• Pony Concept Music: Night Blaze - We Are Everfree [Hybrid Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    New Night Blaze upload, new awesome story time, with a lengthy description written with love and so many fascinating thoughts about an alternate MLP universe imagined by the musician! This track is from 2020 and gets a due YouTube release for the world to see! And it's quite a journey, to the Everfree Forest of the past, that was not as dark and gloomy and dangerous as it is today, but rather a giant and connecting place for many species to gather and celebrate together! And I'm loving all the lore implications of that! The description will tell you just how much wonderful unity there was in those times, and the music will reflect these old solemn scenes so well, with always the magic of friendship at heart, with choirs and bagpipes performing in unison!