• Jayson Thiessen's Message to the Bronies

    The ever-humble Jayson Thiessen has a message to all the bronies out there. It's a long one, so check it out after the break!

    I have been receiving a lot of praise and attention lately for the making of the show, and I feel it necessary to make some things clear to everyone.
     First and foremost, MLP:FiM is Lauren's show. She created the characters and the world and the stories and how everything works on the show. It's all her vision behind everything you see. We, the production studio, were the hired guns to put that vision into motion and bring it to life. But she was there every step of the way, guiding us and keeping us on track. Every episode in season one has Lauren written all over it. She and the great Rob Renzetti made sure the writing was superb, holding everyone to the highest standard. She looked over every storyboard and animation rough cut and made sure it was up to her standards. Even right down to the music score, Lauren was there. I and Wootie are the directors, but Lauren was supervising us as best she could from LA, feeding us her knowledge and creative vision. After she left we simply continued along the path she carved out for us, by then we had the pattern down and knew what she wanted. Yes we added our own flavour to it and collaborated to make it what it is, but without her spearheading and guiding us and working with the HUB and Hasbro we wouldn't have what we have. Let it be known as well that almost all of the stories for season two were pretty much figured out by the time she left, so Lauren is still in there. Discord, and that whole two part episode had lauren in it through and through. She designed Discord completely herself, came up with his character and even flew up to Vancouver to oversee the storyboards personally. It was her idea to have John De-Lancie's voice and she directed him.
    I just feel that with all the excitement of season two and with me appearing at Bronycon last weekend, the credit is being shifted on me a little more than I feel comfortable with. I just want to make sure everyone understands what a big role she played in the making of all this and give credit and praise to her.

    Thank you, 
    Jayson Thiessen

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