• Nightly Roundup #181

    I have a huge pile of games from all these Steam sales/Black Friday deals, and all I want to play is the one game I didn't get.  Why do you have to require Wii Motion Plus Zelda?

    Have some news!

    Final Day to Vote For Humble Brony Bundle Winners

    Just in case you guys didn't notice the headline up top, the Humble Brony Bundle is in it's final voting day.  Go hit it up and decide the winners!

    GlaDOS pony Insults in New Defense Grid Expansion

    For those of you out there with Defense Grid, the new GlaDOS DLC has all sorts of pony insults included in the mix. Check them all out here!

    Ponies Invade Xonotic

    For some reason ponies covered in blood just doesn't sit well with me. It's still pretty impressive though!

    My Little Campaign

    The Saga of Ponies for an engineering school board is ending soon, some of the highlights include:

    Highlights of the campaign include :
    - Pony party thrown for 200 adults
    - Pony-based progaganda created and presented to non-bronies
    - How to fail being sponsored by hasbro
    - Non-stop sweets and free hugs delivery service for a whole weekend
    - Sillyness and ramblings from the team.

    Check out the entire thing here!

    Another Survey for School!


    The Salt Block Podcast

    Yep! Another podcast is trying to reach some fans. Check it out here!

    Dude Walks Around and Asks People What Pony They Want To Ride

    Uhhh yep! Should have used color!

    Know Your Meme Includes Ponies in Best Memes of 2011

    Considering it literally took over their site, this isn't exactly surprising!

    Twilight Sparkle Pops Up in Sydney Coupon Magazine

    Past Sins: Printed Edition

    I never did finish this one, but that's a really impressive print! It's amazing to see how fanfiction is filling up full sized chapter books.

    Full gallery here!

    Or the source here!

    Rowdy Rough Brony Podcast New Episode


    Team Liquid My Little Pony Mare-A-Thon Part 2

    The Team Liquid brony group is hosting an event on Satuday at 9:00 AM MST, complete with givaeways, trivia, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Check out the links below:

    Official thread:
    Live Stream:

    Past Sins MST Project Round Two! 

    All information can be found in the document! Go Have fun.

    Ponycast Podcast

    I think this is the most podcast filled roundup ever. Have another!

    School Pony Club

    Not even school clubs are safe from the ARMADA! These guys currently attend Colorado's Cheery Creek High School. Wish mine had cool clubs back in the day.

    Minecraft Gametrailers Review Drops Pony Mod

    Over on Gametrailers, they recently did a review of Minecraft.  At around 2:45 they talk about modding the game, and out of the two they show off, pony is one of them.  I really need to pick that one up!

    Check it out here.

    Pinkie Pie and Rarity Sing Becoming Popular

    Hmm... but who is the better singer? I like them both!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Melbourne Australia Meetup


    WoW Guild

    Realm: Tichondrius - US
    Faction: Alliance
    whisper Rainbowdash or pretty much anyone in the guild
    New Roleplay Forum! 

    Copy Paste: "A FIM Roleplay Forum, just opened, seeking new members, canon and original, staff slots are open as well."


    Latin Brony Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Commissions to Pay for Sugery!
    Pipsqueak Plush


    1. I'm loving that GLaDOS soundclip.

    2. Excuse me, I need to go shout praise in the streets for that becoming popular version.

    3. The Legend of Seth: Skyrim Sword

      I dunno about blood covered ponies either DX

      +5 internets to Matt(?) for going around and asking people like that :D

      Past Sins sure is popular, wow.......

      Printed, book version of Past Sins? I can't wait for a Fallout Equestria book. How big do you bronies think it'll be?

    4. Best memes? Not bad at all, seeing as a lot of our stuff is referential to ourselves.

      And a Past Sins print book? Not bad, but it's one of those things that can split a community. I should probably get around to reading it, but that synopsis puts me off a bit.

      Has anyone done something similar to Progress? That was a good story. It made me want to try spiced oats.

    5. I'd keep off the Wii and PS3 if I were you, Nintendo and Sony support SOPA http://theoriesofconspiracy.com/2011/11/list-of-major-companies-supporting-sopa.htm (but apperntly Sega and MS do not...)

    6. That past sin's book looks awesome! also yay! thanks for linking to my Commissions page! ;~; Picked Max up today. 3 teeth had to be pulled

    7. Because the motion plus makes it AMAZING. Should have picked up the bundle with the wiimote because the wiimote is gorgeous.

    8. Looping that Pinkie Pie x Rarity song. Definitely a keeper.

    9. Will they be publishing the Past Sins book?

    10. I'm holding out for the printed version of Fallout: Equestria. That thing will come in fucking tomes!

    11. That book... Want overwhelming!

    12. Hey! Does that guy in the school club photo (back row, second from right) have a SpaceChem T-shirt? I NEED IT!

    13. Dat Past Sins hardcover. I am officially jelly.

    14. Somepony published/whatever "Past Sins"?


      I'll only read that if they remove 80% of the usage of "offered". Some things simply ruin a story for me, and that's it for me. I took to yelling out my frustrations every time I came across that word when I was reading it

    15. It seems that somepony has enchanted that book with a Want It Need It spell. Works every time...

      Didn't we ban their use after the Miss Smarty Pants Incident?

    16. GLaDOS came *so* close to a specific MLP reference, If only she'd said "we could be friends, wouldn't that be Magical?" or "Ponies have (...) some even have horns or wings" While it's obviously a nod to us, it's entirely possible to miss it being MLP related...

      Love the "Past Sins" book (gotta remember to read that FF) though I'm waiting to see if legal action is taken seeing that it *could* be viewed as stepping on the toes of official MLP:FiM Books (though I think hasbro is too smart to risk pissing off the bronies with it over 1 book)

      And why no love for Horde Bronies? I need a Horde Pony Guild! -_-*

    17. Gotta say, that is the nicest print of Past Sins i've seen. But I'm not usually one to read a story/book multiple times to justify getting something like that done.

      And wow, a school pony club made up mostly of girls? Color me surprised xD But that one guy is wearing the "Dumb Fabric" shirt I want. But, I did order the "Your Face" shirt yesterday since it's awesome and I have to have that one first......can't wait!

      Ugh, can't decide if I like Rarity or Pinkie as a better singer. Rarity is more elegant while Pinkie is just bubbly and silly, which makes me smile. All I know is that when both of them sing together, the difference in pitch makes it sound like an angry demonic beast o.O

    18. As an avid reader, and fan of Past Sins, that book it fantastic. That story was in my top three things I have ever read, and that is really saying something.

    19. Sounds like there are still a few here who need to read 'Past Sins'. That's entirely forgivable, given its somewhat-daunting length, but I can honestly say it's among the best things I've ever read, pony related or otherwise. Take that for whatever it's worth, but I want that on my shelf. Make it happen!

      And yes, Steam sales are a dangerous thing indeed.

    20. Took the survey. Always glad to help!

    21. Glados in that TD game actually kind of makes me wonder if some one put her in SC2...

    22. As an avid reader, and fan of Past Sins, that book it fantastic. That story was in my top three things I have ever read, and that is really saying something.

    23. I was really going to buy skyward sword, but that extra 25$ for wii motion plus pushed it to one of my "eventually buy" games.
      That list is getting far to large.

    24. >Past Sins book.

      I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

      seriously what a goddamn waste of trees.

      also Seth, save some money and get a motion plus and Zelda as soon as possible, Skyward Sword is an amazing game.

    25. I´m the one who made the print of the Book,
      here is the image of the Book on my deviantart page, feel free to ask/comment/fav there if you like :D


    26. @Qazarar

      your right it does say something.

      you have ether A. not read many good things, B. have terrible taste in literature, or C. have no idea what makes a story good (ESPECIALLY something like a fan fic which is based on a pre-established universe)

    27. @dw1482

      screw all those other games, get Skyward Sword.

      I don't care what games are on your list, Skyward Sword will be better then all of them.

    28. I. Want. That. Past Sins. Book.

    29. @DeeperMadness

      your reservations are justified.

      Past Sins is just about one of the most overrated things around.

    30. No one notice the Past Sins MSTing? Yet some of you complain about the story.

    31. @Mojo *facehoof* this again...

      I'm sensing a "Screw your opinion because mine is better" mindset here.

      It still escapes me as to why one fan fic can cause such a stir when it's not even abusive, grim dark, etc.. it's just...popular. If you didn't like it, then what gives you, or anyone else, the right to belittle those who do? And if you never read it, then you shouldn't judge in the first place.

    32. @SgtGarand

      It's fun.

      no that's literally it, I did read Past Sins, I do personally think Past Sins was a bad story with a stupid concept, but really my personal dislike isn't all that great. And despite some things iv said I harbor no personal ill will toward ether Pen Stroke or Batty Gloom.

      however sometimes hating things and screwing around with people can be loads of fun and laughs.

      o and the whole popular thing is infact one of the main factors, not so much because the fic has lots of fans, but because at the peak of it's popularity it was being spread all over pony forums and stuff and that really annoyed people. Basically people hate Past Sin's fandom within a fandom for being really obnoxious and shoving the story down peoples throats (really you know the same reason some people hate the fandom in general).

      im merely doing the same thing but with hatred, for fun.

      Though I will be honest when people say "PAST SINS IS THE GREATEST THING IV EVER READ" I do get angry, but then I do get angry.

    33. wow that made me sound like a huge trolling douchebag.

      ah well, sometimes I can be I guess.

    34. @Mojo

      Yeah, I've heard one or two iffy things about it. I'll give it an apprehensive thumb through and see what everyone on both sides is fussing about.

    35. @Mojo


      I´ve read a good amount of Fanfics so far and I like the concept of Past Sins, I wouldn´t say it "the greatest thing i´ve ever read" but it´s still a very well written Story which I liked and i think PenStroke is a great writer that deserves his own little fandom ^^

      I´ll recommend fics I like but i don´t shove it down peoples throats, but that´s the problem with every "fandom", there are always people that annoy people just because they seek acknowledgment.

      I´ve made this prints as a memory of the fandom, every fandom is going to die sooner or later, so I wanted to have a "reminder" of this fandom, not directly the show, but of the awesome people that make this fandom so great and entertaining.

    36. I like how the ponies in that First-Person shooter game are peaceful until you attack, and from then on out it becomes ponies gonna pwn.

    37. Rarity version of song = Beautiful and fitting.
      Pinkie version of song = Excellent and amusing.
      Two played together = G-Major chord scariness. D:

      Downshift Pinkie's part a few notes so that they're in the same key and we'll have a winner. As is, though? CuhhhhREEPY.

    38. Dat Book. Now I all we need is a Hard cover edition of Fallout: Equestria. Definitely would need to do a series of books for that fic.

    39. Hmmm, nice news.

      The models are well done though admittedly blood covered ponies are a bit creepy to me too.

      Even if you don't like Past Sins that book looks pretty good but then again I have a thing for hardback covers.

    40. Aww, my video didn't get featured.
      Feels bad, man.

    41. Hah! a pony guild on tichondrius. This made me confused. And amused.

    42. I wanna know how the bloody hay that magnificent bastard put the book together. As in how he made the cover.

    43. 'Ponies Invade Xonotic' looked cool but the jumping sound got annoying after 0.1 seconds.
      Haven't read Past Sin's yet, another story I need to get around to reading.
      Pinke Pie's Voice <3

    44. Argh why can't Hasbro come out with canon MLP novels!

    45. For the school survey ... about "How much do you like each of the mane 6" ... what's low and what's high ?
      Is 1 the best and 5 the lowest ? Or is 5 the best and 1 the lowest ?
      Don't want to get it upside-down.

    46. Am I the only one who isn't seeing anything for the Sydney coupon magazine?

    47. "Twilight Sparkle Pops Up in Sydney Coupon Magazine"


    48. @Mojo

      Do shut the hell up and get out of the fandom if you're going to constantly trash on someone's creative works with your holier-than-thou destructive criticism. I can -assure- you that none of us give one bucking damn about you and your pithy little opinions beyond the fact that you are an annoyance.

      And that's all you are: an annoyance, insectoid and small. That any of us bother to try and set you straight is akin to saintlike mercy should we deign to waste our time on you. There's the door, why don't you take it and leave the rest of us to our revelry if you can't learn to behave appropriate to the social clime?

    49. I'm so late tonight. x.x

      Pfft, I hardly have time to play games these days. In fact, I'm surprised you have much time to play games with running this place. :P

      Those GlaDOS pony lines has me giggling. Children and orphans like ponies. They don't like you. Haha.

      I dunno... I like something about bloody ponies. lol And is there ever so many ponies going kersplode in bloody messes in that video. That one got beheaded. :( xD

      That survey with the guy walking around asking which pony people would ride was hilarious. I love some of the responses and expressions people get in these things. Some of them were were big meanie boring pants and wouldn't participate. :( But hey, they even found one Brony on their excursion. lol Nice.

      Yay for Know Your Meme including ponies in their Best of 2011. It's no surprise like you said, since it did take them over quite a bit. As well as the rest of the internet. :P So it was probably a pretty obvious one to include.

      Dang is that hardcover Past Sins book thick. The poor My Little Dashie next to it looks so small. lol Really awesome looking though, both of them. Especially that Past Sins cover. Wow.

      The Team Liquid Mareathon sounds cool. Prizes too, yay! Though I'm usually exhausted after the new episode thanks to my schedule and sometimes take a nap right after. But we'll see.

      Wow, that High cool Brony club has a lot of girls in it. Did you notice that? I think that's about half of Colorado's female Brony community in that shot right there. Haha. I'm kidding, I'm kidding! <3

      Oh, a Becoming Popular with both the Rarity and Pinkie voices singing alongside eachother. I still prefer Rarity's voice in this. But Pinkie's isn't bad either.

      That really epic Sonic Rainboom sculpture is on Ebay. No bids yet either. How odd. That thing socks. And at $80 that's a really attractive deal. And a Pipsqueak plushie too, d'aww. <3

      I wish that artist much luck in raising the money they need to pay for their cats surgery. :(

    50. hahah awesome for Cherry Creek high! Thats in my state too! HUZZAH!

    51. @Kayriel

      If you think he is trolling just because he has a rather blatant opinion, you're in no place to tell him to "leave the fandom".

      What was the golden rule, if you're so "devout"?

      Oh that's right: love and tolerance. Yeah, you're not doing either of those, man.

    52. Not even school clubs are safe from the ARMADA. Is that an Invader Zim reference?

    53. So GLaDOS likes ponies and horses but hates birds? I have to wonder what she thinks about Pegasi?

    54. Hey there. I'm the user who made that pony model for Xonotic. Thanks for posting it here, I appreciate it! Maybe some bronies will join Xonotic too now ^_^

      Just to let everyone know though. The original mesh was taken from the Blender game My Little Pony - Open Source, made by CreatorOfPony. Although the latest version of the Xonotic mesh is heavily modified, such as new UV mapping and a new texture.

      As for the blood, I know... it happens in a FPS game ^^ Looking at the bright side, they always respawn in one piece, so no pony is truly hurt on the long run.

    55. @Mojo
      Fellow critic/troll/douchebag reporting in!

      I have yet to read a fan fic that is actually good. I only tried some of the '6-star' stories so far and it baffles me how bad they were for the most part.

      Not just that there are lots of Mary Sues or tropes forced into the plot (going as far as creating absurd situations just to be able to use a certain cool one-liner).
      No, there are also lots of beginner mistakes my English teacher back in school wouldn't have let slip (and mind you, English wasn't taught as a first language there):
      Word Repetition, unnecessary descriptions Tolkien would have avoided, no feeling for balancing narration and spoken dialogue, word repetition... The list goes on.

      Just to throw in one example:
      In 'Luna's Goodwill Tour'(?) the author wastes like 4 pages on Celestia and Luna doing politics. It's boring, irrelavent and its idea of how Equestria works is far less sound than picturing Celestia as a dictator sending everypony who opposes her to the moon.
      It gets better after that, but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere, at least not for Luna.

      As for the 'grimdark' stories, they seem to like troubled characters. That's fine. Why 'troubled' directly translates into being a whore, a drug addict or a stonecold killer (or all of the above combined) is beyond me. These stories even manage to make me feel disgusted at death and sex scenes because they are simply doing it for the effect and don't really bother with making them look like there is any other reason for them.
      It's like catching your uncle dressing up as Santa and even though there is no doubt since he doesn't wear the beard, he is still going "Ho Ho Ho" after an awkward moment of silence, hoping you would not recognize him.

      The popular alternative is having OC characters that are living the worst life imaginable until they find friends helping them to be finally happy. It makes me wonder whether some people just wish for Twilight Sparkle to appear from a portal, offering them to be their friend and vanqishing their mother who just wants them to clean up their room and go outside for a change.
      If they would ever meet Twilight, I would rather imagine her telling them about a lesson she learned when being sent to Ponyville and how they should get their shit together.

      In the end it feels like neither fanfic writers nor readers read more than 10 books in their whole life, minus books like Twilight, Eragon or Harry Potter (it's not really fair to put HP next to these crimes of literature, but they still all fall into the same category).
      So please, for the love of Celestia, read some decent books. Cancel your preorder of the latest World of Warcraft novel. Pick up some Gaiman or Pratchett for starters. If you want grimdark, go for 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Expand your horizon, move to general fiction from there.

      Some writers really seem to have talent, but only reading and writing fan fiction won't get you far. Go get the experience and make me enjoy a fan fic someday.

    56. Past Sins still polarising the community...

      Come on, ponies. It was a nice story, and that's a damn fine front cover for a printed copy. I guess I can't hold my breath for a printed copy of Fallout: Equestria—it would probably fill a whole bookshelf with all its volumes.

    57. The Hub's Naughty or Nice? voting is in the finals: Discord vs. Dan and Pinkie Pie vs. Optimus Prime. When I cast my first vote, both contests were at roughly 80% pro-pony.

    58. Pony ride from which pony? Twilight Sparkle of course! She's only four feet tall... normally a pony that size wouldn't be able to carry an adult far, but Twilight's tough, she carried Tom! So maybe just a short ride, and only if I can wrap my arms around her neck... just to avoid getting stabbed in the eye with her horn. <_< >_> ^_^;

      Dammit Past Sins! So tempting... but why you try to hang Twilight Sparkle?

      @Fireblaxe101 (said: "I made this [hardback copy of Past Sins] as a memory of the fandom") That is an excellent reason to make that print! In 20 or 30 years from now, when saved files will have been lost, archives erased and programs no longer sufficiently back-compatable to read old PDF's, your book will still be there and just as good as the day you printed it. ^_^

      @ Dionysus: I chose 5 to be a higher number than 1. So Twilight Sparkle got a perfect 5. No pony scored 3 or lower, they're all awesome.

      Whoa! Easy Kayriel! Mojo admitted he's trolling us for shits and giggles and I appreciate that truthfulness. And even though it's just hijynx, reading stuff from people who don't share your opinion makes your brain grow. 8^) Mojo could try to be a wee bit more subtle, and remain honest. Yes? 8^)

      @Octavia I'm glad you and Seth took the bullet and watched the Xonotic vid so I could be spared. Video of blood-splattered and beheaded (show-accurate) ponies are not something I generally want to see. On a blog on my reading list the author is recounting the race to the Antartic pole by the Scott party 100 years ago, to the day. They had ponies pulling the sleds with the intention to slaughter them along the way to feed the dogs. One pony named Christopher was somewhat of a Flutterbrute and got slaughtered early and messily last week (plus 100 years). I did not read the details.

    59. "Latin Brony Group"

      Woah, we have bronies speaking in dead, ancient languages?



      That's not latin. :<

    60. @jodyjm13

      I had almost forgotten about that, thanks for the link.

      They spelled Discord "Dischord" in the trailer though.

    61. sorry my survey wasn't in color... printed at school... GG. >__>

    62. @Octavia

      big meanie boring pants is correct sir. glad you enjoyed it :D

    63. Someone made a hardcover version of Past Sins? Really? I know its popular and all, but it's just fanfiction. No offense, but no fanfiction is worth wasting money on printing on being bound with a hardcover.

      If the idea were original and the book was completely from scratch, then sure. That is a fanfiction, meaning it should stay on the internet and ebooks.

    64. @ExtremeMeasures
      You raise some interesting points, and I see some of myself in you. However, I am inclined to disagree with a few of your points.

      First, however, let me agree with you. Yes, people need to read more actual, original novels. The only way to write better is to read more (and to read better). I'm going to throw in a few other, older authors with your suggestions: George Orwell, HG Wells, Joseph Heller (don't try to write like this guy right off the bat), CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and Douglas Adams (not as old as the others, but eh). I have a personal fondness for the works of John Wyndham, a little Charles Dickens couldn't hurt, and Rauld Dahl wrote some excellent short stories for adults.

      I also agree with you that a lot of six star fics are not exemplary pieces of literature - Past Sins, for example, had numerous language errors in its original incarnation, and even after two revisions, fails to garner more than an "eh, it's kind okay" from me (no offense to the writers, of course).

      I personally enjoyed the digression about politics in Luna's Goodwill Tour - I felt that politics was definitely a part of what the story was about, and it was a nice way of fleshing out the princesses' roles, and showing them to be active royals.

      If you want to read good six-star fanfiction, I'd recommend "The Old Stories", "Paradise", "Bubbles", "It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door" and "Fallout: Equestria". I'd also recommend the non-six-star stories "The End of Ponies" and "The Liar".

      Before becoming a brony, I didn't believe that fanfiction could be anything other than utterly abysmal, but some of the authors in this community have proven me wrong. Of course, as per Sturgeon's Law, 90% of everything is complete garbage, and that applies here as well.

      I've gone so far down the rabbit hole I've even taken a break from original fiction to do pony stories... ("Long Distance", if you're interested)

    65. This is the guy who made the survey (not the vid, the other one) and i have to say... WHOA over 900 already :O
      Just to answer some questions (if anyone reads this) 1 is lowest 5 is highest.
      And on the "my favourite..." question, i changed my mind: i'd rather have more focus on fav non-mane6 characters, fics. And less focus on art and music. n_n

      And thanks for all the "good luck"s <3

      AND to whoever said "Best cupcake flavour: Rainbow Dash" YOU EVIL BASTARD >:|

    66. Seth, does that mean you have yet to play Skyward Sword? If you have yet to play it you need to right now, go get the WiiMotion plus right now and play Zelda.

    67. Past Sins was good, but I'd be more inclined to have something like It's Dangerous Business... printed up like that.

      A quick Google search shows a lot of options, would have to be careful with the copyrights of course.

    68. You must play Skyward Sword. You must.

    69. If you're a true Zelda fan you'd get Skyward Sword no matter what... A very unique Zelda title with so much to offer! D:

    70. @Mojo And yet you fail to realize that Past Sins haters are just as obnoxious. Even more obnoxious, in fact, now that it's over and most people have moved on.

    71. @Viridian I think the Pinkie version was made by pitch-shifting the original up, so shifting it back down would just give us Rarity again. What we need is a version that isolates the vocals and shifts only those.

    72. Past Sins printed edition. Really? Big head much?

    73. I got my copy of SS, but I have to wait till xmas...UGH!

    74. I got my copy of SS, but I have to wait till xmas...UGH!

    75. Cherry creek has a pony club? I go to the neighboring school more or less. Transfer time?

    76. Epona isn't in Skyward Sword :/ I've been playing for 32 hours and I just got the second triangle of the triforce on your glove.

    77. I'm waiting for the day people will stop comparing every new entry with Ocarina of Time and just let the game stand on its own.

      So I take it Skyward Sword makes up for the issues with Twilight Princess?

    78. Past Sins printed version. A second one.


      Looks like I'm not going to sleep tonight until I've worked on my fanfiction, am I?

    79. If it's at a reasonable price, I will totally buy that past sins book. Seriously, how can I get it?

    80. Im in the process of convincing my parents to buy me past sins for christmas. Can't wait. They're against me but I think I'm just going to buy it outright.

    81. bronydash. go to the link and follow the directions. it's about 50 USD

    82. Im in the process of convincing my parents to buy me past sins for christmas. Can't wait. They're against me but I think I'm just going to buy it outright.

    83. @gato

      I've long since realized that when most people say "Latin" outside of the linguistics context, they're referring to "Latino" and it's related meanings.

      Your disappointment is shared, however.

    84. It's amazing how many ripples Past Sins creates everytime it's mentioned. As someone who's been messing around in the MST, I'd have to say that while the execution is lacking (horrible punctuation to name just one, egad), Past Sins has a good idea behind it, and the pacing is there. Most readers, I'd guess, ignore the flaws in the prose and just go for the story. Those who do notice are appalled by said ignorance and vent accordingly. Vicious cycle occurs.

      Ponyfic is improving overall though in leaps and bounds. That Christmas Carol parody featured today is pretty darn good, and "Rummy Business" from yesterday was amazing. To that one hyper-critic up there, go check those out. As someone who's read Prachett avidly, I can say that you'll enjoy it.

    85. @Ray Twilight

      Never said I was. Regardless, he's a confirmed and repeated troll, and has admitted to it himself. Read more before you approach the wrong person next time.



    87. Hey the Rowdy Ruff Bronies have a member of the target audience in their podcast!

    88. @Kayriel Oh my Celestia, the big words, they hurt mah brain! But seriously, i dont know if you were being serious, and theres nothing wrong with wanting to feel smart, but good god a college professor would look at that post and say "WTF!?"

    89. @dw1482, Actually, I bought it immediately because the collector's edition came with, for 20 USD more, a Wii Motion Plus remote that was gold with the Hylian crest.