• Comic: Presented by Ponies - Shutter Island / Flyby

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    I actually though Shutter Island was supposed to be a ghost movie when I first saw it.  Still pretty neat though!

    And Fluttershy being badass below, as always. 

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  • Comic: Garden Party / Pinkie and the Fifth Zone

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    Applejack throws the lamest parties, but so does Rarity. 

    That's what Pinkie Pie is for!
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  • Flash: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Christmas

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    This is actually based around the Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie blog that SpeccySY runs, but it's so well done... it must go up!

    Click the image above to watch it! 
  • Story: A Hipster Trixie Tale



    Author: Doctor Dapples
    Description: The Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself hopelessly frustrated by the uncultured swine of Ponyville.
    A Hipster Trixie Tale

    Additional Tags: Short, Pretentious, Ironic, Culture, Frappucino
  • Ponibooru Dance Party


    It's time to DANCE

    (After the break)

  • Plushie Compilation #29

    Wow, this Discord is just... awesome.  You guys always impress me with these things!

    Have some plushies.

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  • More Welovefine Stuff + Pixelkitties Shirts!

    Guys, I have a confession to make.... I really like hipster Trixie.  I want fanfics, youtube videos, music, and a full animation project STAT.

    While we wait, Welovefine threw a bunch of new designs up, as well as a whole slew of new sweaters for the cold winter months to come. 

    And with the huge success of YOUR FACE (It's already in the top 3!), it looks like they picked up Pixelkitties to create a few more shirts for them. 

    The EQD Code on the side bar should work again.  I guess we capped it or something for a while.  You can also click it to hit the most recent pony shirts.

    I tossed a few after the break though for the lazy people out there!

  • December Draw Off Week One!

    Hello everyone, Calpain here again! A week has already passed since the start of the Draw-Off and I can't be more pleased with the results. Many have already entered and three weeks still remain! I'm amazed at all of your sheer creative energy and I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead. So far we've had 69 entries total with more arriving each day so keep them coming and flood my inbox! For those just noticing the event and want to know what it is all about check out the December Draw-Off Event link at the top of the blog. Any entries or questions can be e-mailed to me at calpaina@gmail.com.

    To introduce our compilation this week we have a video from the talented JonFawkes who brings us this Hub quality commercial advertising the Draw-Off. Thanks much, Jon, I really appreciate the work you and your voice actress put in. Bang up job!

    You can check out his video and the entries after the break.

  • Marathons Tonight!

    It's pre-episode day, meaning marathons and stuff are planned for tonight!

    Up above, we have Bronystate, complete with wet mane Luna. 

    And below we have Filly starting at 6:30 CST with all it's overflow channels.  Charge!

  • Christmas Carol Visual Novel Recruitment

    A Christmas Carol Visual novel project is currently under way, but the fact that it has been a completely solo project up until now is making it difficult for the artist to finish.  With finals coming up, and the actual holiday just a few weeks away, he is calling out for some assistance. 

    The bulk of the work (Sprites/Story/Background images) is complete, just a few simple things are required to finish it off. If you fall into any of the following rolls:
    • Female Voice Singers (Rarity / Trixie)
    • Proof Readers
    • Music Arrangers (Though the music sounds pretty awesome already!) 
    • Cutaway Scene artist
    • Animator for the credits
    Hit him up on the Deviant Art page.  

    I tossed the most recent preview after the break, if you want an idea of what the project entails.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #270

    Rarity controls ALL THE GEMS.  Can't stop this!

    Source 1
  • Naughty and Nice Final Round!

    The final round of the Naughty and Nice contest is currently under way, and so far, Discord and Pinkie Pie are completely dominating. I guess it was inevitable though! I kind of feel bad for Optimus.  If they chose say... Applejack instead of Pinkie Pie, I might give him a shot, but Pinkie can't lose!

    Hit up the link here to vote!
  • Portal 2 Ending Ponified

    Portal 2 and ponies... It it even possible to create an even more epic combo?  It's a shame Portal doesn't have weekly episodes to keep it alive.  I'd play the crap out of it!

    This is a ponification of the ending, rebuilt from the ground up with completely custom 3d models.  Very impressive if you ask me!

    Hit it up after the break.


  • Custom Pony Compilation #34

    I'm amazed that someone actually turned this into a custom! I'm also amazed that it's amazing!

    Have some more amazing things to amaze you.

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  • Music: Mogul Dash - Voyage of Pirate Pip / Princess Addictia - Winter Wrap Up

    I think this is the first pip song we have received!  I guess only having like 10 lines will do that to a pony.

    And we also have a really awesome Winter Wrap Up remix this time around.  Check them out below! 

    1.) Mogul Dash - Voyage of Pirate Pip
    2.) Princess Addictia - Winter Wrap Up

  • Story: My Gift


    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: Luna's mental breakdown before trying to bring forth eternal night, as told from her point of view.
    My Gift

    Additional Tags: Madness, Arrogance, Equality
  • Comic: She Knows What She's Doing / Trade Accessories

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    I really like this master/apprentice relationship Veggie has built for grown up Scootaloo and Dash.  I also like Derpy.

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  • Story: A Princess Carol


    Author: John Perry
    Description: It is a well-known fact that no one gets through the holiday season without seeing at least half a dozen parodies of the classic Charles Dickens tale A Christmas Carol (and that's assuming you don't read the original story). This is one more of those parodies. 'Tis a tale of Hearth's Warming past, present and future! A tale which makes a fair amount of assumptions about this holiday which are sure to be demolished by the canon story we'll get in the actual Hearth's Warming episode. Thou hast been warned.
    A Princess Carol

    Additional Tags: Because it's the holidays, duh!
  • Story Updates December 9th (Morning)

    I can't hold all this fanfiction.

    Actually there are only four here.  You should see the story review folder though! It's absolute madness!

    The pre-readers tossed this omnibus thing together, highlighting stuff they tend to look out for when accepting a story, and giving information on how to fix it.  You guys should totally read it!

    Anyway, have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #181

    I have a huge pile of games from all these Steam sales/Black Friday deals, and all I want to play is the one game I didn't get.  Why do you have to require Wii Motion Plus Zelda?

    Have some news!

  • Applejack