• Nightly Roundup #155

    I can't believe I've done 155 of these. Confound these roundups!

    We have a contest announcement this time around.  Usually I wait until they actually begin before I post the rules, but this one has some pretty awesome prizes for all the artists out there.  A more official post will pop up on the front page when it actually starts in December.

    Anyway, have some news!

    The December Draw-Off Event
           Hello everyone, Calpain here! Some of you may know me from the Ponibooru or Know Your Meme communities and today I've got a contest for you all that I hope will bring an extraordinary end to this pony filled year. Since I joined the fandom in February I've watched it grow at an explosive rate and have witnessed a colossal flood of pony themed content over the months, particularly artwork! As I'm not an artist myself in any way, shape, or form I wanted to do something to give back to the legion of artists out there that have graced us with such wonderful creations.

           To do that I'm holding a contest starting December 1st running through New Years whose goal is give artists a chance to win a prize and most importantly: have fun! Prizes available include the chance of winning one of four Intuos4 Large sized tablets, or one of four Bamboo Create tablets. Our gracious hosts here at EqD are serving as judges to determine first and second prize winners, with first place winners nabbing the Intuos and second place winners the Bamboo Creates, according to judgment made on artwork submitted to one of these four categories:
    1. Traditional Artwork (Pencil, crayon, marker, paintings, ect.)
    2. Comics (Digital or Traditional)
    3. Hand Drawn Digital Artwork
    4. Vector Artwork

           All are welcome to participate in this event so spread the word if you can! There is no set drawing theme so draw what you're best at as long as it remains within EqD's picture guidelines. You can only submit one piece of artwork to the contest so pick the category you do best in and give it your all! Full details will become available on December 1st when the contest begins though you may send me questions at any time to [email protected]. This is the address I will also be receiving entries at so that I can compile them for Seth, Cereal, and Phoe, but please wait until the start of the contest before sending artwork.

           Thank you all and I'll see you bunch again come December time. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!




    I still prefer the molded, but this is pretty cool!

    Boston Brony Meetup
    Wait... Leaves change color?  That actually happens?

    Woah.  Arizona is so boring.

    This was a meetup that went on in Boston with around 40 people.  Pretty cool!

    Rainbow Dash Takes Over NATURE

    Either that, or Fluttershy decided to create some sort of tribute to her.

    (or some kid with a take, but that's no fun is it?)

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    University of Miami Pony Group



    YO, Rainbow Dash is a Dinosaur

    How is it even possible to be a youtuber and now know what Rainbow Dash is?


    The pony starts at :50

    Rainbow Dash Tails Replacement Sonic 3 Mod

    For all the sonic fans out there who just can't stand actually playing as the real characters anymore, a new mod hopes to renew your love of the series.

    Check out the video below for a demonstration of it!

    Wallpaper Compilation Doc Updated

    A whole bunch of new additions have been added to the wallpaper compilation document! Check it out here!

    /r/ing Trixie dressed up as Anivia

    /r/ing Trixie dressed up as Anivia

    Another Pony Review Group!

    BronyOff is planning on doing episode reviews for those of you who love listening to others talk about pony episodes! Check out their first episode, and channel, here!

    Merch / Ebay Stuff

    Custom Twilight Sparkle Plushie
    Rainbow Dash Ornament