• Nightly Roundup #181

    I have a huge pile of games from all these Steam sales/Black Friday deals, and all I want to play is the one game I didn't get.  Why do you have to require Wii Motion Plus Zelda?

    Have some news!

    Final Day to Vote For Humble Brony Bundle Winners

    Just in case you guys didn't notice the headline up top, the Humble Brony Bundle is in it's final voting day.  Go hit it up and decide the winners!

    GlaDOS pony Insults in New Defense Grid Expansion

    For those of you out there with Defense Grid, the new GlaDOS DLC has all sorts of pony insults included in the mix. Check them all out here!

    Ponies Invade Xonotic

    For some reason ponies covered in blood just doesn't sit well with me. It's still pretty impressive though!

    My Little Campaign

    The Saga of Ponies for an engineering school board is ending soon, some of the highlights include:

    Highlights of the campaign include :
    - Pony party thrown for 200 adults
    - Pony-based progaganda created and presented to non-bronies
    - How to fail being sponsored by hasbro
    - Non-stop sweets and free hugs delivery service for a whole weekend
    - Sillyness and ramblings from the team.

    Check out the entire thing here!

    Another Survey for School!


    The Salt Block Podcast

    Yep! Another podcast is trying to reach some fans. Check it out here!

    Dude Walks Around and Asks People What Pony They Want To Ride

    Uhhh yep! Should have used color!

    Know Your Meme Includes Ponies in Best Memes of 2011

    Considering it literally took over their site, this isn't exactly surprising!

    Twilight Sparkle Pops Up in Sydney Coupon Magazine

    Past Sins: Printed Edition

    I never did finish this one, but that's a really impressive print! It's amazing to see how fanfiction is filling up full sized chapter books.

    Full gallery here!

    Or the source here!

    Rowdy Rough Brony Podcast New Episode


    Team Liquid My Little Pony Mare-A-Thon Part 2

    The Team Liquid brony group is hosting an event on Satuday at 9:00 AM MST, complete with givaeways, trivia, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Check out the links below:

    Official thread:
    Live Stream:

    Past Sins MST Project Round Two! 

    All information can be found in the document! Go Have fun.

    Ponycast Podcast

    I think this is the most podcast filled roundup ever. Have another!

    School Pony Club

    Not even school clubs are safe from the ARMADA! These guys currently attend Colorado's Cheery Creek High School. Wish mine had cool clubs back in the day.

    Minecraft Gametrailers Review Drops Pony Mod

    Over on Gametrailers, they recently did a review of Minecraft.  At around 2:45 they talk about modding the game, and out of the two they show off, pony is one of them.  I really need to pick that one up!

    Check it out here.

    Pinkie Pie and Rarity Sing Becoming Popular

    Hmm... but who is the better singer? I like them both!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Melbourne Australia Meetup


    WoW Guild

    Realm: Tichondrius - US
    Faction: Alliance
    whisper Rainbowdash or pretty much anyone in the guild
    New Roleplay Forum! 

    Copy Paste: "A FIM Roleplay Forum, just opened, seeking new members, canon and original, staff slots are open as well."


    Latin Brony Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Commissions to Pay for Sugery!
    Pipsqueak Plush

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