• Wallpaper Compilation Megadocument

    Sigma has completed a huge upgrade on the pony wallpaper compilation document.  Included in his new update are the following new features:
    •  I split the standard and widescreen sections into new documents (I did that in the last update) because they were getting too large.
    • I changed the wallpaper galleries section so it has an image preview + details of the gallery instead of just being a list.
    • Added downloads:- Standard aspect ratio wallpapers / Widescreen aspect ratio wallpapers (sorted by character and sorted by resolution) / Mobile device wallpapers
    That brings the entire doc to a whopping 1700 wallpapers total.  I'm pretty sure that is a new record or something.

    Of course you could just use the amazing one found above, because Twilight Sparkle is cutest pony.  

    But if she just isn't your type, hit the entire thing out here!