• More Welovefine Stuff + Pixelkitties Shirts!

    Guys, I have a confession to make.... I really like hipster Trixie.  I want fanfics, youtube videos, music, and a full animation project STAT.

    While we wait, Welovefine threw a bunch of new designs up, as well as a whole slew of new sweaters for the cold winter months to come. 

    And with the huge success of YOUR FACE (It's already in the top 3!), it looks like they picked up Pixelkitties to create a few more shirts for them. 

    The EQD Code on the side bar should work again.  I guess we capped it or something for a while.  You can also click it to hit the most recent pony shirts.

    I tossed a few after the break though for the lazy people out there!

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