutie mark now AB?
      84) While Sweetie the Space Marine is ready to get a "Kicking flank" mark.
      96) And Scootaloo is going for that elusive "Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark" mark.
      100) I like the colors!
      109) Oh, man. Here's a pony who isn't messing around.
      123) That sword. MUST HAVE IT!
      126) YES! YESYESYES! Best pair of warriors ever, right here =D
      138) Nice presentation
      144) Soarin! Love his jacket.
      153) Studying right up until the last minute. Just remember that the Griffons aren't likely to follow the book.
      154) I lol'd at "Actually. . ."
      165) Luna's in it now
      182) Damn! Fluttershy pulls off a pretty convincing badass!
      209) Is Starfleet allowed to get involved in something like this?
      210) I've seen what that tail can do with just a rope. I pity anyone who gets on the wrong side of it *now*
      226) Love the colors!
      245) Close. So close.
      251) Night Guard. Nice =D

      Great job everypony! Keep up the good work =D

    78. Awww poor Phoe! Just having a skim through the pictures and they are looking awesome.

    79. This is awesome!

      an army was summoned and it came in droves!

      and yay I'm #55 =D

    80. Yay! my pic barely got into this gallery (it's the last one)! thanks for all your hard work Phoe!!! good luck getting your apartment all set up :D

    81. oh sweet celestia! i just realized. this isn't a mock war. its not even fiction. equestria daily is preparing us for actual war!

      i'm prepared though. got my pony sword ready and everything.

    82. *sigh*
      that 59
      at least it's a correct application of the joke, it might still be funny if everybody used it correctly

    83. 40) Just make sure they're all copies of War and Peace, Twilight.

    84. Okay for all the silly and serious ponies alike here's some facts to put your minds at ease:
      "getting in" is intended to have been for all of you, but Phoe clearly did not have the means, so don't be discouraged. not making it in simply meant her phone couldn't manage any more.
      Secondly and perhaps most importantly, these are not ranked by skill nor time submitted. They are in alphabetical order.
      And finally, you're all doing a wonderful job! it's so great to see so many new and/or seasoned fellow students of the pony arts turning out for this event! Love and tolerance y'all, I look forward to seeing what else we do.

    85. dangit guys. this is exactly what i was afraid of. everypony is looking at number 40. (which is adorable)
      but i did it first and i worked really hard on it.
      i'm not petty enough to say my idea was stolen because i know it wasn't. but it is kinda spirit crushing when you see a simpler version of your work get praised while yours is ignored.

    86. #193 here,

      so much awesome art, medic ponies REPRESENT!

    87. We take your staggering numbers as challenge! TO THE TRENCHES MY COMRADES! AND PREPARE MY SQUEAKY RUBBER MAUL!

    88. How on earth did I miss this new ATG? Is it okay if I join in the next round, or am I too late?

    89. A Resubmit for day 1 eh? I'm up for it again!

    90. Heh. I like the improvised armour. Seems quite a few artists had similar ideas to one I had but didn't do because I was worried about missing the deadline. Turns out I could have tried it, given I later found out that I'm 18 hours ahead of the server.

      Ah well, I'll get back to work on my Day 2 submission. Given poor Phoe's technical difficulties are postponing the deadline, I'm going to have time to make the scene look more complete.

      I suggest everyone take advantage of the extended deadline to make the best scenes they can and let's give Phoe something to look forward to when she gets the submissions system up and running again.

    91. 700 SUBMISSIONS? O_O

      you poor things ;_;

      Go with God. ^_^

    92. #186 here, and you have no idea how often my screen name is misspelt xD

    93. Quick question. I voted but never actually got the chance to comment saying "count me in" or anything, so If I make a pic of my pony ready for battle am I still in?

    94. Woot woot! I made it! #171 is mine! I'm amazed at how many entries there are... they are all great too!

    95. I just wanted to say great work everypony. This event makes me kind of nostalgic since I participated in the original ATG way back. Too bad everything didn't go as planned with the submissions though, but shit happens I guess. Onwards!

    96. Almost 700 entries? Gods, we´re crazy people. o.o
      And fast artists as it seems. XD

      When will be Day 2 submit time? I wanna show what my Firehoof does for artillery training. :D

      number 248!
      (I hate doing faces, so i drew the pony in that pose)
      the armor is based off of the war bear in Red Alert 3.
      mine sucks, ofc, but it was fun!
      anyway, what's going on with day 2?

    98. #59
      Arrow to the knee... Arrow to the knee never changes...

    99. #182 yay mine made it!

    100. I suppose day 1 was over already, or is it still going?
      I still don't understand about amount of time given for work...

    101. @Akirasip

      No idea. I found at the ATG deviant site that they already have entries for day 2 though we had no submit chance over here at EQD. :/
      And i dont own a deviant account. -_-

      But it looks like they´re still taking day 1 entries over there. They probably just won´t be shown here at the Updates of Phoe.

    102. @James Rye

      Well, thanks for reply anyway.
      Hope they will accept work, even if not for competition, then just for pure sharing.

    103. #46: Aw yeah, Final Fantasy dragoons are way cool.

      #97: Is that cutie mark supposed to mean "average pony"?

      I see people with all levels of skill entered, some that aren't newbies at all (#99, looking straight at you). Great job, everyone.

      Heh, I signed mine with my real name instead of my nickname. That's what you get when you pony at 3 A.M.

      @James Rye
      Well, the Alumni group don't really have any timer associated with those galleries, as they were unofficial anyway until Phoe mentioned them here, so they won't be closed at any point.

      I have no idea whether Phoe will actually use their contents later.

      I just hope we'll be given a heads-up before day 2 deadline is set, and not "well, you've had enough time already", since my work still needs polishing. But maybe I'm needlessly worried, this is a fun event and not a class assignment.

    104. AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW mines not on there!!!
      Meh, might as well link it here.
      this is what I entered: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/4770/futurewarrioreureka.png

    105. StyxD:

      There will be a major heads up before the Day 2 deadline is set. Once it's announced we're back on schedule, you'll have 24 hours, just as if you used this time to sit on your butt and play video games.

    106. It's cool to have extra days to draw extra large pieces, but 2 revealed assignments are rather boring.

      I'd spend current time to draw a battle scene rather than pony training. This is war daggnamit.

      So, if it is possible, maybe we can get day 3 assignment?

    107. Mine was 166 XD Apple cider juggernaute

    108. Oh my god #21 had me laughing so hard!

    109. #241 here. Looks like everyone's really been pushing themselves hard. o_o Keep it up!