• Jayson Responds to Season Three Rumors

    A few days ago, a post went up with some information about season three.   There was a bit of a freakout in the comments, so naturally people bugged Jayson about it.

    While we may lose a few major crew members from the FiM Team, the overall design is still very much intact.  We still have our favorite animators, the majority of the writing staff, and several of the big names sticking around for the future.  Having talked to Jayson at BroNYCon,  I really could tell this guy knows what he was doing.  FiM couldn't be in better hands.

    I'm a bit late on reporting this.  I forgot to set twitter up while migrating to the new PC.  It's impact probably wont be nearly as heavy as it would have been two days ago, but I figured it should be mentioned.  Thanks to Tim for the heads up!