• Comic: The Story of Granny Pie


    So I heard you like really, really long comics.

    Well, this isn't one of those. It's just a really long comic. Note the use of one 'really'. It's nineteen pages, and worth the read if you like Granny Smith's character. And you totally should, because Tabitha voices her. And that's all the reason you should need.

    Find the comic here, or click the image.
  • More Vehicle Flash: Rarity Wins the Lottery / Luna / Dash and Pinkie Smuggle Apple Cider

    Click for Flash
    This is quite the meme! Confound that Camaro starting it. I think we are going to run out of vehicles at this rate!

    Two more after the break:

  • Music: Flutterwonder (Orchestral) / Derpy's Journey Part I / Twilight is My Bestest Friend 8 bit

    Zecora out of nowhere! I think that's a real spider, watch out!

    Instrumental time. 

    1.) AJ The Engineer Befriends PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder (Full Orchestral Remix)
    2.) Derpy's Journey Part I
    3.) Twilight is My Bestest Friend 8 bit

  • Wallpaper Compilation #23

    Click it!

    Sorry, Rarity, you've been ousted by Steampunk Twilight this time around.

    That's a bad thing, wallpaper artists. Make some Rarity ones! She works well on a black background. She's white. It's easy.

    Now to finish this as fast as possible so I can go back to the Old Republic beta.

    Skyrim? What's that?

  • Story Updates November 13 (Evening)

    Lots of awesome story updates this time around. ATTACK! 

  • Story: Moon Dancer (Update Story 2!)

    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle's parents time!  Can they come anywhere near the best pony in the show using their family bonds?!

    Author: Donald Lewis (GhostSoldier)
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle's parents meet for the first time there is literally magic in the air.
    Moon Dancer

    Additional Tags: Sweet, Cute, Heart Warming, Magical, Love

    Story 2 After the break!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #244

    Daily life in Ponyville edition!

    Source 1
  • Christmas Coloring Book

    Looks like some holiday pony merch is on the way.  We have seen a bunch of random coloring books from stores like Dollar Tree and Wal-mart, but this is the first Christmas themed one to show up.  If you want one of your own, they apparently go for 59 cents at Walgreens. 

    That Sweetie Belle vector sure does have an awkward looking mouth though...

    Thanks to Lucas for the pic!
  • PMV: Friendship Ends With You

    I really did try to get into "The World Ends with You", but the whole fashion thing sort of threw me off a bit.  I might give it another shot now that I have Rarity to back it up.

    Anyway, have a really neat PMV based on one of the songs from the game's really well done soundtrack.

  • Jayson Responds to Season Three Rumors

    A few days ago, a post went up with some information about season three.   There was a bit of a freakout in the comments, so naturally people bugged Jayson about it.

    While we may lose a few major crew members from the FiM Team, the overall design is still very much intact.  We still have our favorite animators, the majority of the writing staff, and several of the big names sticking around for the future.  Having talked to Jayson at BroNYCon,  I really could tell this guy knows what he was doing.  FiM couldn't be in better hands.

    I'm a bit late on reporting this.  I forgot to set twitter up while migrating to the new PC.  It's impact probably wont be nearly as heavy as it would have been two days ago, but I figured it should be mentioned.  Thanks to Tim for the heads up!
  • Music: Luna's Ruse

    So, I grabbed some guys over at "My Little Remix" to do some pre-listening on all these Octavia/Luna/Spitfire/Scratch songs after some complaints about how "pony" this stuff was.  Needless to say, things are a bit stricter now.

    So have something that did make it through, and with good reason! New drawfriend creation music right here. 

    Check it out after the break. 

  • Comic: Show Stopper / Creepy Spike

    Click for Full!
    Trixie sure does get outdone a lot lately. 

    And Spike being creepy below, because we don't get enough creepy comics.

  • Plushie Compilation #27

    Holy Applejacks, this thing might be a bit overboard on the GARUNTEED DIABETES AND HEART ATTACK meter.  I didn't even think it was possible for her to be cute!

    Have some plushies.
  • Comic: Date Night / I believe I Can Fly!

    Click for Full Part 1 / Part 2
    I don't think that's how it works Luna... Poor girl, hopefully she adjusts to the new world soon.

    And ponies being awesome overall below.

    Click for Full
  • Flash: Assassins Corral: Fluttershy / Ride of the Hoop

    Click for Animated!
    This is what would have happened if Rainbow Dash never pulled off the sonic rainboom.  

    And Applebloom being ridiculous below!  It's glorious, it really is.

    Click for Animated
  • Comic: Why You Don't Prank Twilight

    I sure as hell wouldn't mess with Twilight.  The ability to teleport at will and just "Add" body parts on to ponies sounds pretty dangerous.
  • Story: Equestria - Total War


    Author: Patrick
    Description: War comes to Equestria: with despair, with starvation, with suffering, with sacrifice, and with heroism. And the ponies must learn how to keep true to their values while surviving not just the rigors of battle, but the desolation of total war. The story focuses on the Mane 6, Derpy Hooves, and Gilda Griffon, each of whom are gifted in special ways, but each of whom are forced to reconcile their beliefs with the realities of war if they are to survive the ordeal. The war is a roughly reinterpreted early-modern/Napoleonic conflict, with Equestria-appropriate technologies resulting in similar strategies and tactics.
    Equestria: Total War

    Additional Tags: War. Survival. Adventure. Bleak. Inspiring.
  • Nightly Roundup #155

    I can't believe I've done 155 of these. Confound these roundups!

    We have a contest announcement this time around.  Usually I wait until they actually begin before I post the rules, but this one has some pretty awesome prizes for all the artists out there.  A more official post will pop up on the front page when it actually starts in December.

    Anyway, have some news!