• r/Place Ending With a Whitout! - Final Image Before it Got Wiped Out

    Reddit's r/Place event is officially in a jokey final stage, where the mods behind it have changed every color to white. Apparently a huge chunk of what was going on was bots, because many areas instantly turned white as all the programs running to keep places intact ended up insatntly turning them white instead! Now the entire thing is slowly being wiped out as people have only one choice remaining in their color picking.

    Before the whitening, pony ended up claiming a few different areas, maintaining the section we posted yesterday while also building a few new areas, including on the impromptu windows start bar in it's final form below with an Octavia icon, a saluting Rainbow Dash, a Derpy Hooves, an Equestrian flag, Trixie on the trans flag, and Discord in the big void zone in the center. 

    Hopefully you all had fun! Maybe they will make this a thing ever few years?