• Nightly Roundup #233


    I might actually pick up the second Final Fantasy 13.  Still deciding on it though!

    Have some news while I go search for crazy discounts.

    Ponies Invade NPR Again!

    It is based mainly around the misnaming in the newspaper. It's a small reference, but that's what the roundup is for!

    New Episode of Bronies on Saturday Radio

    Find it here!

    Wallpaper Compilation Document Updated

    err woops, its going up tomorrow! Forgot to delete this.

    Epic Pie Time Voice Actor Commissioning Her Voice!

    Do you OBSESS over Epic Pie time? Is that Pinkie Pie voice the greatest thing ever? Well, she is commissioning her voice for things! Have some copy paste:
    Every think about how totally awesome it'd be to have a customized MLP ringtone, voicemail or text tone? Maybe send that a friend the best gift ever on their birthday (or the upcoming Valentines Day) of a custom pony greeting? Look no further! Bree Faith of Epic Cupcake Time fame  is offering pony voice commissions at negotiable rates as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and other ponies on a request basis. Help her pay off her college books and get a one of a kind audio file! For an additional fee Pinkie style singing telegrams are available for the Valentines day season. Act fast!

    Contact her at www.youtube.com/users/breefaithva

    My Little Pony Abridged Seeking More Editors

    The video explains it better than I ever could! check it out below.

    Brohoof Podcast: Special Guest Mic the Microphone

    Mic the Microphone popped up on the Brohoof podcast recently.  You probably all know him from his rap, as well as the livestreams we regularly host.

    Check it out here!
    Or on iTunes

    Saturday With BronyBros

    Check out their new episode here!

    Successful Meetups

    Toronto Bronies Meet-Up 

    They didn't give me a writeup or anything.  Check out their facebook page here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Maplestory Guild

    Guild name: Equestria

    Guild is in Broa. Currently only has two members, seeking new ones. All classes and levels are allowed. Ask PhoenixApple or Painwheel to join the guild.

    Update: The new leader is ValkenApple and the Jr. Leader is XoRarityoX. Also, the guild has more members.

    Gainesville Facebook Group


    Age Requirement: 16+


    Merch/Ebay Stuff


    1. We seem to be slowing down on these... like just less stuff to put in it... But hey, that just might be me...

    2. I fully expect the London meetup to be on tomorrow's roundup. Someone's got to do a writeup - we had 70+ people there!

    3. Kind of a short one tonight. There's just no stopping the spread of ponies, is there. The only thing really jumping out at me is Ms. Faith accepting commissions. Considering the fantastic work she did on Epic Cupcake & Pie time, I'm sue whatever she turns out is gonna be top notch.

      So tired. But I don't wanna go to sl...zzzzzzzzz

    4. zzzz...*I'm sure whatever...*...zzz...

    5. FFXIII-2 is actually worth buying. You should buy it

    6. The link to Bree is broken. Might need to be captalized. her is the link. http://www.youtube.com/user/BreeFaithVA

    7. Your enjoyment of XIII-2 is probably going to be based on how much you enjoyed XIII, Seth. From a pure gameplay standpoint, it's much better - the revised encounter system let's you begin battles with Haste and a preemptive strike, which predictably puts grinding on fast forward, the map design is a lot more broad and there's a good degree more room to breathe with the Crystarium. That said, if you weren't fond of the characters or the setting of XIII, it's probably not worth it. I'd at least give it a rent, in any case.

    8. So...in Pony merch news, I found out today that they have the blind bags at my local Toys R Us. And here I thought those were just an urban legend.

    9. Also forgot the Wallpaper comp link. Lol sorry! I know its hard to post these! Good job guys!

    10. Is the wallpaper compilation update notice ok? I think something's missing there, or it may just be me Idk :P

    11. Oh, while I'm here, I might as well mention the fact that those FiM cookies in Australia can also be found in IGA stores.

      (The stickers are awesome.)

    12. This marks the fourth (yes, fourth) MLP:FIM reference on "Wait... Wait..."

      Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell are practically honorary bronies by this point.

    13. @Haze

      It's fine. I think Sethisto (or whomever I was speaking to) is saving it for tomorrow.

    14. I forgot about FF, was hyped for Syndicate.

    15. I was hoping for a follow-up to this:


      Quote: "I'll toss the rest of the information in the roundup tonight."

      Just Saiyen.

    16. Fluttershy would not sue. Fluttershy would instead say...

      "Um... I think, you're probably talking about Twilight, she's the smart one here... and, well.. maybe you could mention that? I mean, so people don't think I was smarter than I am? Because I don't want people to think I'm somepony I'm not...

      "If that's all right with you, that is?"

      And then the New York Times would make the correction a first page Banner Type: "WE BUCKED UP."

    17. FFXIII-2 is actually good! Very worth buying.

    18. My Litigious Pony, lmao. I wanna see that make a short run as a show. xD

      Guessing there should probably be a link to the updated Wallpaper Compilation Document. Might want to fix that when you get the chance, Seth. ;)

      Bree is allowing people to commission her for Pinkie vocal pieces? Well, that certainly... interesting. lol First time I think I've seen that in the community. But hey, if it helps pay for college stuffs. If you're good at it, might as well try and turn a little profit from it too.

      Wow, no merch tonight, huh? Well, dang.

    19. Definitely pick up XIII-2 if you played the first one. Currently on the final boss.

    20. How much is Bree charging for her voice? I didn't see anything on her channel about commissions.

    21. The girl in the photo has the same Fluttershy bag as me. (: That's the first time I've seen someone else with it, it's good to know it's liked, it's an awesome bag! Sometimes I can regret not getting a Dashie one though...

    22. My Litigious Pony: Lawsuits Are Magic
      Fluttershy v. New York Times on one count of defamation.

    23. @Ned

      I'll bet you thought that post was a first.

    24. Ponies on NPR... now if only it was a little more than being a crazy trivia question set up to surprise people/make fun of newspapers.

      Is XIII-2 really that short, or did you play fairly hard over the week?

      Been considering it myself but have reservations due to how X-2 came out, and how overly linear XIII felt for most of the game. And it being very short would make me more inclined to pick it up.

    25. I'm up for a Roundup!!!! <3

    26. Voice acting commissions? That's a new one, but it does make all sorts of sense.

    27. Buy regular ff13 instead. Longer and cheaper. Then you can go on from there.

    28. @Iasius I was wondering when someone was gonna bring them up. Theyve been at my work for months now and I stll havnt done anything about it. Need to get onto that.

    29. ...what the heck is AJ doing in that picture? It looks like she's using a water squirter to spray maple syrup on flying pancakes while riding Scootaloo.

    30. My Litigious Pony, I can see it now.

      Applejack: Now I may be a simple country lawyer, but as the element of honesty, I know when a pony is in violation of article 2, subsection 4 of a Pinkie Pie Promise.

    31. My Litigious Pony, My Litigious Pony,
      (Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh)
      My Litigious Pony!
      I used to wonder what lawsuits could be
      My Litigious Pony!
      Until you gave your money to me!
      Go to law school
      Pass the bar!
      Join a law firm
      And you'll go far!
      Winning cases
      Is no easy feat
      But clients make it
      All complete!
      My Litigious Pony!
      I'm just another legal

    32. @ AchingScapoid
      Congrats on winning the internet :P

      My Litigious Pony!
      Yep. There's gonna be fanfic's of that.

      Oh wait there already is. All of the MLP/Ace Attorney crossovers (not litigious, but attorney nontheless).

    33. Is that Applejack riding a Chocobo through Pancake Land with a Maple Syrup gun I see?

    34. @Hawklaser It is about half the length of XIII so around 25 hours of in game time for me. If you are concerned about linearity, there is much exploring to do with objectives taking you to different areas instead of the usual go forward.

    35. @Altercation

      Agreed. I loved the story of 13 but the gameplay left a lot to be desired. However, a lot of people (for some reason that escapes me) also hated the story. Weird.

      But yeah, you should totally get it.

    36. Screw you guys. I've got the damn chocobo theme song stuck in my head.

    37. Dang, The Brohoof is becoming HUGE! I'm going to need to start appearing on there again.

    38. So I'm guessing we're not mentioning shed.mov here.

    39. I love Wait Wait. It's the other show I get up for before noon on Saturday. I was considering sending in the NPR clip when I first heard it, but apparently someone beat me to it. Nevertheless, I shall await the fanfic eagerly.

    40. @AchingScaphoid

      You have won all the internets. Congratulations.

    41. Fluttershy sue well I would never in a thousand years think she would

    42. Miss Faith is a very impressive Pinkie Pie. I'm glad she'll be voicing her in My Little Investigation. Also, I happened to spot a Fighting is Magic audition on her account, so here's to hoping it'll be accepted.

    43. Wow, something I uploaded got featured.

    44. Toronto Brony meetup? Finally?
      All right. They're legit now.
      I don't have to go screaming from the rooftops any more now that the hub of the Greater Toronto Area finally got in a nightly roundup, even if they broke protocol.

      Now I have a merger to arrange. Excuse me.

    45. You know, it's actually a bit funny, NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me was how I originally heard about ponies. When they did that negatively slanted section about unexpected fanbases I thought it was hysterical that any guys could actually admit to something so stupid sounding, so I checked online. I then read the entire KYM page, and the rest is history...

      Funny how somewhat negative media attention can lead to positive reactions.

    46. Ponies aside, I too would recommend XIII-2 to those who either enjoyed XIII or just felt it was a little lacking. There are a lot of nice new features, notably in the Crystarium and party management, and the combat is pretty much the same, but with a few much-needed fine-tunings. I'm having a little trouble following the story, as a lot of it seems to be explained through convenient time paradoxes, but it's still enjoyable; there are plenty of good moments, both humorous and intense, to keep it entertaining.

    47. I was soooo hopong that meant gainesville georgia

    48. If you're lookin' for mech, I submitted these too late for the roundup XD

      ^Plushie SET of the Mane Six

      ^Derpy Plush

    49. Seth, I'm 22 hours into FF XIII-2, and so far, XIII was better in almost every way. It has a few gimmicky things like a casino, the option to progress to areas out of order (and get wrecked by the enemies there), capture monsters to use as party members, etc so if you're a shallow gamer and that sounds like an improvement, have at it.
      It's still a great game, it's just a little dumbed down from XIII is all.