• Less Than 2 Days Remain! - Spoilers and EQD

    Tell Your Tale is right around the corner. It might not be what absolutely everyone is the most hyped for from G5, but it does kick off Hasbro's plan to bring pony for the rest of the year. May marks our movie-style return, but once a week for a good chunk of the rest of the year will be shorts in the style above.

    Are you all excited for it? Or is this just going to be another "Hello Pinkie Pie" style series that barely makes a blip in the fandom? Obviously I'm hoping it sparks some fan art and things, but I guess we won't see how the world reacts until Thursday!

    As for spoilers, we are going to have a very short time frame on these since these episodes are only 5 minutes long and releasing on Youtube for everyone. Expect the following afternoon in PST to be when we start posting things based on what happens in them, be that fan art or comics. The 3D stuff later on will have bigger gaps as they are a bit more exclusive with Netflix.