• International Toy Fair Translation

    Over in Nuernberg, the Internation Toy Fair recently went down.  Someone named Weatherhoof managed to get an some bits of information out of one of the Hasbro representatives there.  The NDA For it recently dropped, and everything has been translated up. It doesn't have the best wording on the planet, but that is the nature of translations I suppose!

    Sadly I see no mention of Lyra, Bonbon, Trixie, Gilda, Scratch, Derpy, or any other of our favorite ponies.  Hopefully Princess Cadence surprises us with some crazy Luna tier personality.

    In fact, I think it might be aimed more toward the collectors among us in general (Aside from the obvious little girl demographic).    We just need to get bigger! Recruit more! Charge!

    And check the translation out after the break. 

    -My little Pony-

    This year small pony lovers will like: Because with amazing new playsets and surprising newcomers in the pony line-up experiencing the adventures in Equestria will be a child's play. Girls ages 3 and up will travel together with their ponies trough Equestia thanks to the Friendship Express or organize a wedding in the dreamlike beatiful Wedding Castle. And no wedding is complete without a beautiful bride. Princess Cadence will it be in her lovely wedding dress. A real wedding is not complete, if the groom is missing, and so starting in August the first colt named Shining Armour will join the ladies within the Wedding Castle. Additional growth ofthe pony-family will come with the Flower Girl Ponies and the Glimmer Wing Ponies, so that 2012 the pony fun will never end.

    -My little Pony: Friendship Express-

    Synopsis: In the motorized locomotive is enough space for one little pony and the cyan trailer is big enough for her luggage. Thanks to the composable tracks every engine driver in-law can set their routes to whereever they want to go. Moreover every track can be decorate with stickers.

    Avaiable: January 2012
    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: €29.99

    -My little Pony: Wedding Castle-

    Synopsis: Every Princess' dream will come true: With the brand-new My Little Pony Wedding Castle every little pony friend can plan the loveliest Dream Weddings. Thanks to various glamourous accessoirs every feast will be unique and there is nothing left, which could stop a successful wedding. Joining the crowd is the bride Princess Cadence and her groom Shining Armour.

    Avaiable: August 2012
    Ages: 3 and up
    Price: €44.99

    -My litte Pony: Princess Cadence-

    Synopsis: Princess Cadence just looks fabulous in her wedding dress. Authentically she is the star at every wedding. Her long mane can be brushes and designed with the additional accessoirs and the flap of her wings will be acompanied by magicial sound effects.

    Avaiable: August 2012
    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: €24.99

    -My little Pony: Flower Girls-

    Synopsis: The small ponies will make the pony marriage between Princess Cadence and Shining Armour perfect. With their lovely dresses and dozens of wedding accessoires they are prepared for the major event.

    Avaiable: August 2012
    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: €14.99

    -My little Pony: Glimmer Wing Ponies-

    Synopsis: With their beautiful sparkling wings these ponies will be an eye-cather for everyone. Every pony is also acompanied by one friend.

    Avaiable: January 2012
    Ages: 4 and up
    Price: €9.99

    Thanks again to Weatherhoof!

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