• UNBOXING REVIEW: My Little Pony: A New Generation Toys #MyLittlePonyANewGen

    Hello everypony! Hasbro sent sent over a another box of free products!

    So what else is Equestria Daily supposed to with this marvelous box of gifts than to do an unboxing review?

    Why review the contents of this box?

    I do think the hashtag #MyLittlePonyANewGen explains it all.

    You'll be able to check out my full unboxing review after the break!

    I've got to hand it to Hasbro. Ever since the 2017 My Little Pony Movie, the boxes they've been sending their merch for review in are really well themed.

    The whole box is completely in theme with the branding that is all over the Generation Five.

    Also the logo for the movie is growing on me.

    I don't know why.

    I do like how even on the shipping box, Hasbro makes sure their corporate logo can be found on at least 2 places on the exterior of the box.

    And one place inside of it.

    And just look at all of those #MyLittlePonyANewGen toys!

    Believe it or not there's actually just 5 toys in here.

    Up first is the Rainbow Reveal Sunny Starscout brushable toy.

    The toy retails for $15.99, comes with 17 stylish accessories (including her side bag).

    The main feature of this toy, aside from being a 6 in brushable toy, is that Sunny's hair reveals a rainbow of color when her hair is braided.

    I unfortunately cannot braid hair (for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because I am balding) but the toy also includes tools to help the target demographic (check the label on the package) learn how.

    If you have a my little pony fan in your life, this is a fantastic toy to give them.

    As for the packaging... I love how minimalist it is.

    Seriously, there is absolutely no plastic surrounding this toy.

    There is also no top, but the back does include all the necessary information about the toy to inform parents if this toy is right for their child.

    It also happens to show all of the accessories, and the feature of this toy, in very clear detail.

    There really isn't too much to the side for this package.

    Though the lack of packaging surrounding the toy makes it very easy to examine for both adults and kids alike.

    I do like how the recycle information is on the bottom of the package. Makes it easy to know that 100% of the packaging is able to recycled into new products.

    For an additional $5, (so $20.99) you can get your hands on a 6 inch brushable Pipp!

    So can also sing if you press her cutie mark.

    Yes, batteries are included.

    Yes, the built in speaker is really not all that good.

    Yes, the song is garbled.

    However, what helps this toy to stand out from Sunny is that this toy has 5 points of articulation, and can be posed.

    This is a singing fashion doll... for a pony.  And without the fashion. I cannot recall ever having this in Generation 4 of the toy line. 

    So this is an amazing jump in quality. 

    As is the fact these two toys look like the characters in the film. It took, what, 7 years for the Generation 4 toys to actually reflect the designs of the characters in the show. 

    Pony Life STILL doesn't have that.

    So getting this right out the gate is incredible and shows that Hasbro is really investing the same level of care that they've been putting into their Transformers toy and entertainment lines.

    Oh yes, as the back of this packaging reminded me, this edition of Zipp comes with her cell phone.

    And her flocked wings flap.

    And she has a microphone stand.

    Did I forgot to mention you can style her hair?

    Because you totally can.

    This is an excellent toy. And the packaging for this one is really well done and responsible to the environment.

    More of this please!

    …you know. I really wasn't expecting the Royal Racing Ziplines playset to be the ultimate expression of recycling for MLP toy packaging, and yet here we are.

    The little box cutout showing the molded mane Pipp toy is not covered in plastic.

    I know the last few times Hasbro released a playset with an included figure, the figure was encased in plastic, for a look but do not touch approach. So seeing Hasbro continue to cut out plastic really makes me happy.

    Now as this is a playset, this set works best when you have multiple toys to play with.

    I'll get to those additional toys in just a moment.

    The idea of using ziplines to race toy ponies down to the bottom is compelling play, and something I could see 2 young children spending many hours being entertained by.

    That however is not the reason why a  collector would pick up this set.

    Well, not the only reason.

    Cloudpuff is a major reason to pick up this set.

    Much like Queen Novo from the 2017 MLP toy line, Cloudpuff is exclusive to this set. So if you want to get your hands on Pipp's pet, this is the only way to do it.

    Queen Novo's set cost over $100 when it came out. 

    This one is just under $50. 

    And is designed to be played with the molded mane pony toys.

    Dare I say Hasbro is allowing for multiple styles of play for this beloved toyline?

    I do believe it is.

    Also this city gives me the distinct impression of Canterlot. Maybe we'll get more info about that in the movie.

    Though photographing the large size of this box was a little difficult.

    In the end it was well worth it. If you can afford it, this is an excellent buy. However it is not the best bang for your buck that Hasbro sent over with their box of goodies.

    That happens to go to The Crystal Adventure Ponies that are available for $8.49. 

    I'll get into the reason why these toys are awesome in a minute. 

    However the packaging for them really is not.

    Oh don't get me wrong, the front of the box is bright, colorful, and completely on brand.

    You can see the toy and all the accessories clear as day (do notice how the accessories and the toy are floating).

    The side of the box even includes a full product breakdown.

    With the back showing photographs of the prototype figure, and doesn't take into account the the revisions that were made to the final product.

    I'm looking directly at the leg bands.

    Though the artwork is nice.

    You'll notice there is an issue with the recycling information on the bottom.

    Namely that this packaging contains plastic.

    Obviously I am not taking about the toy. 

    The toy itself is made of plastic. Point of fact, Hasbro has a recycling program set up so you can send in old, broken, and no longer used toys rather than send them into the garbage.

    That is fantastic.

    This packaging here is not. 

    For two reasons.

    I will say I do like the ability to both hang this toy or stack it on a shelf for retail.

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah, why the plastic in this packaging stinks.

    The first reason, there is actually more plastic being used to hold the toy in place than if it was used to create a window to view and protect the toy.

    The second reason, the plastic is directly on the insert of the box, and not the cardboard box itself.

    Before I get into why that is annoying, let's talk about the piece of paper behind the insert.

    Which is a colorful mini poster! On the front it shows the 4 mane mares of this generation.

    And on the back, how many figures there are to collect in the Crystal Adventure Ponies collection!

    You'll notice there is someone missing.

    There is a very good reason for that.

    For you see, even though there is a Crystal Adventure Ponies set for Hitch Trailblazer… his specific set is exclusive to Walmart.

    You'll notice it is currently out of stock on Walmart's webpage. Most likely because the street date for the toy hasn't passed yet otherwise I could probably find it on eBay.

    So don't worry people, Hitch is out there. You just have to go to Wally World to pick him up... once he is available to purchase.

    Please do not hesitate to send in the release info to Equestria Daily's submit box when he's actually been released. Flood that inbox. Make Seth post it!

    Back to the problem with the box. Once you remove the insert and turn it over, you'll notice the insert is folded to provide a gap of empty space.

    It's about an inch tall, it could easily fit all of the accessories, minus the crystal, right underneath it, and is literally used just to hold air.

    The next issue is when you fold the insert flat you'll notice that the plastic insert in holding the entire contents of the package to a single piece of cardboard.

    For those who are unaware, there is a specific term for that.

    It is known as blister packaging. This is where an entire product is secured to a single piece of cardboard with molded plastic, and the consumer is expected to get to the contents by ripping the plastic off of the cardboard back.

    This of course has the negative problem of destroying the cardboard back.

    Which in this case is a shame because the artwork for this one is actually really nice. 

    Note Zipp and Pipp have the exact same insert artwork, and shown above is Pipp's cardboard insert.

    Since I destroyed Zipp's.

    Now the main reason why this is a problem is even though this plastic is potentially recyclable… it really isn't recycled at all.

    90% of all plastics that end up in the recycle bin and to the recycle center end up in a landfill anyways. This stuff here mostly ends up in the trash.

    Furthermore, this is a folded up blister card. Blister Cards really aren't anything new, to either toys to the MLP franchise.

    Hasbro has been using this packaging for literal decades. It is the single most minimalist packaging format on the planet.

    It also creates pollution issues because while the cardboard is recyclable, there is a good change this plastic won't be.

    So the entire box that is surrounding this blister package is… well it's waste. I'm sorry but it literally is waste. 

    There is no reason for that box to be there. Especially if Hasbro is just going to fold and slide a blister pack inside. 

    It's a complete waste of manufacturing materials, waste of time, waste of production, and overall waste of Hasbro's money to do this. 

    It is a complete waste.

    Especially when you sit down and take a look at the Movie Friends line of 3 inch toys. Which are the cheapest toys coming out for MLP: A New Generation.

    Those toys are just secured to their carboard package with a high quality piece of tightly tied twine.

    That is it. No extra plastic aside form the toy. 

    If Hasbro could do that with their cheapest toys, I see no reason why they couldn't do that with their mid-range toys.

    Especially since the sets themselves rock!

    Seriously, after removing the toy from the packaging, you end up with a crystal contain (I'll get to that in a minute), plastic clothing accessories, and usually one other item that the pony interacts with.

    In the case of Zipp, that's a skate board.

    But first I want to bring you attention to her shoes.

    Note to self, next time I am in NYC, go with My Little Ties to B&H and pick up a new digital camera. My iPhone camera just isn't cutting it.

    Especially when I am trying to show off Zipp's shoe. 

    Which you'll notice has a hexagon shaped hole in it.

    Zipp's skateboard has a peg.

    All of Zipps hooves have holes in them as well.

    I wonder…

    Oh, I should also mention, this $8.50 toy has 8 points of articulation. You can pose this toy. Which is something you definitely could have never done with the Generation 4 toys outside of the Guardians of Forever toy line.

    Not even the Meet the Mane 6 collection is able to do this. 

    Just as I thought, the holes in the shoes and the holes in the hooves align.

    So that can only mean one thing.

    Zipp can ride her skateboard while wearing her shoes.

    That is awesome!

    But it feels like it is missing something…

    Now she is radical. 

    And 20% cooler. 

    Let's go crack open that crystal and see what is inside.

    A whole bunch of accessories!

    5 miniature sticker sheets. A kid sized wrist band, and accessories to adorn said wrist band.

    It is cool. It doesn't fit my wrist.

    However for a child, this is a really fun surprise.

    Now how does this toy hold up in terms of quality when pitted up against Hasbro's best Molded Toy Line from Generation 4?

    Let's pit Zipp against Rainbow Dash and take a look!

    … Make sure DustyKatt and MLP Trinary never seen the above photo. 

    The sheer awesomeness from Zipp and Pipp here will probably kill both of them. 

    As for the toy comparison, the faces of both toys are accurate to the entertainment.

    As are the side profiles.

    Though I will note that Rainbow's mane and tail are 100% accurate to the entertainment model.

    Mostly because molding multiple colors for plastic is expensive.

    Both toys suffer from Cutie Mark Syndrome, where the Cutie Mark only appears on one side of the toy's flank.

    Whereas this was in accurate to the Generation 4 toys, for Generation 5, this is accurate. The ponies only have their cutie marks on their right sides.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if there is a story reason for that.

    The above views for both ponies are extremely similar.

    As are the bottom views.

    Though you will notice again that there are more than one peg holes in the Generation 5 toy.

    And there is a simple reason for that, which actually edges the Generation 5 toy out over the Generation 4 toy.

    Being able to pose your pony figures is a huge upgrade for the molded MLP toys. 

    Just look at what Zipp is able to do!

    This is undeniably cool. And something Rainbow Dash was never able to do as a toy. 

    If you want to get the most bang for you buck for the generation 4 MLP toys, you'll want to buy these sets.

    Plastic issues aside, these are the best toys Hasbro is offering for the line of toys that will tie into My Little Pony: A New Generation coming out on September 24.

    You really don't want to miss these ones.

    Seriously, you don't because this is so cool. 

    But something feels off about it.

    That's better, but something still feels off.

    Before anyone asks, I bought Sunny and Izzy off of Amazon before this box came in. The fact I got Zipp and Pipp is a complete coincidence.

    Also doesn't negate the fact I'm still missing Hitch. Hopefully Walmart will have him in stock before My Little Pony: A New Generation premieres on Netflix in a little over a month.

    As a reminder, all the toys featured in this unboxing review are available wherever MLP toys are sold.

    Until next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. Take care.