• Nightly Roundup #233


    I might actually pick up the second Final Fantasy 13.  Still deciding on it though!

    Have some news while I go search for crazy discounts.

    Ponies Invade NPR Again!

    It is based mainly around the misnaming in the newspaper. It's a small reference, but that's what the roundup is for!

    New Episode of Bronies on Saturday Radio

    Find it here!

    Wallpaper Compilation Document Updated

    err woops, its going up tomorrow! Forgot to delete this.

    Epic Pie Time Voice Actor Commissioning Her Voice!

    Do you OBSESS over Epic Pie time? Is that Pinkie Pie voice the greatest thing ever? Well, she is commissioning her voice for things! Have some copy paste:
    Every think about how totally awesome it'd be to have a customized MLP ringtone, voicemail or text tone? Maybe send that a friend the best gift ever on their birthday (or the upcoming Valentines Day) of a custom pony greeting? Look no further! Bree Faith of Epic Cupcake Time fame  is offering pony voice commissions at negotiable rates as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and other ponies on a request basis. Help her pay off her college books and get a one of a kind audio file! For an additional fee Pinkie style singing telegrams are available for the Valentines day season. Act fast!

    Contact her at www.youtube.com/users/breefaithva

    My Little Pony Abridged Seeking More Editors

    The video explains it better than I ever could! check it out below.

    Brohoof Podcast: Special Guest Mic the Microphone

    Mic the Microphone popped up on the Brohoof podcast recently.  You probably all know him from his rap, as well as the livestreams we regularly host.

    Check it out here!
    Or on iTunes

    Saturday With BronyBros

    Check out their new episode here!

    Successful Meetups

    Toronto Bronies Meet-Up 

    They didn't give me a writeup or anything.  Check out their facebook page here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Maplestory Guild

    Guild name: Equestria

    Guild is in Broa. Currently only has two members, seeking new ones. All classes and levels are allowed. Ask PhoenixApple or Painwheel to join the guild.

    Update: The new leader is ValkenApple and the Jr. Leader is XoRarityoX. Also, the guild has more members.

    Gainesville Facebook Group


    Age Requirement: 16+


    Merch/Ebay Stuff