• A Collage of The Final My Litttle Pony r/Place Sections, and Some Streamers Giving Up

    If you are curious about what ponies made it to the final cut of reddit's r/Place event before it was whited out by the moderation change, this is what ended up surviving many a Twitch streamer attack! They did their absolute best to wipe out the ponies, but people stuck to it for everyone one they destroyed, another popped up.

    People have clipped some of the streamer comments as they gave up on griefing the pony imagery, it's pretty entertaining. Have two of those:


    Good work everyone! And since I've had a few people email freaking out over the last few days, please remember that this was just a silly event and these are entertainers in the end. Their goal is to fire up their fanbase and mine eyeballs. Don't take the hate personally.