• Story Updates February 5th (Morning)

    I think pony fanfiction is about to break some sort of word creation barrier.  We had seventeen new stories submitted today. 

    Good thing story updates slide right on through! Have some after the break.

    Story: Human (Update Part 8!)

    [Adventure][Comedy][Light Grimdark][Sad]

    Author: DannyJ
    Description: A thousand years ago, when the royal sisters were at the height of their power and the Elements of Harmony were still alive, two legendary beings emerged to take their place among them, and though through trial and hardship the ponies eventually defeated these two so called 'Humans' that they had named the First and the Second, to this day nopony knows who they were, where they came from, and what their motivation was.

    Flash forward to the present day. The First is long dead and the Second is now a decoration in Celestia's sculpture garden. The land has been at peace for years, but now things are stirring again. A break in at the royal archives results in the theft of the ancient Reaper's Horn, an entity is released which seeks out the surviving human, a young colt learns of the legends of humanity and becomes enraptured with them, and a brotherhood of thirteen ponies of varying ages and backgrounds all come together with the sole intention of releasing the human of legend from his stone prison. And all throughout, one of the few surviving ponies who was there when this first began is left to ask herself, "Just what were they anyway?"

    Story: Frigid Winds and Burning Hearts (Update Part 11!)

    [Normal] Prince Blueblood slipped up again! Apparently it's pretty awesome too, since it hit 6 stars.

    Author: Grey Prophet
    Description: A heated confrontation with Celestia over her portrayal as Nightmare Moon and her sister's authoritarianism leads Luna to search for answers about the past, unwittingly tangling Twilight and her friends into a cosmic struggle between order and chaos that ultimately inspires only more questions. Set one year after the first two episodes.
    Frigid Winds and Burning Hearts

    Story: Tales of the Winter Magic Academy (Update Part 23!)

    [Adventure][Slice of Life]

    Author: Storytayler
    Description: Twilight and eight fellow unicorns from Ponyville enroll at Princess Luna's revived school for advanced magic studies. Best known as the Winter Magic Academy, the establishment is located on an ancient island of mysterious history since Luna's banishment over 1000 years ago. While the ponies think they're in for simply a semester of intensive magic studies, they will encounter much more than they initially expect through personal struggles and mysterious misadventures.
    Tales of the Winter Magic Academy

    Story: Canterlot Follies (Update Part 8!)

    [Comedy] [Crossover] - Crossovers with Jeeves and Wooster

    Author: Lady Moondancer
    Description: Frivolous and none too bright Birdsong finds himself saddled with two nigh-impossible missions: to steal a rare artifact right out of the Royal Museum and to bolster the flagging reputation of his cousin, Prince Blueblood, in the wake of “the Gala incident.” With the help of his brainy valet, young Birdy just might succeed . . . but can he trust the opinions of a coltservant who scorns his taste in silverware?
    Canterlot Follies

    Story: Social Standards (Update Part 6!)

    [M/MShipping] [Sad] Due to the nature of this ship, you should probably expect a lower star rating than is actually real. Please ignore it!

    Author: RadaVonVon
    Description: Braeburn Apple has always been raised in a conservative household, as a member of the Apple family.
    Throughout his life, he's been taught what's 'wrong' and what's 'right', who he was allowed to love, and who he wasn't. Above all, he was told what to be, and how to be it.
    When he meets a certain blue Pegasus stallion buying a pie at Sweet Apple Acres while he just so happens to be staying there, he discovers feelings he never knew he had.
    Unfortunately, they happen to be the same ones he was always taught to suppress.
    Can Soarin convince him that it's not wrong to be in love, and that, sometimes, in order to be happy, you need to break out of your comfort zone?
    A story about discovering who you are, and being that person, no matter what others tell you to be.
    Social Standards


    1. I'll bet some of those new updates are Daring Do fanfiction.

    2. how was this posted at 4:47am when its not even 4 am yet. WIZARDS!!! (shush timezones, let me have my fun)

    3. Egghead Dash:
      Here we go. Phase three.

    4. 17 new stories? Gosh. Let's brace for the impact.

    5. Has any one besides me watched SHED.MOV yet. It's out

    6. Holy shit shed.mov is out

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    7. Did they stop writing Allegrezza? it's been months since the last update

    8. @Dannyboy

      CoffeeGrunt has other stories he's working on besides Allegrezza. Just be patient.

    9. @Dannyboy

      It is probably going to be a big update. Patience is key.

    10. @Dannyboy IIRC, he said the next chapter of Alegrezza will be the final, so I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. ;)

    11. tried reading social standards... didn't like it... now i kinda regret reading it.






    13. Both M/M and F/F shipping are terrible. Nopony should indulge in them.

    14. @Saylisk

      agreed. They have a low star rating for a reason. If it has a low star rating, then that means someponies don't like it. Their opinion shouldn't just be blown off because they don't agree with some of the die hard mm and ff shippers.

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    16. How can you say all homosexual shipping is bad??? In fact the only fics I have read that I would give 6 stars were gay shipping. Stop complaining and read the story for what it is.

    17. Shipping isn't my cup of tea, but even I think giving something a down-vote just because it has shipping is a dick move. If you actually read it and didn't like it, go ahead and down-vote it. If you just looked at the tags and down-voted it because you saw it had a Shipping tag, you're just being a jerk.