• Fanfiction: The Endeavor Within

     [Drama][Slice of Life]

    Author: Ghost Mike

    Description: Phyllis Cloverleaf, founder and leader of Canterlogic, prides herself on looking after everypony in town. You can never be too careful when it comes to defending yourself. Thankfully, everypony sees it that way. 
    Well, almost everypony. It pains her that one pony continues to hold out, to not only resist seeing the truth, but to endeavor for an impossible change, one that will endanger everypony by trying.<p>Phyllis has tried much to appeal to Sunny. It's never easy to help somepony who doesn’t see it as help. Perhaps, by approaching her not as the leader of Canterlogic, but as just another citizen of Maretime Bay, Phyllis might be able to get through. 
    Perhaps, a pony who really needs help might let it in.

    The Endeavor Within

    Additional Tags: Do Our Part, Changed Beliefs, Integrity, Old Friendships