• Story: Equestria - Total War


    Author: Patrick
    Description: War comes to Equestria: with despair, with starvation, with suffering, with sacrifice, and with heroism. And the ponies must learn how to keep true to their values while surviving not just the rigors of battle, but the desolation of total war. The story focuses on the Mane 6, Derpy Hooves, and Gilda Griffon, each of whom are gifted in special ways, but each of whom are forced to reconcile their beliefs with the realities of war if they are to survive the ordeal. The war is a roughly reinterpreted early-modern/Napoleonic conflict, with Equestria-appropriate technologies resulting in similar strategies and tactics.
    Equestria: Total War

    Additional Tags: War. Survival. Adventure. Bleak. Inspiring.

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