• Drawfriend Stuff #325

    I don't know what started this Inkie Pie being awesome trend, but I welcome it with open arms!

    Have some art. 

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    (Saucy) Berry and Cheerilee with pigtials

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    I have been told that this is completely clean by multiple people, so I guess I'm rolling with it! I haven't seen this anime though!

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    This one actually has a story behind it:

    "Today, a friend of mine told a story about his little sister. She turned three last week. She loved ponies. Loved watching it with him, and loved looking at all of his pony pictures. She decided a while ago that she was Rarity, and he was Twilight Sparkle. And... she died last night. So, I'm trying to find people willing to put together some Twilight/Rarity pictures to help out. As a memorial."

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