• Nightmare Night Mega Post!

    Happy Nightmare Night, at least for those not on the east cost.  Everyone knows this holiday doesn't end until 5am anyway. I was going to toss some of the late pumpkin entries in, but I'm probably going to do that either later or tomorrow instead.  

    After the break, all sorts of crazyness can be found, from PMV's to Live action horror style pony stuff.

  • Comic: Big Sis

    Collaboration: Source/Source
    The following is a very beautiful and extremely bittersweet comic that was sent in to me perhaps five minutes before I went to bed last night. I'm telling you this because I spent the entire time thinking about what I had just read and seen, and digging through some very similar memories. This is not your average Scootaloo comic, and you won't find her doing average Scootaloo things. The ponies who worked together to create this did a wonderful job: it is stunningly well drawn, and touchingly written. I urge you to check it out for yourselves.

    Big Sis: Page 1
    Big Sis: Page 2
    Big Sis: Page 3
  • Story Updates October 31 (Evening)


    Have some story updates. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #232

    It's Halloween time!  Surprisingly, there wasn't a huge amount, so I mixed the other art in as well.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Midnight Run Halloween Movie Night

    Midnight run is currently doing a Halloween stream.  Check it out after the break! 

    I was going to do a halloween post, but I can't keep up with everything else today.  I'll try to trickle out the stuff in my holiday folder as I find time. 

    Hopefully the story update will be done in an hour or so, I might have to skip the roundup tonight though. 

  • Story: Horseshoes


    Author: Drakin Kovar
    Description: Twilight is not where she should be. Nor who she should be. Can friendship really transcend memories?

    Additional Tags: Short story, Trixie, Twilight, Life, Change
  • Halloween Music: Final Night / A Creature Catcher's Nightmare / And then... I wake up.

    More nightmare night stuff! I have to warn you, the third is a cupcakes reference, or at least a reference to the Ask Pinkamena blog, but it's Halloween, so we can break the rules for one day right?    

    1.) Omnipony - Final Night ~ Nightmare Night
    2.) A Creature Catcher's Nightmare (with KragtKorshan)
    3.) And then... I wake up...

  • Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries

    I didn't even know it was possible to have lines like that on a pumpkin.  Seriously, half of deviant art can't do that even with photoshop (and believe me, I see a whole lot of scribbles every day doing the drawfriend posts!) 

    In case you didn't notice it already, it's time for pumpkins.  Below the break you will find a whopping 74 of them.  

  • Story: A Single Wish

    [Normal] [Light Shipping]

    Author: The Compendium of Steve
    Description: In the aftermath of Lesson Zero, a childhood relic finds itself conflicted as new emotions seek to complicate its simple existence, leaving us to wonder: Do raggedy dolls dream of studly stallions?

    A Single Wish

    Additional Tags: Big Macintosh, romance, Smartypants, magic, wish
  • Scratch Has a Message for Everyone

    Click the Image!
    Apparently this is a serious issue over on Ponychan. 

    Unicorn magic is badass for DJing. 
  • The Brony Show #25

    Another week, another show! Copy paste below.

    "The Brony Show 25
    Hey everypony! We have another great The Brony Show just in time for the spooky holiday spirit! On this live episode we have an interview with Sargent Sprinkles, the infamous author of 'Cupcakes'. That's right. He's here, on our show, on Halloween! How cool is that?! We'll also be commenting on another great episode of MLP, most likely Party of One due to popular demand and irony. We also have lots of fun news and PMV's, as well as some spooooooky ones to enjoy the holiday with. All this combined with our random oatmeal insanity, you know this will be the best episode so far! So come on and check it out on Monday at 6PM PST - 9PM EST at http://thebronyshow.net. We'll also be doing a live preshow an hour before filled with perky pony popular PMV's. Check it all out with Circuit Mane, Hyper Mark, Foxtrot, and D-Pad."
  • Music: Nightmare Night for GameColt Color // Pinkie's Headbanging Telegram // Maretroid Prime

    No, YOU have a better mane.

    1.) Nightmare Night for GameColt Color
    2.) Pinkie's Headbanging Telegram
    3.) Maretroid Prime

  • Story: Scented Venom (Update Complete!)


    Author: SoundofRainfall
    Description: Celestia visits the statue of Discord, planning to vent her frustrations to her imprisoned enemy. Little does she know, he can hear her words and thoughts, and is more than willing to respond...
    Scented Venom (New Chapter 10!)

    Additional Tags: Horror, Twisted, Obsession, Possession, (Some borderline Clop! Cereal forgot to mention that!)
  • Wallpaper Compilation #21

    Click for original!

    Personally, I like darker wallpapers so that I'm not blinded in the morning when I turn on my monitor. Coincidentally, sunlight and I are not on good terms.

    Unless I'm playing Minecraft. I love you, oddly square sun.

  • Poll Results: Banner Winner

    I think we can end this a bit early.  It looks like PashaPup won this time! There were so many awesome entries, it's hard to choose just one.  I'm still really liking the Twilight's delivery service one personally, but I've always been a fan of the team behind those movies.

    Thanks again to everyone that entered! Seeing all of these crazy banners really added some life to the blog.  I might do something like this for Christmas if the interest is there.

    If you want some reference, the finalist post is here
  • Comic: Canterlot Voice

    Click for Full
    I'll always like the way Madmax draws these ponies.  It's just the style I guess!

    Actually now that I think about it, I like Solar Slash's "shiny" pony style too.

    I guess I'm just a sucker for all forms of pony.

    Click for Full
  • Music: Nightmare Night

    Confound these ponies... making me like rap music.

    More music from Mic and Wooden Toaster.  I'm thinking this duo needs to keep making stuff, cause it's awesome.

    The song is after the break! 

  • PMV: 9 Trailer // Who Are You? // Fly Away From Here



    1.) 9 Trailer
    2.) Who Are You?
    3.) Fly Away From Here

  • Story: Onigokko

    [Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure]

    Author: GWFan
    Description: After hearing a rumor about a ghost town and a very special game of tag, Twist and several other kids disappear. The Cutie Mark Crusaders follow the rumor to rescue them, but discover that some rumors may be real.


    Additional Tags: Tag, Game, Monsters, Crusaders, Horror
  • Untitled




  • Nightly Roundup #143

    Happy Halloween! Someone gave Screwball a knife.  Luckily someone thought to distract her with a pumpkin carving job.  I'll post all 80 of her creations later in the day!

    For now, have some news.

  • Music: What is Fun? / Scootaloo's Prelude / Octavia's Dream

    More dubstep, Scootaloostep, and Orchestral! Music time! 

    1.) ArtAttack - What is Fun?
    2.) Nameless Warning - Scootaloo's Prelude
    3.) Octavia's Dream